Austrian School Curricula to Integrate Financial Education with Vienna Stock Exchange Material

Austrian School Curricula to Integrate Financial Education with Vienna Stock Exchange Material

(IN BRIEF) As the new school year begins, Austrian curricula are introducing enhanced financial and economic education for fifth to eighth graders in secondary schools. The Vienna Stock Exchange is contributing to this initiative with its “börse4beginners” teaching material, offering both printed and digital resources that cover topics like investing, market operations, and the impact of listed companies in everyday life. Stock exchange CEO Christoph Boschan emphasizes the importance of financial education for a secure financial future. Meanwhile, the Vienna Stock Exchange and “Österreichiches Gesellschafts- und Wirtschaftsmuseum” have been providing educational workshops on the stock exchange and financial markets for 20 years, reaching over 100,000 students. The “Wiener Börse Akademie” is also catering to the increasing demand for financial knowledge, offering seminars for beginners and advanced traders.

(PRESS RELEASE) VIENNA, 2-Sep-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — The start of the new school year brings some innovations in the Austrian curricula. From now on, financial and economic education will take up more space in the lessons of students in the fifth to eighth grade in secondary schools. With its “börse4beginners” teaching material, the Vienna Stock Exchange has been providing suitable documents on stock exchange and capital market subjects since the last school year. They include a learning booklet and a game and are available in both printed and digital format. The different ways of investing money, how markets work and which services and products of listed companies can be found in everyday life are covered.

“Sound and broadly accessible financial education has always been a major concern of the Vienna Stock Exchange – it is the basis for a self-determined financial future. The increased implementation of financial and economic topics in the curricula of lower secondary schools is a first important step in the right direction. We are pleased that we can make a significant contribution to this with our materials and training offers,” says stock exchange CEO Christoph Boschan. “Financial education pays off and is the best investor protection.”

20 years of school lectures: Reaching over 100,000 students

While the increased teaching of financial knowledge is new to lower secondary school curricula, one initiative has already proven to be a cornerstone in Austrian financial education: For 20 years, the “Österreichiches Gesellschafts- und Wirtschaftsmuseum” and the Vienna Stock Exchange have been imparting basic knowledge about the stock exchange and the financial market with the school workshops “The Austrian Capital Market”. In about 6,500 workshop units, more than 100,000 students have been reached with this educational offer since then.

“Our joint school information project provides important impulses and informs young people about basic terms and contexts in the field of capital markets. The workshop format, which is characterised by interactive elements, is very well received by the participants and is well assessed and demanded by the educators,” says Harald Lindenhofer, Director of the Österreichiches Gesellschafts- und Wirtschaftsmuseum.

Wiener Börse Akademie: Great financial inquisitiveness

As the results of the “Aktienbarometer” Survey 2023 (only available in German) show, the need for financial education among the Austrian population remains high: every fourth person already owns securities, and another million Austrians are interested in investing in them. Nevertheless, a lack of financial knowledge is still the main reason for many to refrain from investing in securities, as the study also confirms. The increasing demand for financial knowledge is also noticeable at the “Wiener Börse Akademie”. By the end of the year, well over 1,000 seminar participants will have taken advantage of the Academy’s offer in 2023. The introductory seminar “Das 1×1 der Wertpapiere”, which explains the tasks of the capital market as well as basic knowledge about investing in securities, is particularly popular.

The offer of the Wiener Börse Akademie – a cooperation between WIFI Vienna and the Vienna Stock Exchange – is also aimed at advanced traders and will be continuously expanded. New additions to the programme from 2024 will include seminars on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Growth Investing and the Private Investor course. In addition, the traditional summer academy at Hubertussee in Mariazell will be expanded and supplemented by a seminar specifically geared to equities. The updated offer of the Wiener Börse Akademie is online as of 4 September.

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