Henkel to demonstrate its latest innovations for the EV battery industry at the Battery Show Europe 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany

At this year’s battery show Henkel will provide an opportunity to learn more about its solutions and products in different areas.

(PRESS RELEASE) DÜSSELDORF, 13-Jun-2022 — /EuropaWire/ — Henkel (ETR: HEN3), a German chemical and consumer goods company, has announced its participation at the Battery Show Europe 2022, held from 28-30 June, 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany. At the Henkel stand (hall 10, stand E24) the company will demonstrate its innovative solutions and technologies for the efficient production of safer, high performing batteries. In addition key technologies from its dedicated product portfolio for EV battery systems will also be on display on the company’s stand. Furthermore, the company will also host a Live Product Showcase with experts in the field presenting the latest innovations. Further thought leadership will be provided by Holger Schuh, Henkel’s global expert on Thermal technologies during a conference panel discussion on “Battery Thermal Management Innovations”.

“We are proud to be helping our customers meet the emerging challenges of EV battery manufacturing with performance-driven and high-impact solutions. The Battery Show Europe is an essential convergence of the automotive value chain that lets us together turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities,” said Frank Kerstan, Director of Sales, E-Mobility Europe at Henkel. “This year at the Battery Show, we will exhibit our comprehensive solutions portfolio for EV battery systems. This will include our latest exciting innovations, for example in the areas such as Thermally Conductive Adhesives and Thermal Propagation Prevention.”

Inspiration and thought leadership from Henkel

The Battery Show Europe conference program provides a unique platform to share cutting-edge scientific and engineering expertise and insight on the latest industry challenges. Henkel is proud to be part of this vital dialogue: Holger Schuh, Henkel’s global expert on Thermal technologies will participate in a conference panel discussion on “Battery Thermal Management Innovations” on Tuesday 28th June from 14:15 – 15:15 CET.

Further insight is available at the Henkel stand (Hall 10, stand E24) which will host a Live Product Showcase on Wednesday 29 June at 11:00 CET. During the showcase, Henkel subject matter experts will present the company’s latest innovations in Thermally Conductive Adhesives for Battery Systems, developed as part of Henkel’s broader focus on Thermal Management materials.

Discover key technologies for EV Battery Systems

The Henkel stand will also provide an opportunity to learn more about Henkel’s solutions and products in the following areas:

  • Thermally Conductive Adhesives are a vital technology for battery thermal management and are especially important for the new cell-to-pack battery designs. Thermally Conductive Adhesives have a dual functionality: As well as transferring heat from the battery cells to the cooling plate, they also serve as an adhesive to bond together two substrates. Key products of Henkel are Loctite EA 9497, a two-component epoxy-based solution, and Loctite TLB 9300 APS, a two-component PU-based solution, especially designed for bead and injection process in battery modules.
  • Thermal Propagation Prevention materials are essential to protect passengers from the risk of fires – and help to inhibit the spread of fires to ensure that EV passengers have sufficient time to exit a vehicle safely. Battery safety and fire protection is a key focus area for Henkel, which has pioneered Thermal Propagation Prevention solutions, including the recent launch of two fire protection coatings dedicated for EV batteries, Loctite EA 9400 and Loctite FPC 5060. These solutions also deliver efficient and cost-effective application processes to ensure that manufacturers can continue to optimise battery production while further enhancing safety.
  • Electrode Conductive Coatings and Dielectric Coatings: Henkel’s portfolio of functional coating materials addresses a breadth of applications for EV batteries. Conductive Primers for Cathodes or Anodes reduce the internal electrical resistance and increase the adhesion between active material and current collector foils of battery cells, thereby improving the overall lifetime performance. Sprayable Dielectric Coatings for battery cell casings, on the other hand, provide electrical insulation where needed. With fast UV light curing technology and excellent interfacial adhesion, they also provide full compatibility with Henkel’s structural and thermal adhesives.
  • Compression pads – These highly robust pads provide a cushion to prismatic and pouch cells for cell-breathing – the expansion and contraction that occurs during charging cycles and with exposure to high temperatures. Thanks to their elastic characteristics, they allow enough pressure to be applied within the battery pack to maintain thermal and electrical connections. The solution draws on Henkel’s materials science expertise to provide an ideal combination of qualities: Heat resistivity and shielding for thermal propagation prevention, light weight, and high mechanical robustness.

To learn more or to arrange a meeting with a Henkel expert at the Battery Show Europe please contact Karim Sorour via e-mail karim.sorour@henkel.com

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SOURCE: Henkel AG & Co. KGaA


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