Ericsson and Proptivity Drive Efficiency and Performance with Neutral Host-Led Indoor 5G Network

Ericsson and Proptivity Drive Efficiency and Performance with Neutral Host-Led Indoor 5G Network

(IN BRIEF) Ericsson and Proptivity have successfully launched the world’s first neutral host-led shared indoor 5G network using the Radio Dot System. The deployment took place in a central Stockholm property housing a shopping mall and offices. This innovative solution provides visitors and employees with high-speed 5G connectivity, enabling download speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps throughout the building. The shared indoor network offers multi-operator, multi-vendor mobile solutions and reduces power consumption by up to 70% and equipment footprint by up to 80% compared to traditional systems. Service provider 3 Sweden is the first to connect to this network, enhancing the connectivity experience for tenants and customers.

(PRESS RELEASE) STOCKHOLM, 27-Jun-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), a Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company, in collaboration with Proptivity, has successfully deployed the world’s first neutral host-led shared indoor 5G radio access network (RAN) powered by the innovative Radio Dot System. The implementation took place at a prominent central Stockholm property, housing a flagship shopping mall and office tenants.

David Hammarwall, Head of Product Area Networks, Ericsson, says: “This milestone with Proptivity using Ericsson’s indoor 5G network solution marks a shift towards a new business model in the indoor space, with neutral hosts and enterprises increasingly taking the helm when it comes to indoor 5G deployments. This development underlines the growing demand for high-performing indoor 5G inside, as well as outdoors.”

Thanks to this cutting-edge indoor 5G connectivity, visitors and employees can now experience lightning-fast download speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps throughout the entire building, even during peak hours.

Shopping malls, with their bustling public spaces, often present connectivity challenges, particularly in ensuring consistent quality of service for all end users regardless of their communications service provider. This strategic partnership between Ericsson and Proptivity addresses these challenges by delivering a neutral host-led indoor 5G network. This groundbreaking network enables multi-operator, multi-vendor mobile solutions for high-performance indoor networks, surpassing legacy solutions in terms of cost efficiency per gigabyte.

Ericsson’s Radio Dot System, an easy-to-deploy indoor 5G small cell solution, offers a seamless installation process and compact components, minimizing disruption to building infrastructure and operations. Key products in this solution include the Indoor Radio Unit 8848 and Radio Dot 4453. Furthermore, this shareable solution demonstrates high energy efficiency, resulting in a reduction of up to 70% in power consumption and up to 80% in equipment footprint compared to legacy distributed antenna systems (DAS). These features greatly benefit property owners.

Fastpartner, the building owner, manages this groundbreaking solution, which is already live at their premier property in Östermalmstorg, central Stockholm. With this deployment, retail tenants such as Åhlens can provide shoppers with a superior and seamless mobile experience, catering to the increasing demand for data-driven experiences, including augmented reality shopping.

Service providers can easily expand their coverage by connecting to this indoor network, without the need for additional capital investments. Local operator 3 Sweden has become the first service provider to connect to this shared indoor 5G network.

Mikael Lundman, CEO of Proptivity, says: “Fastpartner aims to deliver superior digital experiences to their tenants and is a clear frontrunner in the real estate market when it comes to indoor connectivity. Together with Ericsson, we’ve developed an indoor 5G solution that meets their requirements for a future-proof network infrastructure that can be leveraged by all mobile operators to provide tenants with an amazing 5G experience, regardless of what mobile operator the current or future tenants are using.”

Christopher Johansson, Deputy CEO of Fastpartner, says: “We see 5G as a key innovation platform for our tenants and for our own continued digitalization. It will likely create many opportunities that we cannot even see today. We have chosen to work with Proptivity as they offer a strong 5G solution together with Ericsson that meets our needs from a technical perspective, as well as a simple business model that we believe in.”

Ayad Al Saffar, CEO of Åhlens, says: “Åhlens wants to be in the forefront of shopping, online as well as physically. Our customers already expect to use their phones when in our stores, and we see many future opportunities to increase both customer engagement and sales by making phones a more integral part of a successful purchase experience. We welcome all 3 Sweden users to visit Åhlens in our property on Östermalmstorg 1, Stockholm, to experience a true indoor 5G service, and hopefully customers with other operators in the future, too.”

Haval van Drumpt, CEO of 3 Sweden, says: “We’re very excited to be the first operator to connect to this pioneering indoor network. By embracing innovative business models and high-performing solutions that enable network sharing, like the Ericsson Radio Dot System, the telecoms industry can provide commercial buildings with high-capacity indoor 5G more easily and ramp up Sweden’s digitalization faster.”

Additionally, other tenants and companies within the building will also enjoy the benefits of this high-performing indoor 5G network. Enterprise tenants can offer their customers and staff seamless and secure connectivity, eliminating the need for Wi-Fi logins. Offices can position themselves to meet future workplace connectivity requirements, such as high-speed internet for 5G-enabled laptops.

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SOURCE:  Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson


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