EUROGATE and CONROO Introduce ‘Digital Trucker Card’ for Safer and Efficient Container Terminal Operations

EUROGATE and CONROO Introduce ‘Digital Trucker Card’ for Safer and Efficient Container Terminal Operations

(IN BRIEF) EUROGATE, a leading container terminal operator in Germany, is partnering with CONROO to introduce the ‘Digital Trucker Card’ as a replacement for the traditional plastic trucker card used for access authorization at its container terminals. The new solution is a mobile app developed in collaboration with CONROO, streamlining the entire process from registration and verification to route planning and on-site instructions. The app eliminates the need for time-consuming paperwork and simplifies the administrative process. By integrating the DAKOSY slot booking procedure, the app provides early information and matching for gate and lane assignments, significantly enhancing efficiency. Furthermore, the transition to the digital trucker card ensures increased security throughout the entire process at EUROGATE container terminals. The gradual implementation of the app will begin in early 2024 at all EUROGATE terminal locations in Germany, with specific details and changes communicated separately for each location.

(PRESS RELEASE) BREMEN, 14-Jul-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — 3,500 trucks pass through the container terminals of the EUROGATE Group in Germany every day to deliver or collect containers. The previous access authorisation for this in the form of a plastic card, the so-called trucker card, will soon be obsolete, however, because EUROGATE will soon replace this form of authentication for its terminals with a new, completely digital solution.

In cooperation with CONROO, a specialist for digital handling at container terminals, depots and warehouses, EUROGATE has developed the ‘Digital Trucker Card’, which works as an app solution on all common mobile devices and covers the entire process, from registration and verification to route planning and on-site instructions. This app solution makes the time-consuming and paper-intensive administrative process of registration obsolete. At the same time, the processing of driving orders is considerably facilitated and accelerated through early information and matching regarding the gate and lanes. For this purpose, the DAKOSY slot booking procedure, which is already in use in Hamburg and Bremerhaven, will also be integrated into the digital trucker card.

One of the main innovation points and motivations for the introduction of this solution is the significantly increased security in the entire process at the EUROGATE container terminals.

The new app solution ‘Digital Trucker Card’ will be gradually introduced at all German terminal locations of the EUROGATE Group from the beginning of 2024. More detailed information on the start dates and changes to the existing process will be published separately for the respective locations at a later date.


EUROGATE is Europe’s leading shipping company-independent container terminal group. Together with the Italian terminal operator CONTSHIP Italia, the company operates 12 container terminals from the North Sea to the Mediterranean.

The range of services is completed by intermodal services and services around the box. EUROGATE was founded in 1999. In 2022, EUROGATE handled around 11.9 million TEU across Europe. Further information is available at


CONROO has set itself the goal of enabling efficient logistics with the help of digital solutions. The company was founded in 2021 by Felix Paul Czerny and Markus Hartung and currently has offices in Nuremberg, Munich and Hamburg. CONROO enables terminal and depot operators to ensure smooth truck handling and utilise capacities at off-peak times. This is made possible by digitalised gate handling. CONROO works together with Deutsche Bahn, Bayernhafen, Swissterminal, duisport and IGS Intermodal, among others. The
CONROO app closes the communication gap and frees up valuable logistics resources.

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