SEB Retains Title as Preferred FX Bank in Prospera’s Sweden Customer Survey

Anna Andrén and Marcus Hallberg

(IN BRIEF) SEB has maintained its position as the top Foreign Exchange (FX) bank in Prospera’s customer survey, reaffirming its status as the preferred FX-counterpart among Swedish corporates and institutions. The survey, based on interviews with 93 major players, evaluated various categories, with SEB ranked number one in seven areas, including client familiarity and pricing. SEB’s collaborative approach across the FX value chain and its commitment to exceptional service have contributed to its continued success and high customer satisfaction.

(PRESS RELEASE) STOCKHOLM, 14-Jun-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (STO: SEB-A) (SEB), a Swedish financial group leader on the Nordic market, has once again secured its position as the top Foreign Exchange (FX) bank in Prospera’s customer survey for Foreign Exchange Sweden 2023. The survey, based on interviews with 93 major corporate and financial institutions, solidifies SEB’s status as the preferred FX-counterpart across all customer segments.

“We are glad and honored by this great customer rating and I am very proud of our FX community. It is extra impressive that we manage to achieve this after a year characterized by macroeconomic challenges”, says Anna Andrén, Global head of FX in division Large Corporates & Financial Institutions. 

Anna, a representative of SEB, highlighted the collaborative strength of the organization, emphasizing the cohesive efforts across the entire FX value chain, including sales, trading, research & strategy, technology, operations, and treasury. This integrated approach contributes to SEB’s outstanding performance and customer satisfaction.

“FX services are global in nature and the service model extends to 24 hours every day, which means different SEB sites need to work in close collaboration”, says Anna.

Prospera’s FX Sweden 2023 survey evaluated bank relationships through 18 different categories, with responses from corporates and institutions. The ratings were then combined to form an overall performance score.

SEB excelled across several sub-categories, securing the number one position in seven areas. These include client familiarity, pricing large flow, research, macro and strategy, analytical discussion, and risk advisory. The bank’s consistent delivery of exceptional service and expertise in these aspects contributed significantly to its top ranking.

SEB’s commitment to providing comprehensive FX solutions and its ability to meet customer expectations have solidified its leadership position in the industry. The survey results reflect the trust and confidence that corporates and institutions place in SEB as their preferred FX partner.

“This is really a team effort, and it shows that our strategy is right. Prospera measures all the key areas necessary to build strong and long-lasting relationship and with all stakeholders aligned we truly have a powerful set-up. We continuously work to improve and future-proof our customer offering, and we are very optimistic about the future”, says Marcus Hallberg, Head of FX Sales Sweden. 

Here is the top list at Prospera (pdf)

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