Rheinmetall’s Mission Master SP Impresses in Estonian Autonomy Trials, Sets Bar for UGV Technology

Rheinmetall’s Mission Master SP Impresses in Estonian Autonomy Trials, Sets Bar for UGV Technology

(IN BRIEF) Rheinmetall, a leading autonomous technology company, demonstrated its expertise in unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) technology during the Unmanned Ground Vehicle Autonomy Trials in Estonia. The trials, organized by the Estonian Military Academy and Defence Forces, attracted experts from over 20 countries. Rheinmetall’s Mission Master SP, an autonomous vehicle with advanced navigation capabilities, successfully tackled challenging terrains. The UGV showcased limited driver intervention, obstacle avoidance, and impressive speed and maneuverability. Powered by the Rheinmetall PATH autonomy kit, the Mission Master prioritizes safety and can support crewed and remote teleoperation with various modules. A video was produced to highlight its capabilities.

(PRESS RELEASE) DÜSSELDORF, 31-Jul-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Rheinmetall AG (ETR: RHM), a German integrated technology group active in the automotive and defence industries, reaffirms its position as a global leader in autonomous technology after successfully participating in the Unmanned Ground Vehicle Autonomy Trials held in Estonia. The challenging trials, organized by the Estonian Military Academy and the Estonian Defence Forces, drew an international audience of military and civilian experts from over 20 countries, all eager to witness the latest advancements in UGV technology.

As one of the 11 participating companies, Rheinmetall’s Mission Master SP showcased its remarkable on- and off-road navigation capabilities, conquering rough terrains with limited visibility, from open fields to dense woodlands. Despite the non-competitive nature of the trials, Rheinmetall’s autonomous vehicle impressed observers with its minimal driver intervention, obstacle avoidance technology, and exceptional speed and maneuverability.

These trials have shown just how far autonomous technology has come in recent years. We were proud to put our system to the test alongside some of the world’s most skilled developers. We are really pleased with our performance and look forward to seeing how our technology will evolve over the coming years” stated Alain Tremblay, Vice-President, Business Development, Innovation & Robotics at Rheinmetall Canada.

The Mission Master SP, aptly named “silent partner,” is a fully-electric autonomous vehicle renowned for its compact profile, enabling seamless navigation through tight spaces. Utilizing the Rheinmetall PATH autonomy kit, an AI-powered navigation system, the Mission Master family of UGVs skillfully navigates challenging environments, prioritizing the safety of soldiers.

Notably, the Mission Master offers versatile functionality, supporting crewed and remote teleoperation and effortlessly transitioning between modes. The UGV can be equipped with various modules, including logistic transport, fire support, and medical evacuation capabilities.

As a testament to its successful performance, Rheinmetall created a compelling video during the Estonia trials, showcasing the outstanding capabilities of its Mission Master platforms to a wider audience.

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