The European Union and Europe in general remains the only market in the world without its own newswire / press agency on a Pan European level. Newswire, press release distribution, press agency services are significantly fragmented with many national and regional players across the continent and no clearly identifiable leader on that market yet. The EU, the world’s largest trading and political bloc, and Europe as whole remains the only influential region in the world still seeing its news, either economical, political, scientific, academic or corporate, often broken by media/news agency/newswire services and outlets based outside its borders.

Being the first Pan European newswire and press release distribution service already working on that market for 10 years (since 2012), EuropaWire holds perhaps the most realistic chance and viable potential to become that one for Europe and the European Union in particular, if the work we are doing is done at scale.

Join EuropaWire and help us 1) scale it up and 2) consolidate further the newswire market on a Pan European level to ensure EuropaWire becomes and remains the dominant and globally most recognizable newswire service from/for Europe and the European Union in particular.

We are now open for external/third party interest and different equity stakes are available for sale largely based on goals and objectives, investment size and capital committed.

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