Volkswagen Group Steers Transformation with Impressive Strides in Tech Platforms at IAA Mobility

Volkswagen Group Steers Transformation with Impressive Strides in Tech Platforms at IAA Mobility

(IN BRIEF) Volkswagen Group’s CEO, Oliver Blume, announces substantial advancements in the company’s four core technology platforms during the IAA Mobility conference in Munich. The Group’s shift from traditional automaker to integrated mobility provider is marked by achievements in sustainable mobility expansion, profitable endeavors, and technological milestones. Key highlights include progress in architecture, battery & charging, software, and mobility platforms. Architectural expertise is demonstrated by the Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB), and plans for the Scalable Systems Platform (SSP) for future electric and electronics architecture. Battery innovations aim to reduce costs by 50%, enhancing affordability of electric vehicles. Software excellence is exemplified by the new E³ 1.2 software generation, leading toward the anticipated E³ 2.0 architecture. Expansion into mobility solutions includes investments in Bike Mobility Services (BMS) and a partnership with Europcar for a comprehensive mobility platform. These accomplishments affirm Volkswagen Group’s commitment to pioneering sustainable mobility solutions and shaping the future of transportation.

(PRESS RELEASE) WOLFSBURG/MUNICH, 4-Sep-2023 — /EuropaWire/ —  Volkswagen Group (ETR: VOW3), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automobiles and commercial vehicles, announces that in its steadfast progression in its cutting-edge technology platforms takes center stage as it propels its shift from a conventional automaker to an integrated mobility provider. With a strategic focus on sustainable mobility, the Group has unveiled significant strides in its efforts to tap into lucrative profit pools during the IAA Mobility press conference in Munich. CEO Oliver Blume highlighted: “We are making good progress. And faster than planned. We have reached numerous milestones, set important strategic directions and achieved joint successes. We are systematically driving forward the transformation along our ten-point plan and consistently developing further attractive profit pools in the area of sustainable mobility.”

The ten-point transformation plan, serving as a guiding framework, delineates pivotal areas of focus in the Group’s evolution. Anchoring this transformation are four core technology platforms: architecture, battery & charging, software, and mobility. The Group has achieved notable advancements in each sector, showcasing these accomplishments at IAA Mobility.

Architectures – A Fundamental Keystone

A distinct competitive advantage arises from the Group’s expertise in this domain, setting it apart from industry norms. Notably, around 45 million vehicles have rolled off the assembly lines using the Modular Transverse Toolkit (MQB) since 2012. The transition to electrification saw the launch of the Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB), underpinning the Group’s electric platform strategy. More than 1.1 million fully electric vehicles have been delivered on the MEB platform by five Group brands since 2020.

The Group continues to enhance the MEB platform, introducing heightened performance, expanded functionality, and extended range. Upcoming models such as the Volkswagen ID.702 with an impressive range of up to 700 kilometers underline this commitment. Anticipating 2025, the enhanced MEB+ platform is set to debut, boasting a 10% increase in efficiency and range. Acceleration under 5 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and rapid charging below 20 minutes are features enabled by the unified cell with Cell2Pack technology. Affordable all-electric models, priced below 25,000 Euro, from Volkswagen, SKODA, and CUPRA, will leverage the MEB+ platform, broadening electric mobility accessibility.

In 2024, the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), jointly developed by Audi and Porsche, will make its debut. PPE introduces a robust electric drivetrain with over 600 kilometers of range, coupled with innovative 800-volt battery and charging management. The Audi Q6 e-tron spearheads this platform, embracing a new level of digital integration through CARIAD’s high-performance electronics architecture and software platform.

Scalable Systems Platform (SSP) as the Future Backbone

Mid-term prospects entail the transition to the Scalable Systems Platform (SSP), a unified architecture amalgamating electric and electronics systems. SSP is designed for scalability, intended to underpin over 40 million vehicles across brands and segments. This approach optimizes standardization while preserving segment-specific differentiation, projected to reduce investment and R&D costs by approximately 30% compared to MEB.

Battery & Charging – Paving the Way for Affordable E-Mobility

The Group’s focus on integrated battery cell development and production with PowerCo aims to retain significant value creation within the company. Lowering battery costs remains pivotal to democratizing e-mobility. Strategies include the unified cell from PowerCo, standardized cell factories, and innovations such as dry coating and low-cost cell chemistry. These efforts aim to reduce battery costs by up to 50%, making e-mobility accessible to a broader demographic.

Software Defined Vehicle Hub and Future Software Architecture

To excel in user experience, the Group intensifies its software prowess, emphasizing focused development, strategic partnerships, and efficient licensing. The E³ 1.2 software generation previewed in the Audi Q6 e-tron interior marks a stepping stone towards the E³ 2.0 architecture. CARIAD’s Software Defined Vehicle Hub (SDV) empowers software-centric vehicle development.

Expanding Mobility Solutions

The Group’s transformation is further evident in its investment in Bike Mobility Services (BMS), a subsidiary of Pon, a renowned bicycle manufacturer. This strategic move leverages the booming bicycle leasing market and aligns with the Group’s commitment to sustainable mobility.

Moreover, the Group collaborates with Europcar to establish a comprehensive mobility platform, catering to diverse transportation needs. This platform offers an integrated suite of services, including hourly rentals, multi-year leasing, e-scooters, and public transportation aggregation through a single app.

With these multifaceted initiatives, the Volkswagen Group reinforces its evolution into a dynamic, integrated mobility provider, poised to harness new profit opportunities while shaping the future of transportation.

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