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Innovative Automation: KUKA Robot Takes Over Sterilization Duties in Italian Dental Office

(IN BRIEF) Italian dentist and entrepreneur Dr. Giorgio Castagno has introduced a KUKA robot into his dental practice in Valsesia, Italy, to automate the cleaning and sterilization of dental instruments. This innovative approach not only saves time and resources but … Read the full press release

Lightsource bp Achieves Platinum Payroll Giving Quality Mark Award for Philanthropic Excellence

(IN BRIEF) Lightsource bp has received the prestigious Platinum Payroll Giving Quality Mark Award for 2023 from Charities Trust, recognizing the company’s commitment to fostering a culture of philanthropy and promoting payroll giving. This honor stems from 20% of Lightsource … Read the full press release

University of St Andrews-Led Study Reveals Global Trend of Organism Size Reduction

(IN BRIEF) New research, led by the University of St Andrews and published in Science, reveals that organisms worldwide are shrinking in size due to a combination of species replacement and changes within species. The study, conducted by an international … Read the full press release

Trinity Conference Puts Children’s Well-being at the Forefront in Domestic Violence Context

(IN BRIEF) Trinity University, in collaboration with Mason Hayes & Curran, hosted a significant Domestic Violence and Child Protection Conference that brought together over 200 professionals. Attendees included representatives from TUSLA, Safe Ireland, The Independent Guardian Ad Litem Agency (TIGALA), … Read the full press release

Scania Launches Smart Dash Digital Dashboard to Enhance Truck Driver Experiences

(IN BRIEF) Scania has introduced the Smart Dash, a digital dashboard for its trucks, aimed at enhancing driver experiences. The Smart Dash offers a mix of manual controls and digital displays to provide drivers with greater control over their trucks … Read the full press release

bp pulse, EV Network, and NEC Group Launch UK’s Largest Public EV Charging Hub

(IN BRIEF) bp pulse, EV Network (EVN), and NEC Group have jointly launched the UK’s largest public electric vehicle (EV) charging hub on the NEC Campus in the West Midlands. The Gigahub™ can simultaneously charge 180 EVs, with ultra-fast 16x … Read the full press release

University of Bristol’s New £36 Million Dental School Sets Benchmark in Dental Education

(IN BRIEF) The University of Bristol has officially opened its cutting-edge Dental School at the Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus, representing a £36 million investment. The state-of-the-art facility spans 7,300 square meters and aims to revolutionize dental education and clinical training. … Read the full press release

Michelin Expands XTRA DEFEND Tire Range with New Size for World’s Largest Dump Truck

(IN BRIEF) Michelin has introduced a new tire size, the MICHELIN XTRA DEFEND 33.25 R 29, which is designed to fit the VOLVO A60H, the world’s largest articulated dump truck used primarily in mine and quarry applications. This tire size … Read the full press release

Rolls-Royce Progresses on F130 Engine Testing for U.S. Air Force B-52J Stratofortress

(IN BRIEF) Rolls-Royce has announced that it is progressing well with initial F130 engine testing for the United States Air Force B-52J Stratofortress, aiming to complete testing by the end of the year. The continued Rapid Twin Pod Tests at … Read the full press release

Bentley Delivers First of Limited-Edition Continental GT Le Mans Collection in Europe

(IN BRIEF) The first of the 24 Bentley Continental GT Le Mans Collection models for Europe has been delivered in Dusseldorf, Germany. These limited edition Continental GT and GTC cars are handcrafted in England by Bentley’s Mulliner division, with 24 … Read the full press release

BASF Secures Renewable Electricity Supply for Zhanjiang Site Through 25-Year Agreement with SPIC

(IN BRIEF) BASF has signed a 25-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with the State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) to buy renewable electricity for its Zhanjiang Verbund site in Guangdong province, China. This PPA is part of BASF’s commitment to securing … Read the full press release

Nestlé Expands Presence in Brazilian Chocolate Market with Majority Stake in Grupo CRM

(IN BRIEF) Nestlé is set to acquire a majority stake in Grupo CRM, a premium chocolate company in Brazil, through an agreement with Advent International. Grupo CRM operates a successful direct-to-consumer model, with over 1,000 chocolate boutiques under the Kopenhagen … Read the full press release

Repsol to Sell Canadian Oil and Gas Assets to Peyto for $468 Million as Part of Portfolio Focus

(IN BRIEF) Repsol has entered into an agreement to sell its oil and gas assets in Canada to Peyto for $468 million, part of Repsol’s ongoing portfolio management to focus on core regions. The deal includes mineral rights, facilities, and … Read the full press release

Enilive and Accademia Niko Romito Launch ‘ALT Stazione del Gusto’ Project, Bringing Quality Street Food to Italian Service Stations

(IN BRIEF) Enilive, an Eni Sustainable Mobility brand, has partnered with Accademia Niko Romito to launch the “ALT Stazione del Gusto” project. The first restaurant under this partnership will open in Rome in September, located within an Eni service station. … Read the full press release

Allianz Unveils Net-Zero Transition Plan with 2030 Targets for Emission Reductions and Renewable Investments

Allianz Trade Study Reveals Gap Between Perceived and Actual Inflation, with Germany Experiencing Significant Disparity

(IN BRIEF) Allianz has released its first comprehensive net-zero transition plan, reaffirming its commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 in its investment and insurance portfolios and by 2030 in its operations. The plan includes 2030 intermediate targets for reducing … Read the full press release

European Industry Leaders Gather to Accelerate Electricity Grid Development for Energy Transition

(IN BRIEF) Over 200 European industry leaders convened at the ENTSO-E High-Level Forum on Future of Our Grids in Brussels to discuss the challenges and opportunities for accelerating the development of electricity grids necessary for Europe’s energy transition. The forum, … Read the full press release

Logicor Reports Strong H1 2023 Results Amid Active Asset Management and Expansion in Key Markets

(IN BRIEF) Logicor, a prominent European logistics and distribution property owner and operator, has announced its half-year results for the period ending on June 30, 2023. The company reported strong operating results, driven by active asset management and expansion in … Read the full press release

Banque Populaire, SOCAMA, and EIF Sign €1 Billion Agreement to Support French SMEs

(IN BRIEF) Banque Populaire, Fédération Nationale des SOCAMA, and the European Investment Fund (EIF) have signed a €1 billion loan counter-guarantee agreement under the SME Competitiveness InvestEU program. Over two decades, this partnership with EIF has facilitated €9 billion in … Read the full press release

EBRD Provides €25 Million Loan to AKLease in Turkey for Green Investments

(IN BRIEF) The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is providing a €25 million loan to Ak Finansal Kiralama (AKLease) in Turkey. This loan, part of the EBRD’s Green Economy Financing Facility (GEFF), is aimed at supporting green and … Read the full press release

Europe’s Electricity Grids Face Crucial Upgrade to Accommodate Renewable Energy Surge

(IN BRIEF) The “Future of our grids” conference in Brussels is addressing the need to accelerate the development of electricity grids in Europe to accommodate the rapid growth of renewable energy sources like wind and solar. Current grid infrastructure struggles … Read the full press release

Spanish City of Castelló Partners with Kapsch TrafficCom to Implement Low Emission Zone for Cleaner, Quieter, and Less Congested Streets

(IN BRIEF) The Spanish city of Castelló is partnering with Kapsch TrafficCom to implement a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in its central area to address air quality, noise, and congestion issues. The system will rely on number plate recognition, air … Read the full press release

DNV Expands Energy Services with Acquisition of ANB Systems, Bolstering Energy Efficiency Solutions

(IN BRIEF) DNV has acquired ANB Systems, a Houston-based software as a service (SaaS) company specializing in energy program services for utility and regulatory body customers. The move is part of DNV’s commitment to supporting the energy transition by enhancing … Read the full press release

DNV Report Highlights Challenges in Achieving 2030 Maritime Emission Targets Amid Competition for Greener Fuels

(IN BRIEF) The shipping industry faces challenges in meeting 2030 maritime emission targets due to competition for greener fuels. DNV’s Maritime Forecast to 2050 report highlights that securing a sufficient supply of carbon-neutral fuels will be difficult. The industry must … Read the full press release

DNV Grants Design Verification for Avikus and Hyundai’s AI-Based ‘HiNAS Control’ Navigation System, Gaining Industry Approval

(IN BRIEF) At Gastech 2023, DNV has granted a design verification report (DVR) for the AI-based autonomous navigation system “HiNAS Control,” a joint project by Avikus and HD Hyundai Heavy Industries. Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry (LISCR) has also … Read the full press release

Independent Study Reveals Alarming Financial Health of UK Football Clubs, Urges Corrective Actions

(IN BRIEF) An independent study co-authored by a Management School, published alongside the UK Government’s response to the ‘A sustainable future – reforming club football governance’ White Paper, reveals concerning findings regarding the deteriorating financial health of football clubs. The … Read the full press release

UCL Researchers Secure Prestigious ERC Grants for Groundbreaking Neuroscience and Disease Research

(IN BRIEF) Two UCL researchers have been awarded prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grants, each receiving approximately 1.5 million euros. Dr. Marco Wittmann’s project, “DeepSocial,” aims to use non-invasive deep brain stimulation to explore the brain’s social cognition processes. … Read the full press release

UCL Applauds UK’s Return to Horizon Europe, Unlocking Opportunities for Research and Innovation

(IN BRIEF) UCL leaders have welcomed the UK Government’s agreement with the European Commission, allowing UK scientists to fully participate in Horizon Europe, a significant £81 billion research and innovation program. This agreement enables UK organizations, including UCL, to lead … Read the full press release

UCL Researchers Develop Robotic Driving Seat to Enhance Safety in Highly Automated Vehicles

(IN BRIEF) Researchers from UCL’s Intelligent Mobility group (IM@UCL) have developed a robotic driving seat for highly automated vehicles to signal drivers when human input is needed. The seat assesses the driver’s situational awareness by monitoring eye movements and brain … Read the full press release