KUKA Launches Versatile KR FORTEC Industrial Robot with Extended Arm

Maintenance work is quick and easy on the reliable KR FORTEC.

(IN BRIEF) KUKA has introduced the KR FORTEC industrial robot, known for its versatility in a compact design, high performance, and energy efficiency. It can handle various tasks, including material handling and spot welding. The robot is available with an extended arm capable of carrying up to 240 kg and reaching 3700 mm. It falls between the KR QUANTEC and KR FORTEC ultra models and offers modularization for cost-effective maintenance. The KR FORTEC is reliable, low-maintenance, and suitable for harsh environments. Additionally, it can be combined with linear units to expand its working range, providing flexibility for diverse applications.

(PRESS RELEASE) AUGSBURG, 15-Jan-2024 — /EuropaWire/ — KUKA (ETR: KU2), one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial robots and systems for factory automation and part of Midea Group, is proud to unveil the latest addition to its robotics family, the KR FORTEC industrial robot. Designed to deliver outstanding versatility within a compact footprint, the KR FORTEC combines high dynamic performance with rapid cycle times, making it perfect for a wide range of applications, from material handling to spot welding. One of its standout features is its exceptional energy efficiency, ensuring sustainable and cost-effective operation.

This innovative robot is now available with an extended arm capable of handling loads of up to 240 kg, reaching an impressive 3700 mm. Positioned between the KR QUANTEC and KR FORTEC ultra models, the KR FORTEC offers a remarkable degree of cross-model modularization, enabling seamless integration of robot series components.

Maximilian Pettkuhn, Portfolio Manager at KUKA, highlighted the company’s commitment to providing a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and an eco-friendly product with the KR FORTEC, which is up to 700 kg lighter than its predecessor. For customers, this modular approach translates to reduced spare part storage costs.

The KR FORTEC epitomizes KUKA’s renowned reliability, boasting extended trouble-free operational periods and minimal maintenance requirements. Optimized accessibility simplifies maintenance tasks, while the robot’s two in-line wrists, borrowed from the KR QUANTEC and KR FORTEC ultra models, come equipped as standard with waterproof and dustproof features. Moreover, the KR FORTEC can operate efficiently in a temperature range from 0°C to 55°C, making it adaptable to various operating environments.

To expand its working envelope, the KR FORTEC can be seamlessly combined with the KL 4000 linear unit, which offers modular adaptability ranging from 1.5 m to 30 m. An additional benefit is that the KR QUANTEC can also be integrated with the KL 4000, further enhancing flexibility. For those seeking to collaborate with the KR FORTEC ultra on the same linear unit, the KL 5000 is the ideal choice, enabling easy customization and integration to meet diverse and evolving industrial needs.

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