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Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients Launches Online Training Series ‘The Secret Heroes of Personal Care’

(IN BRIEF) Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients, a leading provider of cosmetic ingredients, has introduced an online training series called “The Secret Heroes of Personal Care.” Available on YouTube, this series aims to provide in-depth insights into the science of product protection … Read the full press release

ITC Deploys Traffic Management Solution in Peachtree Corners, Launches into United States Market

FULLY AGNOSTIC SOLUTION CONNECTS TO EXISTING TRAFFIC INFRASTRUCTURE FOR ADAPTIVE CONTROL OF TRAFFIC SIGNAL TIMING (IN BRIEF) Peachtree Corners, a smart city in the USA, has partnered with ITC Intelligent Traffic Control Ltd (ITC) to deploy an innovative traffic management … Read the full press release

EU-Funded CommuniCity Launches its Second Open Call

(IN BRIEF) The CommuniCity project, funded by the European Union, has launched its Second Open Call to address various challenges faced by marginalized communities in European cities. Building on the success of its First Open Call, the project has expanded … Read the full press release

Astrologia pode dar pistas sobre a separação de Sophie Turner e Joe Jonas

(NOTÍCIA EM BREVE) A notícia trata do divórcio de Joe Jonas e Sophie Turner, destacando a análise astrológica de seu relacionamento. Segundo o Astrolink, eles têm uma boa compatibilidade nos aspectos lunares, mas pouca afinidade nos signos solares, venusianos e … Read the full press release

La astrología puede señalar las razones de la separación de Sophie Turner y Joe Jonas

(NOTICIA EN BREVE) La noticia informa sobre el sorprendente divorcio de Joe Jonas y Sophie Turner. Aunque la pareja tenía una buena compatibilidad en aspectos lunares, su sinastria amorosa mostró poca afinidad en signos solares, venusianos y mercurianos. Sophie es … Read the full press release

EBRD Invests €15 Million in PHH Group to Boost E-commerce Expansion in the Baltic States

(IN BRIEF) The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is investing €15 million in PHH Group, a leading e-commerce platform in the Baltic states. This investment aims to support the expansion of PHH Group’s logistical capacity and cross-border fulfillment … Read the full press release

Airbus OneSat: A Transformative Satellite Solution for Thaicom

(IN BRIEF) Thaicom, a leading Asian satellite operator, has chosen Airbus to develop its cutting-edge software-defined high throughput satellite. Airbus will provide Thaicom with a fully reconfigurable OneSat satellite, capable of dynamically adjusting its coverage, capacity, and frequency. Positioned at … Read the full press release

ESET’s Latest Discovery Sheds Light on Ballistic Bobcat’s Persistent Cyberespionage Efforts

(IN BRIEF) ESET researchers have uncovered a cyberespionage campaign led by the Ballistic Bobcat group, suspected of having Iranian ties, which primarily targets education, government, healthcare, and various organizations worldwide. In their latest campaign, they introduced a new backdoor called … Read the full press release

DHL eCommerce Expands Europe’s Largest Access Point Network, Reaching 100,000 Points

(IN BRIEF) DHL eCommerce has marked a significant achievement by inaugurating its 100,000th access point in Warsaw, Poland, creating the largest and most densely distributed network across Europe. These access points, including parcel shops and lockers, enable customers to conveniently … Read the full press release

Deutsche Telekom Launches #ShareWithCare Campaign to Raise Awareness about Online Child Privacy

(IN BRIEF) Deutsche Telekom’s #ShareWithCare awareness campaign has initiated a global discussion on the sharing of children’s photos online. The campaign features a deepfake video titled “A Message from Ella,” which highlights the issue of “sharenting” – the practice of … Read the full press release

Volkswagen Group Reveals Modernized Brand Identity in Step Towards Sustainable Future

(IN BRIEF) The Volkswagen Group has unveiled a modernized corporate design, replacing its previous look from 2007. The updated design features a new wordmark, font, colors, and design elements, with a shift from “Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft” to “Volkswagen Group” to emphasize … Read the full press release

Internet-Delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Offers Cost-Effective Alternative for Depression and Anxiety Treatment, Study Finds

(IN BRIEF) A study conducted by the University of York, in collaboration with ieso Digital Health Ltd and Dorset HealthCare University NHS Trust, has found that internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) offers greater cost-effectiveness and comparable clinical effectiveness compared to … Read the full press release

Swisscom Launches New IT Security Services for Small SMEs, Bolstering Protection Against Phishing and Cyber Threats

(IN BRIEF) Swisscom has introduced two new IT security services, Secure Internet Traffic and Mail Security, aimed at providing advanced protection from phishing and enhancing cybersecurity for small SMEs. These cloud security solutions were previously available to larger enterprise customers … Read the full press release

Children and Youth Foundation Launches Online Service to Enhance Work Experience Opportunities for Young Job Seekers

(IN BRIEF) The Children and Youth Foundation has introduced the online service to streamline and equalize the process for young people applying for TET (introduction to work life) opportunities. This service currently includes 500 TET positions in the Helsinki … Read the full press release

Germany: The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) Issues Warning on’s Unauthorized Financial Activities

(IN BRIEF) The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has issued a warning about the website BaFin’s investigation reveals that the operator of the website, known by various names including Swiss Algo and CentralKasse, is providing financial and investment services … Read the full press release

Major Multinational Operation Dismantles Global Malware Network: Eurojust’s Integral Role in Taking Down Qakbot

(IN BRIEF) A global operation led by the US has successfully taken down the ‘Qakbot’ malware network that infected 700,000 computers and caused massive financial damage. Collaborating with countries like France, Germany, and the UK, the initiative disrupted cybercrime. Eurojust … Read the full press release

BBVA Innovates Online Access with Bizum Service, Revolutionizing Customer Interaction

(IN BRIEF) BBVA, the first bank in Spain to do so, has launched a new Bizum service that allows its customers to conveniently register and log in at online retailers and service providers. This feature streamlines the registration and access … Read the full press release

Enhancing Port Logistics: EUROGATE and Deutsche Telekom Collaborate on Innovative 5G Campus Networks

(IN BRIEF) EUROGATE, a major container terminal operator in Europe, has joined forces with Deutsche Telekom to establish three advanced 5G campus networks at key ports. This collaboration aims to digitally transform port logistics operations by improving mobile coverage and … Read the full press release

Exclusive: Jayda G’s Virtual DJ Gig Comes to Life in Roblox’s ‘Floating Forest’ by Telekom Electronic Beats

(IN BRIEF) TEB, a part of Deutsche Telekom’s “Summer of Joy, Youth & Freedom” campaign, has introduced “Floating Forest” in Roblox’s virtual club, Beatland, on August 28th. This innovative addition offers users a combination of gaming and music, featuring an … Read the full press release

Verizon, Ericsson, and MediaTek Achieve Successful Data and Voice Sessions on 5G Network with New RedCap Technology

(IN BRIEF) Verizon, in collaboration with Ericsson and MediaTek, has achieved successful data and voice sessions over its 5G network using Ericsson’s new RedCap compatible software and MediaTek’s RedCap testing platform. This breakthrough technology, referred to as NR light functionality, … Read the full press release

Digi Communications N.V. announces the availability of the instruction regarding the payment of share dividend for the 2022 financial year

Digi Communications N.V. announces the amendment of the Company’s 2023 financial calendar

(IN BRIEF) Digi Communications N.V. has announced the availability of detailed instructions for the payment of a share dividend for the 2022 financial year. The dividend amounts to 1 leu per share and was approved during the Company’s Ordinary General … Read the full press release

Ongoing Phishing Campaign Targets Zimbra Collaboration Users for Credentials, ESET Researchers Warn

(IN BRIEF) Security researchers at ESET have discovered an ongoing phishing campaign that targets users of the Zimbra Collaboration software platform. This campaign, active since April 2023, aims to collect user credentials by sending emails with phishing pages in attached … Read the full press release

Русские эмигранты усиливают призывы «Я хочу, чтобы вы жили» через искусство

(КОРОТКО) Русские эмигранты, выступающие против войны, собрались в художественной резиденции «Искусство мира» при поддержке Campaigns for Humanity. Инициатива облегчает связи между художниками, пострадавшими от конфликта, и предоставляет платформу для выражения антивоенных настроений. Известные проекты включают «Дорожные знаки», кампанию уличного искусства … Read the full press release

Russian Emigrés Amplify Pleas of “I Want You to Live” through Art

(IN BRIEF) Russian emigrants opposing war have come together in the “Art of Peace” artist residency, backed by Campaigns for Humanity. This initiative facilitates connections among conflict-affected artists, providing a platform for expressing anti-war sentiments. Notable projects include “Road Signs,” … Read the full press release

ELKO Partners with Alta Labs, a New Player in Enterprise WiFi and Network Solutions

(IN BRIEF) ELKO, a prominent distributor of IT and CE products in Europe, has officially become a distributor for Alta Labs, a new but experienced enterprise WiFi and network switching manufacturer. Although Alta Labs is a recent brand, its team … Read the full press release

Ströer Reports Resilient H1 2023 Results with Strong OOH and Digital Growth Amid Challenging Market

(IN BRIEF) Ströer SE & Co. KGaA has reported its first-half 2023 results, showcasing a 7% increase in consolidated revenue to EUR 865 million amidst challenging market conditions. The company outperformed the contracting German advertising market by more than 10 … Read the full press release

Bosch Introduces Digital Keys for eBike Theft Protection with Kiox Displays

(IN BRIEF) Bosch eBike Systems is enhancing its digital theft protection for eBikes with a new update to the eBike Flow app. The update enables eBikers to use the Kiox 300 and Kiox 500 displays as keys to unlock their … Read the full press release

Barclays Urges Tech Giants to Combat Growing Scams on Platforms

(IN BRIEF) A new study from Barclays reveals that 76% of UK citizens feel unsafe on social media platforms due to scams, with 87% of scams originating on tech platforms. Scams have risen by 24% in the past quarter, led … Read the full press release

Ericsson to Enhance Orange Jordan’s Core Network with Cloud-Native 5G Solutions

(IN BRIEF) Orange Jordan has selected Ericsson, a global 5G leader, to upgrade its core network infrastructure with cloud-native dual-mode 5G Core and 5G Charging solutions. This enhancement will enable Orange Jordan to deliver more flexible, efficient, and scalable services … Read the full press release

Bosch Introduces OfficeOn: Streamlined Cloud Software for Small Trade Businesses

(IN BRIEF) Bosch has developed OfficeOn, a cloud-based software solution designed for smaller trade businesses to digitally manage key company processes. It aims to reduce administrative workload and streamline tasks like creating offers, invoices, coordinating schedules, and time management. The … Read the full press release

Lloyds Bank Warns Football Fans of Soaring Online Ticket Scams Ahead of Premier League Season

(IN BRIEF) Lloyds Bank warns football fans about the rising threat of online ticket scams as the new English Premier League season approaches. Reported fraud cases related to football ticket purchases more than doubled last season, with victims losing an … Read the full press release

Pioneering CO2-Optimization: Siemens and BayWa Pilot Joint Green Initiative

(IN BRIEF) Siemens and BayWa AG have joined forces in a pilot project to advance CO2-optimized industrial production. The partnership combines Sigreen, Siemens’ emissions management software, with BayWa Carbon Connect, BayWa’s software for emissions offsetting. The collaboration aims to provide … Read the full press release

Telecom Giants Unite to Launch Global Telco AI Alliance for Customer Experience Revolution

(IN BRIEF) Leading telecommunications companies SK Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, e&, and Singtel have joined forces to create the Global Telco AI Alliance. The alliance aims to leverage AI technology to enhance customer experiences and revolutionize global citizens’ lives. The telcos … Read the full press release

Telekom Launches ‘Against Hate on the Net’ Initiative to Combat Hate Speech and Promote Digital Solidarity

(IN BRIEF) Telekom is launching its initiative “Against hate on the Net” with a new spot on the International Action Day for Victims of Hate Crime. The spot urges people to take action against hate speech on the internet by … Read the full press release

DHL Group Expands E-commerce Footprint with Acquisition of MNG Kargo in Turkey’s Thriving Market

(IN BRIEF) DHL Group has agreed to acquire 100% of Turkish parcel delivery company MNG Kargo Yurtiçi ve Yurtdışı Taşımacılık A.Ş. (MNG Kargo) and its subsidiaries, aiming to strengthen its position in the rapidly growing Turkish parcel and e-commerce market. … Read the full press release

T-Systems Partners with IQM Quantum Computers to Offer Cloud Access to Quantum Systems for Enterprise Customers

(IN BRIEF) T-Systems has partnered with IQM Quantum Computers to offer its enterprise customers cloud access to IQM’s quantum systems. This expansion to a “multicloud” quantum landscape allows T-Systems customers to develop and train on IQM’s quantum infrastructure, potentially solving … Read the full press release

Digital X and DMEXCO Unite to Create Europe’s Premier Digital Hotspot

(IN BRIEF) Digital X, the world exhibition of digitalization, is set to return to Cologne on September 20 and 21, 2023. The event will feature over two million square meters of event space, five stages, and a marketplace, with more … Read the full press release

SAP Deepens Commitment to AI Innovation through Investments in Leading Generative AI Companies Aleph Alpha, Anthropic, and Cohere

(IN BRIEF) SAP has announced strategic direct investments in three generative AI companies, namely Aleph Alpha GmbH, Anthropic PBC, and Cohere. These investments align with SAP’s open ecosystem approach to AI and complement their $1+ billion commitment to invest in … Read the full press release

Vodafone Implements Network Slicing for Business and Public Sector Critical Applications

(IN BRIEF) Vodafone is leveraging network slicing technology to provide business customers with dedicated slices of the network to support on-demand, secure, and reliable connectivity. Network slicing allows the creation of virtual networks that can be isolated and optimized for … Read the full press release