Henkel Adhesive Technologies to invest in Additive Manufacturing pioneer ioTech

Henkel Adhesive Technologies to invest in Additive Manufacturing pioneer ioTech

Adhesive Technologies to expand expertise for innovative electronics solutions

(PRESS RELEASE) DÜSSELDORF, 24-Jun-2021 — /EuropaWire/ — Henkel Adhesive Technologies, through its corporate venture capital arm Henkel Tech Ventures, has invested in ioTech, a UK-based start-up with an R&D footprint in Israel, aimed at strengthening its capabilities for innovative electronics solutions. THe startup is the developer of a disruptive Continuous Laser Assisted Deposition (C.L.A.D.) technology that enables the further miniaturization of a variety of applications in the electronics industry. With the investment, Henkel aims to drive synergies between its customer demands and its material solutions, laser jetted with ioTech´s disruptive technology.

Henkel Adhesive Technologies is a leading materials supplier for the electronics assembly and semi-conductor packaging industries. The advanced formulations include a range of products that facilitate electrical interconnect, provide structural integrity, offer critical protection and transfer heat for reliable performance. Leading customers around the globe rely on Henkel technologies for consumer electronics such as smartphones, for industrial applications ranging from cars to solar modules and medical applications as well as for infrastructural innovations such as 5G networks.

“We are scouting for novel and scalable technologies complementing our existing portfolio in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings”, explains Paolo Bavaj, Head of Corporate Venturing, Adhesive Technologies. “Electronics is among our core markets where we are supporting our broad customer base to strive with innovative solutions enabling higher performances, new functionalities and improved efficiency. We are convinced that ioTech’s technology will perfectly complement our existing materials portfolio, drive the further miniaturization in the industry and provide value to our customers. We also aim, in collaboration with ioTech, to unlock further opportunities for innovative mass-manufacturing applications across Henkel´s large customer base.”

Founded in 2016, ioTech has developed an extremely fast, precise and unique non-contact deposition technology for almost any material as an open system. The nozzle-free laser jetting system enables high-resolution printing for up to six different materials at the same time, including polymers, metals, ceramics and bio-based materials. The speed and capacity of the technology allow for mass-manufacturing applications such as semi-conductor packaging and printed circuit boards manufacturing and assembly. Being an additive manufacturing technology, it creates an eco-friendly alternative to many traditional electronic manufacturing methods.

“ioTech is thrilled to get Henkel’s vote of confidence”, says Hervé Javice, ioTech co-founder & CEO. “Together with Henkel, we have identified multiple applications in electronics manufacturing, where ioTech’s system will enable new product developments and add significant value in terms of design flexibility and throughput. We highly appreciate Henkel’s active support in introducing our cutting-edge technology successfully to key accounts. We view Henkel’s investment in ioTech as a technology and commercial validation of our mission. We look forward to a successful and fruitful collaboration.”

About Henkel Tech Ventures
Henkel Tech Ventures is the corporate venture capital arm of Henkel Adhesive Technologies, established in 2016. Headquartered in Düsseldorf, it functions as a connector between external innovators and Henkel. Through networking, consulting, partnerships and investments, the unit supports the growth of startups and at the same time enhances Henkel’s new business development efforts. For more information, please visit www.henkel-tech.ventures.

About ioTech Group Ltd
Founded in 2016, ioTech is headquartered in London, UK with its R&D activities in Israel. ioTech is a fast-growing venture that has developed Continuous Laser Assisted Deposition (C.L.A.D.), the world’s first Additive Manufacturing technology that can process most standard industrial materials. ioTech’s system can print and combine multiple (flowable) materials at high resolution and high speed, offering the flexibility of dispensing at the speed of screen printing. With over 30 patents, many of them granted, ioTech is a pioneer in Additive Manufacturing innovation. Its deep technology know-how is set to become a key contributor to multiple industries such as electronics, automotive, aerospace, telecom and medical equipment. For more information, please visit www.i-o-tech.com.

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