Revolutionary Paper-Based Frozen Food Packaging Unveiled Through Collaborative Breakthrough by Ahlstrom and The Paper People LLC

Revolutionary Paper-Based Frozen Food Packaging Unveiled Through Collaborative Breakthrough by Ahlstrom and The Paper People LLC

(IN BRIEF) Ahlstrom, in collaboration with The Paper People LLC, has introduced a breakthrough in sustainable packaging with a fully fiber-based, recyclability-certified solution for frozen foods. This packaging, designed to replace conventional fossil-based plastics, provides an eco-friendly alternative for frozen food packaging. Compatible with existing packaging equipment, including vertical form-fill-seal systems and pouches, the package can also be used for flow wrap and bundle wrap applications. The Paper People’s Paperlock™ G technology, an FDA-approved direct food contact heat-seal material and grease barrier, enhances the package’s utility by preventing grease migration from food products to the exterior. Available with compostable zippers and various printing options, this innovation, combining The Paper People LLC technology with Ahlstrom’s proprietary FluoroFree® barrier papers, marks a significant step toward achieving more renewable and sustainable packaging solutions.

(PRESS RELEASE) HELSINKI, 25-Aug-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Ahlstrom, a global leader in fiber-based materials founded in 1851, and The Paper People LLC have joined forces to unveil an innovative solution that redefines frozen food packaging. Together, they present a remarkable line of fully fiber-based packaging, certified for recyclability, poised to supplant conventional fossil-based plastics and films in the realm of frozen food preservation.

This pioneering packaging solution offers a resounding answer to the call for eco-friendly alternatives in the packaging landscape. By embracing renewable materials, Ahlstrom and The Paper People LLC present a packaging line that elegantly marries sustainability with functionality.

“This new package is designed to be used on existing packaging equipment including vertical form-fill-seal, stand-up pouches and SOS style systems,” said Neil Bretl, President for The Paper People. “The package can also be used in flow wrap and bundle wrap applications. We worked diligently to ensure these materials could easily replace traditional non-renewable substrates on existing equipment.”

Central to this breakthrough is the integration of The Paper People’s signature Paperlock™ G technology. Compliant with FDA standards for direct food contact, this innovative heat-seal material acts as a robust grease barrier, ensuring that products such as fries, tater tots, onion rings, and pizza rolls remain delectably contained within. This advanced technology eliminates the issue of grease migration to the exterior of the package, preserving the pristine appearance of the packaging while enhancing user experience.

The possibilities are expansive with this packaging marvel. It can be adorned with intricate designs through both flexographic and digital printing, with the capacity for up to 10 colors. The inclusion of a compostable zipper, available in both standard and inno-lok configurations, further underscores the commitment to environmental sustainability.

The remarkable synergy between The Paper People LLC’s ingenuity and Ahlstrom’s proprietary FluoroFree® barrier papers culminates in a packaging solution that delivers substantial grease-resistance capabilities. This not only addresses a critical industry need but also propels the transition away from non-renewable packaging materials.

Ahlstrom and The Paper People LLC’s partnership unveils a new era in frozen food packaging. As society embraces the imperative of sustainability, this collaboration reaffirms the potential for transformative innovation that significantly impacts the environment and the packaging landscape. The fully fiber-based packaging is not only a testament to progress but a realization of the broader vision of a more sustainable future.

“Our BoundlessBarriers® technologies are helping our customers achieve the next generation of truly sustainable packaging,” explained Mark Ushpol, Executive Vice President for Ahlstrom’s Food & Consumer Packaging Division. “Included in this portfolio of barrier ranges is our PFAS-free FluoroFree® technology which boasts the highest levels of grease-resistance currently available in the marketplace.”

“Collaborative partnerships, such as this frozen food development with the Paper People, are what’s needed to continue to push the boundaries of creating more renewable and sustainable packaging that has a better end-of-life,” Ushpol continued.

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The company was established in 2019 as a result of a pressing retail demand for an automated, 100 percent recyclable/compostable package in the United States. Armed with industry-leading technology and partners, The Paper People LLC is uniquely positioned to establish a leading role in the developing sustainable global packaging industry. The Paper People LLC management team has more than 150 years of combined experience in the packaging industry. This diverse group of entrepreneurial thinkers brings experience in paper, corrugated, plastics, laminating, printing, converting, and distribution to the table to reengineer and reinvent the sustainable packaging options in the market. Read more at




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