Volkswagen Group Reveals Modernized Brand Identity in Step Towards Sustainable Future

New corporate design of the Volkswagen Group Copyright: Volkswagen AG

(IN BRIEF) The Volkswagen Group has unveiled a modernized corporate design, replacing its previous look from 2007. The updated design features a new wordmark, font, colors, and design elements, with a shift from “Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft” to “Volkswagen Group” to emphasize its global orientation. This redesign reflects the Group’s transformation from an automaker to a sustainable mobility provider, focusing on electric and digital solutions for the future of mobility. The new corporate design utilizes primary colors, color gradients, and a unique font to convey a contemporary and dynamic image. The revamped website,, now prioritizes core topics and corporate news, catering to financial and business audiences while enhancing user experience. The rollout of the new design will begin in Germany and extend to international markets next year.

(PRESS RELEASE) WOLFSBURG, 1-Sep-2023 — /EuropaWire/ —  Volkswagen Group (ETR: VOW3), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automobiles and commercial vehicles, in a bold move towards modernization, is revamping its corporate design, bidding farewell to its 2007 look. The transition includes a shift from the previous “Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft” wordmark to “Volkswagen Group,” a change aimed at reinforcing the Group’s worldwide perspective and enhancing its visual distinction from the Volkswagen brand. This comprehensive redesign encompasses not only the wordmark but also font, color palette, design components, and visual language, resulting in a fresh and invigorated brand identity. The rollout of the new corporate design has commenced in Germany and will gradually extend to international markets in the upcoming year.

Sebastian Rudolph, Head of Global Group Communications: “The Volkswagen Group is committed to attractive brands, products and technologies. Communication plays a key role here, both in terms of content and visuals. Our topics are in focus when we address employees, customers, journalists, investors or analysts. A good corporate design can provide the best possible support here. Our new appearance gives identity, both internally and externally.”

Jason Lusty, Head of Group Marketing & Brand Strategy: “The new corporate design has several tasks. It expresses the strategic ambitions of the Volkswagen Group and represents its new mindset. It also differentiates the appearance of the corporate brand from the Volkswagen brand. The corporate design offers a flexible framework that is progressive and high-quality on the one hand, while remaining accessible and human on the other.”

Strategic Evolution Evolving from a traditional automaker into a sustainable mobility provider, the Volkswagen Group is embarking on a transformative journey. Armed with a distinctive array of iconic brands, appealing products, and cutting-edge services, the Group aspires to shape the electric, digital, and sustainable landscape of future mobility. At the heart of this aspiration lies the guiding principle of “Shaping Mobility for Generations.” In this pursuit, a contemporary, digitized appearance plays a pivotal role in its success. This prompted the collaborative development of a novel corporate design by Group Communications and Group Marketing & Brand Strategy.

The fresh corporate design, a collaborative endeavor with the globally acclaimed design agency Landor & Fitch, introduces a palette of four primary colors for traditional applications, including office settings: Deep Space Blue, Vivid Green, Pure White, and a vibrant Electric Neon serving as an accent. Additional hues come into play for digital platforms or printed materials. Innovatively, the design incorporates color gradients, symbolizing mobility, dynamism, and humanity. Complementing this essence is the debut of the exclusive “The Group” font, conceived by Studio René Bieder. This typeface embodies a harmonious blend of motion and sophistication, boasting versatility through diverse styles and expressions. Tailored to both digital and analog applications, it seamlessly traverses all mediums and platforms.

Parallel to the launch of the revamped corporate design, the Volkswagen Group’s online presence at has undergone a complete transformation. Strategically catering to the financial public and business media, the website offers streamlined navigation and a consolidated display of core topics and current corporate updates. The integration of the Group’s newsroom enhances accessibility, accompanied by an enhanced user experience, improved mobile device compatibility, and optimized content discoverability.

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Christoph Oemisch
Corporate Communications
Spokesperson Finance & Sales
+49 (0) 5361 9 18895

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