Bosch Introduces OfficeOn: Streamlined Cloud Software for Small Trade Businesses

Bosch Introduces OfficeOn: Streamlined Cloud Software for Small Trade Businesses

(IN BRIEF) Bosch has developed OfficeOn, a cloud-based software solution designed for smaller trade businesses to digitally manage key company processes. It aims to reduce administrative workload and streamline tasks like creating offers, invoices, coordinating schedules, and time management. The system includes a browser-based application for office use and a mobile app for on-site staff, both synced in real-time via the cloud. OfficeOn offers flexible licensing options, no installation requirements, and integrates with Bosch’s SingleKey ID login.

(PRESS RELEASE) STUTTGART, 3-Aug-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Less paper, faster processes in just a few clicks of the mouse and taps of the screen: OfficeOn, developed by Bosch especially for smaller trade businesses, is a simple and user-friendly solution for the centralized, digital management of all key company processes. The new cloud-based system reduces administrative workload significantly, is particularly easy to use, and is suited to any type of trade – from plumbing, heating, and electrical installation to carpenters, locksmiths, drywall contractors, painters, and decorators. OfficeOn aims to make office tasks like creating offers and invoices, coordinating schedules, documenting building sites, and time management as simple as possible for small businesses, so that tradespeople can concentrate on what they do best.

Web-based application for in-office use, app when on siteThe user-friendly software focuses on and digitalizes all relevant processes, allowing them all to be managed centrally and clearly in a single system. OfficeOn includes a browser-based application for the office as well as an app for on-site staff, which are constantly synced up via the cloud in real time.In the office, everything from project planning and creating offers and invoices to coordinating schedules and managing the customer base can be done in a flash and with ease using the web-based application. With OfficeOn, adding services and hourly rates for offers and invoice is simple. External services from wholesalers can also be imported in seconds thanks to the Datanorm and IDS connectivity. Not only that, the standard Datev interface also allows companies to submit information to tax advisors or tax authorities directly, saving both time and money. The app has a number of features that are tailored to managing processes on site, including coordinating schedules and recording time worked with just a few clicks using the digital time sheets and work sheets. The documents can be countersigned directly by the customer thanks to the digital signing function, allowing businesses to meet their legal requirements with ease and efficiency.Cloud solution: no installation required

The software is a cloud-based solution and does not require any installation. Data is synchronized in real time, permitting access around the clock from any device either in the office or on the road via the app. Key tasks such as regular backups, as well as software maintenance and updates, take place automatically in the cloud. No manual updates are necessary, reducing the administrative workload considerably.

Flexible licensing options to meet all needs

OfficeOn mobile and office licenses are available for 6, 12, or 24 months. Mobile licenses give employees smartphone app access to all the functions relevant to performing and documenting their work while on site. The office license is designed for office-based staff and allows functions like project planning, creating offers and invoices, and coordinating schedules to be used directly in a browser, without the need for any additional software. Office licenses automatically include one mobile license. Customers can choose to arrange installation and set-up assistance to help migrate data to the new software and import customer data, material lists, and service catalogs. Live chat and email support is included in all licenses. Additional premium hotline support is available as an optional extra. Because OfficeOn is part of the Bosch software suite, the same SingleKey ID login used for many other Bosch Group brands – including Bosch, Buderus, and Neff – can also be used to access the software.

OfficeOn is available starting in September. All prices are subject to VAT.

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