Electrolux Unveils AEG EcoLine: Resource-Efficient Appliances to Reduce Climate Impact

Electrolux Unveils AEG EcoLine: Resource-Efficient Appliances to Reduce Climate Impact

(IN BRIEF) Electrolux Group, operating under its premium brand AEG, is unveiling its most resource-efficient appliances, the AEG EcoLine, at IFA 2023. These appliances, covering various categories, are designed to reduce climate impact while maintaining high performance. The selection includes models from the existing AEG and Electrolux portfolio, as well as the new AEG SaphirMatt induction hob with scratch-resistant glass. The AEG EcoLine models prioritize efficiency during usage, aligning with the company’s strong energy label ratings. This launch responds to growing consumer demand for energy-efficient appliances and highlights the importance of sustainability. The presentation will take place at IFA 2023 in Berlin from September 1 to 5.

(PRESS RELEASE) STOCKHOLM, 30-Aug-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — According to Electrolux Group’s science-based approach and Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), approximately 85% [1] of the global climate impact of an appliance, during its lifespan, is generated when it is in use. Therefore, to help reduce climate impact while providing high-quality performance, all models within AEG EcoLine have been designed to be used effortlessly, at their top efficiency, every day while meeting the brand’s strongest energy label ratings.

“Technological innovation is at the heart of every model within AEG EcoLine with functions designed to make life of consumers more enjoyable while making it easy to take more sustainable choices. Resource efficiency and performance without compromise is what consumers want and it’s what AEG EcoLine delivers,” says Chris Braam, CEO Europe Electrolux Group.

“We chose IFA 2023 to present the AEG EcoLine selection to an international audience because of its important role in highlighting innovation. AEG EcoLine is a significant step forward in making resource-efficient models stand out when people are looking for an appliance in-store or online, and we are very much looking forward to showcasing it to our trade partners and consumers in Berlin,” adds Braam.

Better than the best A rating
The new AEG EcoLine selection covers all the main product categories ensuring it meets the appliances needs of the entire home.

  • Within laundry, AEG EcoLine will be showing washers which have an energy rating better than the best A rating on the market and with resource saving features such as AutoDose, which saves detergent, and UltraWash which cleans efficiently at 30ºC and saves 30% energy [2].
  • AEG EcoLine tumble dryers with heat pump technology can save up to 68% more energy versus a traditional tumble dryer [3].
  • AEG EcoLine ovens retain minerals and vitamins while using up to 20% less energy when cooking with steam [4], and a steam cleaning function saves up to 95% energy versus pyro cleaning [5].
  • The new AEG 7000 cordless cleaner is made with up to 70% recycled plastic, when using Auto Mode, it can save up to 47% energy and prolong running time [6].

Other appliances included in the AEG EcoLine are hobs, hoods, dishwashers, free-standing cookers and air purifiers.

GfK research shows increased consumer demand for energy savings
The presentation of the AEG EcoLine comes at an opportune time, with recent data from global market research institute GfK showing that energy efficiency is consumers’ top reason for buying MDA appliances, e.g., washing machines. 61% of consumers in the five largest European countries said they considered energy efficiency as a deciding factor when choosing their next washing machine during the survey period between Q2 2022 and Q1 2023.

“We see a clear trend across all age groups that a more sustainable lifestyle is playing an increasingly important role. In addition to the environmental aspect, financial savings through better energy efficiency are also a strong factor in choosing an appliance”, explains Alexander Dehmel, Head of CSM Germany & Austria at GfK, who will also speak at Electrolux Group’s international media conference at IFA 2023 in Berlin on August 31.

World premiere of groundbreaking AEG SaphirMatt induction hob with scratch-resistant glass
IFA 2023 will also see the world premiere of the groundbreaking AEG SaphirMatt induction hob with scratch-resistant glass. The unique SaphirMatt ceramic glass is able to withstand everyday use and abrasions without being scratched. In fact, it can withstand up to four times fewer scratches than a standard ceramic hobs [7] and is twice as fast to clean [8]. Its elegant black matt finish adds a touch of style to any kitchen and is also 80% less reflective than a standard surface [9].

Join the media event
Electrolux Group will hold a media conference at IFA 2023 in Berlin to present its newest innovations including the AEG EcoLine. The event takes place on August 31, 2023, at 13.00 CET, at the AEG stand in hall 4.1, booth 101.

Journalists interested in attending the media conference can register here.

The media conference will also be streamed live between 13.00-14.00 CET via this here.

About IFA 2023 Berlin
IFA 2023, the world’s most significant trade show for consumer and home electronics, is the main marketplace for key retailers, buyers, and experts from the industry and the media. IFA 2023 takes place at the Messe Berlin Exhibition Grounds from September 1-5.

[1] Based on global Electrolux Group life cycle assessment data. Data is available on request.
[2] The UltraWash program, thoroughly cleans at 30ºC and saves more than 30% energy compared to a 40ºC cotton program.
[3] Calculated comparing the annual energy consumption of our 8 kg TD Heat Pump (A+++ energy class) with our 8 kg TD condense (B energy class). ​
[4] Based on internal test comparing an AEG SteamPro oven [BSE998230M] with an AEG Multifunction oven [BPE556370M]. Test conducted on salmon fillet and sous-vide chicken breast.
[5] Based on internal tests comparing SteamPro oven (steam cleaning) vs. SteamCrisp oven (pyrolytic self-cleaning) energy consumption. Steam Cleaning program is patented by AEG US2017082295 (A1) – Steam Oven Cleaning Method.
[6] Based on internal calculations comparing power consumption and runtime when using Max mode with Auto mode when cleaning on carpet
[7] Based on external tests, compared to AEG’s standard hob surface without special treatment or coating according to internal specifications and relevant EN, ISO, NF or DIN standards, when available.
[8] Laboratory tested on greasy stains. The physical and chemical characteristics of the SaphirMatt surface have been tested in our laboratories according to internal specifications and relevant EN, ISO, NF or DIN standards, when available.
[9] The physical and chemical characteristics SaphirMatt have been tested in laboratories according to internal specifications and relevant EN, ISO, NF or DIN standards, when available.

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