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Unlimited, unrestricted, unregulated fully fledged dedicated VIP account with EuropaWire where you can submit, craft out and publish an unlimited number of press/news releases in support of your PR and marketing activities across Europe and beyond. The account comes with no cap imposed on number of characters, photos, images, logos, docs, attachments, etc., to be used with your releases on EuropaWire as well as with 24/7 dedicated customer support.

EuropaWire is the leading newswire service in Europe and for Europe. EuropaWire is also the first truly pan-European newswire service giving Europe a consolidated voice in the global newswire and media landscape. Your press releases will be seen among the press releases of Europe’s biggest and most prominent brands, companies and institutions. You’ll be in good company.

Due to the high end profile of press releases EuropaWire usually handles, regular visitors to/readers of EuropaWire are European/EU politicians, policy makers, government leaders, environmentalists, industrialists, bankers, financiers, c-level execs, top-level managers, influentials, professionals, consultants, analysts, investors, high networth individuals, etc., among others.

Interested? Please, fill out the form below and we will have your dedicated account set up ASAP. Pricing is determined on an individual basis and is tailored towards the individual needs of the enterprise account. Factors taken into consideration are, included, but not limited to, number of press releases sent out via EuropaWire on a monthly basis, whether it comes with measured reach, reads, distribution reporting, etc., press releases are announced first with us or not, billing cycles, etc., among others.

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Please select the options that fit best your individual needs and submit over to us for an individual quote. All options are determinative factors in figuring out the final pricing.

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    Please get familiar with the account’s features, requirements as well as the terms of service that govern the use of this type of account with EuropaWire.

    The account at a glance:

    • Unlimited, unrestricted, unregulated account;
    • Unlimited number of users/authors/submitters under one account;
    • Individual pricing plans;
    • Fully fledged WP-based publishing platform with flexible tools and features that can be used on any screen size;
    • All European languages are accepted and supported;
    • Craft out press releases, make drafts, schedule them for release any time you want, share previews with colleagues and more;
    • Trusted account with full publishing privileges on EuropaWire resulting in real time press release publishing and distribution – not even a minute wasted on delays for approval and review;
    • You keep full control of what goes public from your account on EuropaWire;
    • No restrictions imposed on the number of characters to be used in your releases;
    • Unlimited multimedia embeds and attachments;
    • Use whenever you need 24/7 and close your account whenever you want – all information/data remains yours and under your control;
    • Edit, amend and update your releases from within your account whenever you need it;
    • Dedicated 24/7 email customer support available including weekends and official EU holidays;
    • Targeting will be individually taken care of and coordinated with your team by our PR editors for each of your releases that goes out via EuropaWire;
    • Help with formatting, layout, standards, rules, regulations, policy compliance,  etc. related to the newswire industry online.

    Last revised on Dec, 2017

    Terms of Service:

    • If you’ve chosen to announce on an exclusive basis, please make sure your announcements are first made on EuropaWire in order to maintain your eligibility;
    • If you’ve chosen not to receive distribution reporting for each of your releases on EuropaWire, you understand and acknowledge that your press release distribution on EuropaWire comes with no distribution reporting, no analytics and no measured PR reach and reads;
    • Press release formatting and layout must strictly follow the established format and practice as seen on the rest of the press releases publicly available on EuropaWire;
    • This account may only be used to disseminate only press releases and news announcements. Announcements and press releases must as well be pertained to or target Europe and the European Union to qualify;
    • What’s not allowed: how-to articles, advice columns, job postings, or strictly informational content such as weather forecasts and stock data as well as anything else found not to be a news release are not allowed and will be taken down without prior notice and may possibly lead to account reconsideration, if used to send out non-news content via EuropaWire;
    • For complete terms of service that govern your use of EuropaWire, please refer to:
    • For more legal information, please visit:

    Last revised on Dec, 2017