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Ahlstrom’s Sustainable Food Packaging Papers Receive Western Michigan Recyclability Certification

(IN BRIEF) Ahlstrom, a leading producer of sustainable and fiber-based packaging solutions, has achieved Western Michigan Recyclability Certification for several food packaging base papers utilizing its proprietary FluoroFree® technology. These products are used in applications like quick service restaurant packaging, … Read the full press release

Revolutionary Paper-Based Frozen Food Packaging Unveiled Through Collaborative Breakthrough by Ahlstrom and The Paper People LLC

(IN BRIEF) Ahlstrom, in collaboration with The Paper People LLC, has introduced a breakthrough in sustainable packaging with a fully fiber-based, recyclability-certified solution for frozen foods. This packaging, designed to replace conventional fossil-based plastics, provides an eco-friendly alternative for frozen … Read the full press release

Taco Bell Recognizes Ahlstrom’s Innovative and Sustainable Packaging Contributions

(IN BRIEF) Ahlstrom has been recognized for its contribution to Taco Bell’s sustainable packaging. The company leveraged its FluoroFree and trulyNatural technologies to develop compostable packaging solutions for Taco Bell, which are free of harmful chemicals. Ahlstrom received the recognition … Read the full press release