Daily Archives: 21, August 2023

New Insights into Dark Matter: CERN’s NA62 and NA64 Experiments Report Progress

(IN BRIEF) CERN’s NA62 and NA64 experiments, located in the North Area, have made significant progress in understanding dark matter. Operating outside the LHC’s energy range, these experiments recently revealed new findings. NA62 investigated a rare kaon decay, excluding evidence … Read the full press release

Newcastle University Recognized for Exceptional Internationalization Efforts in Higher Education

(IN BRIEF) Newcastle University has been awarded the Excellence in Internationalisation honor by the European Association for International Education (EAIE). This prestigious accolade celebrates the university’s exceptional approach to integrating international research and educational opportunities, focusing on addressing societal and … Read the full press release

TotalEnergies and INPEX Collaborate with PTTEP for Acquisition of AC-RL7 Permit in Australia

(IN BRIEF) TotalEnergies and INPEX have partnered with PTTEP to acquire the AC-RL7 permit in Australia. TotalEnergies will own 26% while INPEX will have a 74% stake and assume operatorship, subject to regulatory approval. The permit includes Cash and Maple … Read the full press release

New Image from James Webb Space Telescope Reveals Intriguing Features of Ring Nebula and Suggests Presence of Dying Star’s Companion

This image of the Ring Nebula (from MIRI) appears as a distorted doughnut. The nebula’s inner cavity hosts shades of red and orange, while the detailed ring transitions through shades of yellow in the inner regions and blue/purple in the outer region. The ring’s inner region has distinct filament elements. Credit: ESA/Webb, NASA, CSA, M. Barlow, N. Cox, R. Wesson

(IN BRIEF) The James Webb Space Telescope has revealed a captivating new image of the Ring Nebula, collaborating with ESA, NASA, CSA, and an international team. This image, alongside a previous one, unveils the nebula’s intricate features, showcasing its central … Read the full press release

Airbus Secures $27.8 Million U.S. Army Contract to Enhance UH-72A Lakota Capabilities

(IN BRIEF) Airbus has secured a $27.8 million contract from the U.S. Army to upgrade the Mission Equipment Package (MEP) of the Army National Guard Security & Support Battalion. These upgrades will enhance the capabilities of the UH-72A Lakota helicopter, … Read the full press release