Henkel to add plastic-free blister packaging to its consumer adhesives portfolio

As first adhesive manufacturer worldwide Henkel will introduce plastic-free blister packaging starting with the Pritt glue stick in summer 2022.

(PRESS RELEASE) DÜSSELDORF, 8-Jun-2022 — /EuropaWire/ — Henkel (ETR: HEN3), a German chemical and consumer goods company, has announced the addition of plastic-free blister packaging to its consumer adhesives portfolio. The scope of the release will be worldwide and will start with Pritt glue sticks in early summer 2022. The company’s new plastic-free blister packs will be made from minimum 85 percent recycled paper and will be fully recyclable thus contributing to a reduction of 1,000 tons of plastics annually. The new packaging concept is in-line with Henkel’s sustainability ambition and packaging targets 2025 and aims to further enhance the recyclability of products towards a circular economy.

The Pritt brand is well-known for its long-lasting tradition of providing sustainable solutions, enabling natural gluing power and promoting social responsibility around the globe. Over the past decades, Henkel has continuously improved the quality and formulation of its products in response to society’s increased demands for user safety and sustainability and with the benefit of children as key target group in mind. With the new packaging concept, Pritt is bringing its core brand identity to an even higher level by setting sustainability standards in the outer packaging for consumer adhesives.

“For more than 50 years Pritt is recognized as a pioneer for sustainable innovation, and from today on we are removing plastics from our packaging and offering at least 85 percent recycled and 100 percent recyclable blisters” says Berna Aksu, International Brand Manager for Pritt at Henkel. “The new packaging concept with plastic-free blister packs will be a real game-changer on the market to further drive sustainable solutions. After years of development and various adjustments across our supply chains we are proud to even go one step further and to present the next world´s first sustainable innovation to consumers. And Pritt is just the beginning – we are aiming to implement the new packaging concept across our entire consumer adhesives portfolio step by step over the next years. With this concept we aim to reduce our plastic footprint by 1,000 Tons annually.”

Since their invention in 1969, Pritt glue sticks have enabled countless children around the world to express their creativity and improve their motoric skills by crafting. Today’s generation of Pritt sticks feature 97 percent natural ingredients (including water) and up to 65 percent recycled plastic in the stick, without any restrictions in performance. It offers a strong initial tack, easy repositioning, and the best crafting results across the category.

Pritt will launch the new packaging concept with the start of its annual Back-to-School edition in early summer and will implement the plastic-free blisters across the entire brand portfolio globally until year end. To further increase the focus on sustainability and to offer consumers a fun crafting experience all glue sticks will get various limited ocean motifs such as sea animals or submarines. In addition, Pritt will also launch new Back-to-School special edition glue sticks in the metallic colors blue and orange.

“With our Back-to-School campaign and the annual Pritt special edition, we want to encourage children and their parents to bring creativity and imagination to life through the magic of crafting,” explains Ilaria Paulon, International Brand Managers for Pritt at Henkel. “This year we are particularly focusing on the brand cores of sustainability and social responsibility – the Pritt 2022 Back-to-School portfolio with 100 percent cardboard blister packaging and 97 percent natural ingredients will be the most sustainable glue stick ever and will become a highlight at the shelves. At the same time, we are launching new limited-edition collectable Pritt character motifs to playfully educate children about the importance of sustainability and sustainable action under the core theme of sea.”

With the start of the Back-to-School campaign Pritt also will further enhance the digital consumer experience. The new website www.prittunderthesea.com accessible via QR codes on the packaging will provide a variety of in-depth information as well as different fun elements. Visitors for example can encounter the Pritt characters in an interactive online world in their own living room or meet Pritt in an augmented reality with a 360°experience. In addition, the website provides information on the sustainable packaging and the natural ingredients of Pritt glue sticks, including creative craft tips.

An important focus of Pritt’s brand identity has always been on activities and initiatives that specifically improve education and individual support for child education around the world. Under the corporate social responsibility campaign ‘We craft for children’, Pritt has donated more than 200,000 Euros to social projects worldwide in collaboration with various NGOs all over the world in the past three years alone. In 2022, Pritt will continue this initiative and will invite employees and consumers to a sustainable crafting experience with focus on used materials such as egg cartons, milk cartons or toilet paper in-line with its ‘Under the Sea’ concept. More information and templates will be available on the Pritt website soon. With this year´s activity Pritt aims to donate 50,000 Euros to NGOs in Brazil, Turkey, Italy, Mexico and Germany.

* The cardboard needs to be separated from plastic and disposed separately. Please refer to your local waste disposal system to ensure the correct recycling process.

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Sebastian Hinz
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SOURCE: Henkel AG & Co. KGaA


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