Rheinmetall Commences Construction of Solar Park in South Africa, Advancing Sustainability Goals

Rheinmetall Commences Construction of Solar Park in South Africa, Advancing Sustainability Goals

(IN BRIEF) Rheinmetall has begun constructing a solar park at its site in Somerset West, South Africa. The solar park, fully funded by Rheinmetall, is expected to be operational by year-end. The initiative aims to reduce the company’s environmental impact and promote sustainability. With almost 10,000 solar modules, the park will generate over 4.2 million watts of AC electricity, powering the entire plant and providing surplus energy to the grid. The project aligns with Rheinmetall’s goal of achieving CO2 neutrality by 2035. Additionally, the company aims to become an energy supplier for Africa and other global markets. The solar park groundbreaking ceremony was attended by key stakeholders, including government officials and Rheinmetall executives.

(PRESS RELEASE) DÜSSELDORF, 14-Jun-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Rheinmetall AG (ETR: RHM), a German integrated technology group active in the automotive and defence industries, has initiated the construction of a solar park at the Rheinmetall Denel Munition site in Somerset West, South Africa, with a ground-breaking ceremony. The solar park, fully financed by Rheinmetall, is anticipated to be operational by the end of this year. The event was attended by Armin Papperger, CEO of Rheinmetall, Jan-Patrick Helmsen, CEO of Rheinmetall Denel Munition, Alan Winde, Premier of Western Cape, and Terrence Billson, CEO of Genergy.

Armin Papperger emphasized the solar park’s significance, stating that it would open doors to new business opportunities for the Somerset West plant while bolstering the company’s global market position and contributing to a sustainable future by combating climate change.

Jan-Patrick Helmsen explained that nearly 10,000 solar modules would be installed, capable of generating over 4.2 million watts of AC electricity. This green energy will be more than sufficient to power the entire plant, with excess electricity being fed back into the grid. Moreover, the solar power plant will feature automated backup power generation to address temporary power cuts commonly experienced in South Africa due to supply shortages. This project is a significant step towards Rheinmetall’s goal of achieving groupwide CO2 neutrality by 2035, ensuring a reliable energy supply and promoting environmental sustainability. Additionally, the project aligns with the company’s expansion plans in civil activities, including the export of green hydrogen and the manufacturing of mobile green hydrogen plants.

Alan Winde, Premier of Western Cape, expressed gratitude to Rheinmetall for its support and highlighted the province’s objective of securing a dependable renewable energy supply for four cities. He acknowledged the positive impact of the project on neighboring communities, noting that RDM is already supplying solar power to a nearby preschool.

Furthermore, Rheinmetall aims to establish itself as an energy supplier for Africa and other global markets, exporting green hydrogen and manufacturing mobile green hydrogen plants for autonomous off-grid electricity solutions.

The company also demonstrates social responsibility through various sustainable welfare initiatives in South Africa. For instance, RDM opened a Career Community Centre in Macassar, offering computer facilities, internet access, and courses to enhance employment prospects. The center equips job seekers with essential skills such as resume writing, interview techniques, and social media profile development. Rheinmetall remains committed to supporting neighboring communities and empowering individuals to thrive in the job market.

Rheinmetall Denel Munition (Pty) Ltd. (RDM) is a joint venture between Rheinmetall subsidiary Rheinmetall Waffe und Munition GmbH, holding a 51% stake, and Denel (Pty) Ltd. of South Africa.

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