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Henkel’s Bergquist Hi Flow THF 5000UT Receives Industry Recognition for Innovative Thermal Interface Material

(IN BRIEF) Henkel’s phase change thermal interface material (TIM), Bergquist Hi Flow THF 5000UT, has been honored by the 2024 Lightwave Innovation Reviews for its innovative contributions to fiberoptics and optoelectronics applications. Recognized for its silicone-free composition and ability to … Read the full press release

Henkel Expands Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) Solutions with Acquisition of Seal for Life Industries LLC

(IN BRIEF) Henkel, a global leader in adhesive technologies, has announced the acquisition of Seal for Life Industries LLC, a US-based provider of protective coating and sealing solutions, from Arsenal Capital Partners. With Seal for Life’s expertise in infrastructure markets … Read the full press release

Advancing Gender Equality: Henkel Presents Third Edition of Martha Schwarzkopf Award

(IN BRIEF) Henkel is proud to announce the launch of the third edition of the “Martha Schwarzkopf Award for Women in Science,” aimed at empowering female scientists in the field. This prestigious award, named after Martha Schwarzkopf, recognizes outstanding contributions … Read the full press release

Henkel Promotes Inclusivity with Gender-Neutral Parental Leave Policy Worldwide

(IN BRIEF) Henkel, a global company, is introducing a pioneering gender-neutral parental leave policy for its 50,000 employees worldwide, starting in 2024. This new initiative offers up to eight weeks of fully paid parental leave based on the caregiver’s role … Read the full press release

Henkel Joins UN Climate Change Conference to Discuss Supply Chain Decarbonization

(IN BRIEF) Henkel, a global leader in adhesives, participated in a panel discussion hosted by Schneider Electric at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28). The panel, titled “Beyond Carbon – Decarbonizing the Supply Chain for a Greener Tomorrow,” focused … Read the full press release

Polyamide Films Certified for Recycling in BASF and cyclos-HTP Collaboration

(IN BRIEF) BASF SE, in collaboration with cyclos-HTP GmbH, has conducted studies certifying the recyclability of various polyethylene/polyamide (PE/PA) multilayer films. These investigations included multilayer films containing polyamide 6 (PA6) and ethyl vinyl alcohol (EVOH) copolymer. The studies confirm that … Read the full press release

Henkel Adhesive Technologies Recognizes Strategic Partners with Annual Supplier Awards

(IN BRIEF) Henkel Adhesive Technologies has presented its annual Supplier Awards to recognize the successful collaboration with its strategic partners for the 10th consecutive year. In 2023, awards were given to Kraton, Wanhua, and Kolon in the categories of Sustainability, … Read the full press release

Henkel Partners with Nanoprecise to Revolutionize Industrial Operations with Predictive Maintenance Solutions

(IN BRIEF) Henkel Adhesive Technologies, a global leader in adhesives and coatings, has forged a strategic partnership with Nanoprecise Sci Corp, a Canadian predictive maintenance solutions provider. This collaboration emphasizes their joint commitment to digitizing industrial operations and harnessing advanced … Read the full press release

Henkel Adhesive Technologies Introduces Sustainable Sealant Solution for Food Cans

(IN BRIEF) Henkel Adhesive Technologies has developed DAREX WBC 711, a new sealant for irregular ends of tinplate or aluminum cans used in the food industry. This sealant offers a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for can sealing, reducing Greenhouse … Read the full press release

Henkel Introduces Bio-Based Adhesives for Sustainable Timber Construction, Reducing CO2 Emissions by Over 60%

(IN BRIEF) Henkel Engineered Wood, a leading supplier of certified adhesives for load-bearing mass timber, has launched two new bio-based adhesive solutions, Loctite HB S ECO and Loctite CR 821 ECO, designed for sustainable timber construction. These innovative adhesives, developed … Read the full press release

Filestage Wins Henkel’s Xathon with AI-Based Solution for Streamlining Packaging Label Management

(IN BRIEF) Henkel dx Ventures organized its fifth Xathon event, aimed at promoting women in the tech startup industry. The Xathon focused on empowering female entrepreneurs or female-led startups in the field of AI for the consumer business. Six startups … Read the full press release

Henkel Expands 3D Printing Materials Portfolio with Four Breakthrough Products

(IN BRIEF) Henkel is set to introduce four innovative photopolymer resin products for 3D Printing at Formnext 2023 in Frankfurt. These materials cater to various industries and applications, offering exceptional performance. The new products include Loctite 3D PRO9274 for detailed … Read the full press release

Henkel Unveils Universal Heat Seal Coating, Loctite Liofol HS 1181, Enhancing Efficiency and Safety in Packaging

(IN BRIEF) Henkel has introduced Loctite Liofol HS 1181, a universal heat seal coating designed to simplify and enhance safety in food packaging production. Traditionally, manufacturers have needed various heat seal coatings to ensure performance and safety, adding complexity and … Read the full press release

Henkel Adhesive Technologies Implements Sustainable Portfolio Assessment Methodology

(IN BRIEF) Henkel Adhesive Technologies, a global leader in adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings, has introduced an audited methodology for assessing the sustainability performance of its product portfolio. The assessment methodology, developed to align with Henkel’s Sustainability Ambition 2030, evaluates … Read the full press release

Enhancing Automotive Electronics: Henkel Launches Silicone-Free Bergquist Gap Pad

(IN BRIEF) Henkel has introduced a revolutionary product, the Silicone-free Bergquist Gap Pad TGP EMI4000, designed to enhance longevity, versatility, and performance in automotive electronics. As vehicles rely more on advanced systems, maintaining the long-term reliability of sensitive components is … Read the full press release

Henkel’s Xathon Expands to AI Focus While Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

(IN BRIEF) Henkel’s Xathon, a hackathon for early-stage female entrepreneurs, has transformed into an open innovation challenge with a strong focus on AI while maintaining its commitment to supporting women in tech. In its fifth edition, Xathon addresses real business … Read the full press release

Henkel’s Montornès Aerospace Plant Earns Airbus Supplier Qualification for Quality and Innovation

(IN BRIEF) Henkel’s aerospace plant in Montornès Del Vallès, Spain, has been recognized as a Standard and Raw Materials Supplier by Airbus. This acknowledgment demonstrates Airbus’s approval of the quality and value of procedures, production, and individual products at the … Read the full press release

Henkel Introduces Comprehensive Adhesive Solutions for Sustainable E-Commerce Packaging

(IN BRIEF) Henkel, a leader in industrial adhesives, is addressing the challenges faced by the e-commerce industry by offering a comprehensive range of adhesives and coating solutions for e-commerce packaging. These solutions are designed to meet the needs of packaging … Read the full press release

Henkel Showcases Advanced Battery Component Solutions at Battery Show North America

(IN BRIEF) Henkel, a leader in adhesive technologies, is presenting its cutting-edge solutions for enhancing battery components at the Battery Show North America. As the electric vehicle market continues to expand, Henkel’s innovations focus on simplifying battery designs, increasing process … Read the full press release

Empowering Remote Diagnostics: Henkel Showcases Cutting-Edge Medical Wearables at WEARABLE TECHNOLOGIES CONFERENCE 2023 USA

(IN BRIEF) Henkel, a leading industrial and consumer goods company, announces the expansion of its portfolio for healthcare applications, focusing on medical wearables. With a strong background in adhesives and electronic materials, Henkel aims to provide innovative solutions to optimize … Read the full press release

Henkel and UPM Specialty Papers Push Boundaries of Paper Packaging with Grease-Resistant Solutions

(IN BRIEF) Henkel and UPM Specialty Papers have partnered to develop innovative coating technologies for fiber-based packaging. The collaboration aims to enhance the performance and sustainability of paper packaging by creating recyclable solutions with superior grease resistance and heat-sealability, providing … Read the full press release

Henkel’s Q1 Sales Rise Thanks to Strong Organic Growth and Double-Digit Pricing

Henkel: Company is currently not capable to predict with sufficient reliability the impact COVID-19 will have on its business performance in 2020

(IN BRIEF) Henkel, the German consumer goods and adhesives manufacturer, announced a strong start to the year with group sales of approximately €5.6 billion in the first quarter of 2023. The company achieved a very strong organic sales growth of … Read the full press release

Henkel Showcases Sustainable Innovations and Fire-Safe Adhesives for Timber Construction at LIGNA 2023

(IN BRIEF) Henkel’s Engineered Wood division will showcase its advanced portfolio of solutions for the mass timber industry at LIGNA 2023. The trade fair, which will be held in Hanover, Germany from May 15 to 19, will highlight Henkel’s sustainable … Read the full press release

Henkel to showcase innovative and sustainable adhesives for furniture industry at LIGNA 2023

(IN BRIEF) Henkel, an adhesive manufacturer and innovation driver, is set to present its latest products for the furniture industry at LIGNA 2023 in Hanover, Germany, from May 15 to 19. With the theme “Get Inspired,” Henkel aims to showcase … Read the full press release

Henkel Launches New Industrial Resin for End-Use Applications in Additive Manufacturing

(IN BRIEF) Henkel has launched a new industrial resin, Loctite 3D IND249, designed for end-use industrial applications. The high-temperature and high-strength material can print challenging geometries with fine feature resolution and offers low viscosity while still displaying high green strength, … Read the full press release

El software de vanguardia de SAP para acelerar la transformación digital de Henkel

(NOTICIA EN BREVE) Henkel y SAP han unido fuerzas para impulsar la co-innovación digital con el fin de acelerar la transformación digital de Henkel. Esta asociación implica la implementación del software SAP S/4HANA y la transición completa a la nube, … Read the full press release

SAP’s cutting-edge software to Accelerate Henkel’s Digital Transformation

(IN BRIEF) Henkel and SAP have joined forces to drive digital co-innovation in order to accelerate Henkel’s digital transformation. This partnership involves implementing SAP S/4HANA software and transitioning fully to the cloud, allowing Henkel to access the latest digital innovations … Read the full press release

Henkel’s Loctite Pulse Smart Steam Trap detects malfunctions and predicts energy losses in industrial plants

(IN BRIEF) Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies business unit has launched Loctite Pulse Smart Steam Trap, an innovative solution for the smart monitoring of industrial plant assets. Using easy-to-install nano sensors, Loctite Pulse continuously gathers information about the status of the equipment, … Read the full press release

L’ultima innovazione di Henkel aiuta i produttori a ridurre il consumo energetico

(NOTIZIA IN BREVE) Henkel ha sviluppato un nuovo detergente a bassa temperatura, serie Bonderite C-IC 72000, per lattine per bevande in alluminio che riduce l’uso di gas naturale e riduce l’impronta di carbonio. Il pulitore funziona a una temperatura inferiore … Read the full press release

Henkel’s Latest Innovation Helps Can Manufacturers Lower Energy Consumption

(IN BRIEF) Henkel has developed a new low-temperature cleaner, Bonderite C-IC 72000 series, for aluminum beverage cans that reduces natural gas use and lowers carbon footprint. The cleaner operates at a lower temperature of 43°C (110°F) than conventional cleaners, which … Read the full press release

Henkel lanza lubricante libre de grafito para aplicaciones de forja automotriz

(NOTICIA EN BREVE) Henkel ha lanzado un nuevo lubricante sintético para fabricantes de automóviles que reduce el impacto ambiental y el costo de la forja. El lubricante Bonderite L-FG F 605, libre de grafito y no pigmentado, mejora la vida … Read the full press release

Henkel Launches Graphite-Free Lubricant for Automotive Forging Applications

(IN BRIEF) Henkel has launched a new synthetic lubricant for automotive manufacturers that reduces the environmental impact and cost of forging. The graphite-free, non-pigmented Bonderite L-FG F 605 lubricant improves die life, reduces the need for replacements, and decreases ammonia … Read the full press release

Henkel intègre Shiseido Professional Business avec Schwarzkopf dans le J-Beauty Innovation Hub à Tokyo

(ACTUALITÉ EN BREF) Henkel a ouvert son “hub d’innovation J-beauty” à Tokyo, au Japon, qui servira de plate-forme pour l’activité Hair Professional. Le hub rassemble l’expertise de Schwarzkopf et de Shiseido Professional dans l’innovation de la coloration capillaire, les soins … Read the full press release

Henkel Integrates Shiseido Professional Business with Schwarzkopf in J-Beauty Innovation Hub in Tokyo

(IN BRIEF) Henkel has opened its “J-beauty innovation hub” in Tokyo, Japan, which will serve as a platform for the Hair Professional business. The hub brings together the expertise of Schwarzkopf and Shiseido Professional in hair color innovation, premium hair … Read the full press release

Henkel’s Purposeful Growth Initiative: New Application Center in India to Promote Skilled Workforce Ecosystem for Sports Industry

(IN BRIEF) Henkel has opened a new Application Center in Vellore, India, aimed at showcasing its sustainable adhesive solutions for the sports industry, particularly footwear automation. The facility offers a platform for labs and factories to exchange technologies and ideate, … Read the full press release

Henkel presenta las últimas soluciones para la fabricación sostenible y de alta eficiencia de no tejidos en INDEX 2023

(NOTICIA EN BREVE) Henkel está listo para exhibir sus últimas soluciones no tejidas sostenibles y de alta eficiencia en INDEX 2023, que se llevará a cabo del 18 al 21 de abril en Palexpo, Ginebra. En el stand 2255, Henkel … Read the full press release

Henkel presents latest solutions for sustainable and high efficiency Nonwovens manufacturing at INDEX 2023

(IN BRIEF) Henkel is set to showcase its latest sustainable and high efficiency nonwovens solutions at INDEX 2023, which is scheduled to be held from April 18 to 21 at Palexpo, Geneva. At stand 2255, Henkel will display Technomelt DM … Read the full press release

L’industria del mobile abbraccia la sostenibilità: Henkel ospita un seminario online gratuito per evidenziare soluzioni innovative

(NOTIZIA IN BREVE) Henkel, fornitore leader di adesivi e soluzioni di sistema avanzate per l’industria della lavorazione del legno e del mobile, ospita un seminario online gratuito per presentare quattro aziende pionieristiche che stanno affrontando la sfida della sostenibilità nel … Read the full press release