Caravel Capital Fund Showcased At Secure Spectrum’s Hedge Fund Seminar

Caravel Capital Investments Inc. founding partner, Jeff Banfield presented “The Alchemy of Risk, Opportunity, and Experience.”

Jeff Banfield presents at Secure Spectrum Hedge Fund Seminar

(PRESS RELEASE) COPENHAGEN, 3-Jun-2022 — /EuropaWire/ — Jeff Banfield, a founding partner of Caravel Capital Investments Inc., was the featured speaker at Secure Spectrum’s Hedge Fund Seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark, on June 2, 2022. With over 35-years of experience in the alternative investment industry, Banfield delivered valuable insights and his recipe for navigating the current global financial markets.

Titled, The Alchemy of Risk, Opportunity, and Experience, Banfield explained how he earned positive returns for each of his 35-years in the investment business. His position as a Proprietary Trader at Dominion Securities in 1987 prepared him for six Bear Markets and unexpected macro factors.

Mr. Banfield was asked how he consistently achieves positive returns. He explained, “We approach every investment with the following criteria: strong understanding of fundamentals, applying the correct strategy in the economic cycle; coupled with the opportunity to generate the targeted return, and always managing the tail risk.” He also added, “We listen to the central banks and policymakers when they telegraph well in advance, and we take appropriate countermeasures to protect the portfolio. Glen and I find our best opportunities when fear and greed misprice the market.”

Soren Dal Thomsen, CIO, kicked off the program, presenting, “Why should one have hedge funds in their portfolio?” Then followed by Jeppe Blirup, Head of Hedge Funds, who gave the landscape of Secure Spectrum’s Fund of Hedge Funds. Jeppe explained, “We turned to Jeff to share his wealth of knowledge on the markets, strategies, and execution. Especially in this kind of market, we are all looking for insights that will help us to grow and preserve our capital. Caravel Capital shares our priorities: growth of capital, capital preservation, alignment of interests, and risk-aversion.”

The Caravel Capital Fund outperformed major indices in Q1 2022 with a 3.25% (net of fees) return, generated 30.78% returns in 2021, and have produced annualized returns of 18.96% since inception in 2016 while maintaining a Sharpe Ratio of 2. Gibbons and Banfield utilize several strategies, including but not limited to convertible arbitrage, relative value arbitrage, capital structure arbitrage, merger arbitrage, distressed debt, and alpha long/short.


Caravel Capital Investments Inc. is an event-driven, market-neutral hedge fund based in Nassau, The Bahamas. Founded in 2016 by Glen Gibbons and Jeff Banfield, the firm prioritizes capital preservation with a commitment to liquidity and transparency. Named after the agile exploration ships used during the age of discovery, the firm maintains strict limits, small positions, and a manageable fund size to ensure quick responses to changing dynamics. The team uses innovative, leading-edge idea implementation while owning the Fund’s risk tails. The managers pursue systematic and non-systematic risk reduction through frequent review of risk/reward and high liquidity, thereby providing a genuinely market-neutral result, as evidenced by the returns.

Secure Spectrum is a fund of hedge funds that aims to generate an absolute return over the business cycle, seeking to generate an attractive risk-adjusted return regardless of the development of financial markets. Secure Hedge seeks to exhibit low correlation with the stock market and help diversify a traditional portfolio consisting of equities and bonds. The fund’s active portfolio management involves looking for exposure to attractive niche investment strategies that are typically difficult to access and independent of each other.

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