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University of Exeter Business School’s Global Festival Returns with Diverse Program of Fun and Inclusivity

(IN BRIEF) The University of Exeter Business School is set to host its Global Festival, celebrating cultural diversity and inclusivity within the school’s community. Following the success of last year’s festival, this year’s program includes a range of family-friendly activities … Read the full press release

Diverse Voices Recognized: EBRD Literature Prize 2024 Announced

(IN BRIEF) The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has announced the launch of the EBRD Literature Prize 2024. This prestigious literary award recognizes works of fiction originally published in a language from a country where the EBRD invests, … Read the full press release

CUPRA Opens Stylish City Garage in Berlin’s Vibrant Am Tacheles District

(IN BRIEF) CUPRA, the Spanish automotive brand, has expanded its global presence by opening a new CUPRA City Garage in Berlin’s lively Am Tacheles district. The launch event celebrated the connection between Berlin and Barcelona, two cities known for their … Read the full press release

CASA SEAT’s October Lineup: A Month of Festivities, Music, and Cultural Events

(IN BRIEF) CASA SEAT in Barcelona has unveiled a diverse lineup of cultural events for October. Festivities kick off with Oktoberfest celebrations, followed by participation in the 48H Open House Barcelona architecture festival. The month concludes with a Halloween event … Read the full press release

Bentley Unveils ‘Belonging Bentayga’: Hand-Painted Luxury Car Celebrating Global Diversity

(IN BRIEF) Bentley Motors introduces the ‘Belonging Bentayga,’ a hand-painted Alpine Green Bentayga Hybrid featuring skylines and landmarks from various cities worldwide, each side representing a different continent. This artistic masterpiece was created by Stephen Wiltshire MBE, an autistic savant … Read the full press release

Продюсер Михаил Пелег, как сообщается, работает над новым сериалом с участием крупной голливудской актрисы

CТАТЬЯ НЕДАВНО ОПУБЛИКОВАННАЯ ИЗДАНИЕМ SEEN & HEARD MEDIA РАСКРЫЛА ЭКСКЛЮЗИВНЫЕ ПОДРОБНОСТИ О НОВОМ ПРОЕКТЕ МИХАИЛА ПЕЛЕГА – СЕРИАЛЕ ПОД НАЗВАНИЕМ “CHRONOVERSE.” (ВКРАТЦЕ) Издание Seen & Heard Media опубликовало эксклюзивные детали о новом телевизионном проекте под названием “ChronoVerse,” который разрабатывается с … Read the full press release

Newcastle University Academic’s Insights Illuminate Belsay Hall’s Greek Revival Origins

(IN BRIEF) Dr. Susanna Phillippo, a Senior Lecturer in Classics at Newcastle University, has collaborated with English Heritage on a comprehensive interpretative resource aimed at providing visitors to Belsay Hall, Castle, and Gardens with insights into the historical and architectural … Read the full press release

Liverpool Literary Festival 2023: A Diverse Lineup of Authors, Conversations, and Cultural Enrichment

(IN BRIEF) The University of Liverpool’s English Department is set to host the eighth annual Liverpool Literary Festival from October 6 to October 8. Led by Festival Director Professor Greg Lynall, the event promises a dynamic roster of authors, discussions, … Read the full press release

Astrologia pode dar pistas sobre a separação de Sophie Turner e Joe Jonas

(NOTÍCIA EM BREVE) A notícia trata do divórcio de Joe Jonas e Sophie Turner, destacando a análise astrológica de seu relacionamento. Segundo o Astrolink, eles têm uma boa compatibilidade nos aspectos lunares, mas pouca afinidade nos signos solares, venusianos e … Read the full press release

Creative Fusion: Art and Fragrance Collide in Symrise Perfumery School’s Workshop

(IN BRIEF) Symrise Perfumery School has introduced an innovative approach to trainee perfumer education through a two-day watercolor workshop titled “Forest. City. Fragrance.” Trainees visited Berlin and, guided by artists, translated their experiences of nature and urban environments into watercolor … Read the full press release

La astrología puede señalar las razones de la separación de Sophie Turner y Joe Jonas

(NOTICIA EN BREVE) La noticia informa sobre el sorprendente divorcio de Joe Jonas y Sophie Turner. Aunque la pareja tenía una buena compatibilidad en aspectos lunares, su sinastria amorosa mostró poca afinidad en signos solares, venusianos y mercurianos. Sophie es … Read the full press release

Continental Unveils Expanded Printing Blanket Technology Portfolio at LabelExpo Europe 2023

(IN BRIEF) Continental’s ContiTech group sector is showcasing its expanded printing blanket technology portfolio at LabelExpo Europe 2023, which is being held in Brussels from September 11 to 14. The portfolio includes system solutions for label and packaging printing processes. … Read the full press release

University of Dundee Representatives Embrace Educational and Cultural Exchange at SWUFE in China

(IN BRIEF) Representatives from the University of Dundee attended Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) in China, engaging in a two-week program involving lectures on business, finance, economics, and broader topics like international trade, cultural differences, and COVID recovery. … Read the full press release

Reviving Forgotten History: University of York Research Illuminates Flourishing Medieval Jewish Community and Interfaith Collaboration

(IN BRIEF) Researchers from the University of York’s Heritage360 Streetlife project have uncovered new evidence shedding light on the medieval Jewish community in York. Contrary to the overshadowing memory of the 1190 massacre of York’s Jews, this research highlights a … Read the full press release

Bentley and The Little Car Company Unveil Road-Legal ‘Blower Jnr’: A Sophisticated 85% Scale Replica of the 1929 Bentley Supercharged Team Car

(IN BRIEF) Bentley Motors and The Little Car Company have introduced a road-legal, 85% scale replica of the renowned 1929 4½-litre Supercharged Team Car No. 2 from Bentley’s Heritage Collection. Named ‘Blower Jnr’, the recreation is powered by a 48V … Read the full press release

Русские эмигранты усиливают призывы «Я хочу, чтобы вы жили» через искусство

(КОРОТКО) Русские эмигранты, выступающие против войны, собрались в художественной резиденции «Искусство мира» при поддержке Campaigns for Humanity. Инициатива облегчает связи между художниками, пострадавшими от конфликта, и предоставляет платформу для выражения антивоенных настроений. Известные проекты включают «Дорожные знаки», кампанию уличного искусства … Read the full press release

Škoda Revs Up for 20th Sachsen Classic Rally with a Fleet of Iconic Vintage Models

(IN BRIEF) Škoda Classic team is participating in the 20th Sachsen Classic rally with seven iconic Škoda vehicles built between 1948 and 1988. The rally, known for its focus on regularity and precision rather than speed, starts in Zwickau on … Read the full press release

Russian Emigrés Amplify Pleas of “I Want You to Live” through Art

(IN BRIEF) Russian emigrants opposing war have come together in the “Art of Peace” artist residency, backed by Campaigns for Humanity. This initiative facilitates connections among conflict-affected artists, providing a platform for expressing anti-war sentiments. Notable projects include “Road Signs,” … Read the full press release

Škoda Auto Renews Commitment as Official Partner of Prague Pride Festival, Championing Diversity and Equality

(IN BRIEF) Czech car manufacturer Škoda Auto continues its partnership as the official sponsor of Prague Pride Festival for the second year, reaffirming its commitment to diversity and equal rights for the LGBT+ community. The festival showcased over 100 events … Read the full press release

Terna’s ‘Driving Energy Award 2023’ Utilizes Innovative Technology for Immersive Art Experience

(IN BRIEF) Terna, the operator of the Italian National Transmission Grid, is utilizing its digital technology for the “Driving Energy Award 2023 – Contemporary Photography,” a competition aimed at promoting Italy’s energy culture and supporting artists in the sector. The … Read the full press release

Exhibition ‘Flashes of Memory. Photography during the Holocaust’ Extended in Berlin with Volkswagen Group’s Continued Educational Partnership

(IN BRIEF) The exhibition ‘Flashes of Memory. Photography during the Holocaust,’ originally scheduled to run from March 24 to August 20, 2023, at the ‘Museum für Fotografie’ in Berlin, will be extended to January 28, 2024, due to overwhelming visitor … Read the full press release

Ancient Marine Reptile’s Fossil Unveils Ancient Use of Whale-Like Filter Feeding

(IN BRIEF) Recent fossil discovery in China sheds light on a remarkable aspect of prehistoric marine life – the use of whale-like filter feeding by a group of reptiles over 250 million years ago. Researchers from China and the UK … Read the full press release

Vivendi Sponsors Venice International Film Festival and Showcases Original Series

(IN BRIEF) Vivendi will sponsor the 80th Venice International Film Festival, and Canal+ original series “D’Argent et de Sang” will premiere at the event. Vivendi and Canal+ Group will partner with Screens of Tomorrow to promote inclusive and sustainable storytelling. … Read the full press release

Martijn Snoep Appointed to Van Gogh Museum’s Supervisory Board on Its 50th Anniversary

(IN BRIEF) Martijn Snoep, the Chair of the Board of the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) and former lawyer at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, has been appointed to the Supervisory Board of the Van Gogh Museum. The museum is … Read the full press release

Terna’s Driving Energy Award 2023 Sees Record Participation in Contemporary Photography

(IN BRIEF) Terna’s Driving Energy Award 2023 – Contemporary Photography has received a record number of participants, with 2,800 photographs submitted from all regions and provinces of Italy. The second edition of the award focuses on the theme “In praise … Read the full press release

University of Liverpool Celebrates Cultural Diversity in Merseyside

(IN BRIEF) The University of Liverpool’s School of Architecture is hosting an event celebrating the diverse cultural mix on Merseyside. The event will showcase the evolving cultural practices that have emerged from interactions between different communities in the region. Musical … Read the full press release

“Art Is Our Weapon”: Artists in Exile Deploy Their Talents in Support of Peace, Justice for Ukraine

Russian Anti-War Activists Unleash Creative Crusade Against War (IN BRIEF) A group of Russian activists living in exile has formed an artistic resistance movement within the Russian diaspora to oppose war. These activists, who are working artists with diverse specialties, … Read the full press release

National Trust Inspires Immersive Sound Story ‘Riverlandia’ at British Library

(IN BRIEF) The National Trust’s river restoration project on an Exmoor river valley has inspired an immersive fictional sound story called “Riverlandia,” which will be launched as an installation at the British Library. The story is narrated by ten different … Read the full press release

Reviving Coventry’s Automotive Heritage: University of Warwick Empowers Students through Museum Takeover

Reviving Coventry's Automotive Heritage: University of Warwick Empowers Students through Museum Takeover

(IN BRIEF) The University of Warwick is organizing a Transport Museum Takeover in Coventry to empower future innovators and revitalize the city’s automotive legacy. Academics from the university will welcome 100 students from local schools for an interactive day at … Read the full press release

Bianca Bellová and Translator Alex Zucker Receive EBRD Literature Prize for ‘The Lake’

(IN BRIEF) The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has announced the winner of the EBRD Literature Prize 2023. “The Lake” by Bianca Bellová, translated from Czech into English by Alex Zucker and published by Parthian Books, emerged as … Read the full press release

CASA SEAT Celebrates Three Years as Barcelona’s Premier Venue for Art, Music, and Ideas

(IN BRIEF) CASA SEAT, a prominent cultural hub in Barcelona, celebrated its third anniversary with a special event attended by notable guests from various sectors. Over the past three years, CASA SEAT has hosted around 700 events, including exhibitions, concerts, … Read the full press release

Почему интерактивная «Карта мира» собрала ключевые антивоенные сообщества россиян по всему миру и становится для них важнейшим инструментом

«Карта мира» — это онлайн-платформа, которая помогает русскоязычным антивоенным активистам, объединяя их инициативы в одном месте, что усиливает организационные возможности глобального движения Сейчас на платформе зарегистрировано 144 инициатив и их число быстро растет. Организаторы проекта убеждены, что влияние антивоенной русской … Read the full press release

Hajj Minister meets EU ambassadors to Saudi Arabia

Within the framework of the “Bridges” initiative, the Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Tawfiq Al Rabiah, met with ambassadors from EU countries in Saudi Arabia (IN BRIEF) The Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Tawfiq Al Rabiah, held a … Read the full press release

Axel Springer Freedom Foundation Brings Replica of Pillar of Shame to Berlin for Public Art Installation

(IN BRIEF) The Axel Springer Freedom Foundation and Danish artist Jens Galschiøt have installed a replica of the Pillar of Shame in Berlin to commemorate the victims of the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre in China. The monument, which originally stood outside … Read the full press release

Illustrators Compete to Design Cover of CASA SEAT 2024 Book

(IN BRIEF) CASA SEAT has announced the opening of a new art exhibition featuring 30 illustrations created by emerging artists from Barcelona. The exhibit is a collaboration with The Barcelonian, a collective illustration project paying tribute to The New Yorker … Read the full press release

ABP opens dedicated history floor at Immingham Museum

(IN BRIEF) Associated British Ports (ABP) has officially opened the ABP Room, a floor dedicated to the history of the Port of Immingham at Immingham Museum in the Humber. The room, located on the museum’s first floor, was made possible … Read the full press release

Cultural diversity celebrated as EBRD announces Literature Prize 2023 finalists

(IN BRIEF) The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has announced the finalists for the EBRD Literature Prize 2023, which celebrates literary expression and cultural diversity in countries where the Bank operates. The three shortlisted works are Mister N … Read the full press release

Notre-Dame restoration to receive equipment and expertise from Schneider Electric

(IN BRIEF) Schneider Electric has signed a sponsorship agreement with the public institution in charge of rebuilding Notre-Dame de Paris to contribute to the restoration of the cathedral through in-kind donations and the transfer of skills. The company will provide … Read the full press release

Bertelsmann to transfer “Hitler diaries” to Federal Archives for historical purposes

(IN BRIEF) Bertelsmann, an international media, services, and education company, has announced it will hand over the forged “Hitler diaries” to Germany’s Federal Archives. The diaries were published in G+J’s “Stern” magazine in 1983 and triggered one of the biggest … Read the full press release

Groupe BPCE and Paris Musées sign partnership agreement for Petit Palais during Paris 2024 Games

(IN BRIEF) Groupe BPCE and Paris Musées have signed a three-year partnership agreement to create the “Petit Palais du Sport” venue for the company during the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The partnership will fund the restoration of the … Read the full press release