Elli by Volkswagen Group at IAA Munich: A Glimpse into Future Energy Innovations and Charging Solutions

The new Elli Flexpole Copyright: Volkswagen AG

(IN BRIEF) Volkswagen Group’s e-mobility brand, Elli, is set to reveal innovative charging solutions and future energy innovations at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Munich. Highlighting their commitment to holistic energy solutions, Elli’s showcase will feature the groundbreaking Flexpole fast charging station with integrated battery storage. The Flexpole can offer rapid charging at up to 150 kW, delivering 160 km of range within 10 minutes, depending on the vehicle. Elli also offers customers access to a premium charging point network with optimized charging infrastructure. Additionally, Elli’s presence on the energy trading exchange EPEX allows for intelligent battery storage optimization. A pilot project utilizing e-up! batteries in stationary storage demonstrates Elli’s advancements in smart energy platforms. Further details can be found at www.elli.eco.

(PRESS RELEASE) MUNICH, 4-Sep-2023 — /EuropaWire/ —  Volkswagen Group (ETR: VOW3), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automobiles and commercial vehicles, announces that Elli, its pioneering e-mobility service brand, and a dominant player in Europe’s e-mobility landscape, is set to unveil an array of innovative charging products, services, and future plans at this year’s prestigious International Motor Show (IAA) in Munich. Elli’s strategic showcase will provide a glimpse into the brand’s transformative journey toward holistic energy solutions and a greener future.

Central to Elli’s IAA presentation is the groundbreaking Flexpole, a versatile fast charging station bolstered by an integrated battery storage system. The Flexpole’s innovative design facilitates easy installation without requiring specialized transformers or expensive infrastructure development. With two connectors capable of delivering rapid charging at up to 150 kW, the Flexpole has the potential to provide up to 160 km of range within a mere 10 minutes, contingent on the specific vehicle.

“With the new Flexpole and the continued expansion of Elli’s charging network to more than 540,000 charge points, we are quickly and reliably driving forward e-mobiliy’s expansion. Elli is already one of the largest e-mobility service providers in Europe. But, customers aren’t just interested in quantity – and that’s why we’re focusing much more on the holistic charging experience,“ explains Elli CEO Giovanni Palazzo in Munich.

Elli extends a unique offering to its customers via the Selected Partner Network. This carefully curated network comprises premium charging point operators chosen based on stringent quality criteria. Focused on optimizing the charging experience, these partners provide convenient and efficient charging stops, high-performance infrastructure, and on-site amenities such as cafes and restrooms. Customers subscribing to the Elli Drive Highway tariff also enjoy the added benefit of exclusive energy price reductions.

“Innovation in the charging and energy industry is key to e-mobility’s success and the decabonization of our society. In the future, Elli will focus more on the EV battery as a critical energy storage solution that gives us more independence from fossil fuels and the fluctuating availability of renewable energies. We call this the “Battery under management” strategy. Our goal is to become a software-driven energy company and a leading provider of holistic energy solutions,” Palazzo continues, referring to an important milestone in the energy business.

As of July 2023, Elli has been a dynamic presence on Europe’s premier energy trading exchange, EPEX. At the core of Elli’s energy exchange venture is an intelligent platform designed for the trading, management, and optimization of battery storage. The platform operates autonomously, placing bids on the energy exchange market and subsequently adjusting battery storage charging and discharging. The approach capitalizes on purchasing electricity during low-cost phases, predominantly abundant in renewable energy, and selling during high-demand periods, characterized by higher energy prices. This strategy not only generates trading revenues but significantly bolsters renewable energy utilization. An exemplary pilot initiative in Baunatal (Kassel) harnesses e-up! batteries within a stationary battery storage center called the “PowerCenter.” This project serves as an essential stepping stone in refining Elli’s smart energy platform, earmarking it for complex and extensive applications in the future.

To explore more about Elli and access images pertinent to these groundbreaking developments, please visit www.elli.eco.

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