CAF MiiRA and Euskotren Join Forces to Quiet Trains and Enhance Rail Travel Experience

CAF MiiRA and Euskotren Join Forces to Quiet Trains and Enhance Rail Travel Experience

(IN BRIEF) CAF MiiRA, a leading supplier of comprehensive wheelset solutions for the railway industry, is collaborating with Euskotren, a prominent transportation operator in Euskadi, to reduce train noise by testing innovative wheel soundproofing systems. The goal is to minimize the noise generated by train wheels, enhancing the quality of life for residents living near the tracks. This strategic alliance combines CAF MiiRA’s expertise in manufacturing wheels and axles with Euskotren’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in railway transportation. The collaboration aims to improve the passenger travel experience while reducing the environmental impact.

(PRESS RELEASE) BEASAIN, 28-Jul-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — CAF MiiRA, a global leader in comprehensive wheelset solutions for the railway industry,announces a strategic collaboration with Euskotren, the leading transportation operator inEuskadi, to test innovative wheel soundproofing systems on their train fleet.

This alliance focuses on implementing a solution that aims to significantly reduce the noise generated by train wheels, thereby improving the quality of life for people living near the tracks.

CAF MiiRA, a renowned manufacturer of wheels, axles, and complete axle systems, offers comprehensive solutions in the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of rolling stock. Their experience and leadership in the railway sector support their ability to develop innovative solutions that enhance transportation efficiency and sustainability.

“At CAF MiiRA, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and continuous innovation in the railway industry,” said Julio Galipienzo, R&D Manager at CAF MiiRA. “This strategic collaboration with Euskotren provides us with an opportunity to combine our capabilities andknowledge to develop advanced solutions that improve the passenger travel experience andreduce environmental impact.”

CAF MiiRA, as part of the CAF Group, is distinguished by its strong commitment to research and development, as well as its dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility. These core values guide their actions and drive them to seek solutions that enhance railway efficiency and sustainability.

Luis Lasa, Special Processes Manager at CAF MiiRA, highlighted the company’s leadership inthe industry: “CAF MiiRA is recognized as the leading manufacturer of wheel solutions, axles,and complete axle systems. Our commitment to excellence enables us to offer innovativesolutions that optimize the performance and safety of the railway system.”

Meanwhile, Euskotren has established its position as the reference transportation operator in Euskadi, offering a public service based on quality, sustainability, efficiency, and safety. Their commitment to innovation and continuous improvement of railway transportation in the Basque Country has led to this strategic collaboration with CAF MiiRA.

“This alliance with CAF MiiRA is an important step in our pursuit of solutions that improve railway transportation in Euskadi,” said Pilar Rosado, Rolling Stock Manager at Euskotren. “Wewill work hand in hand to develop and implement innovative systems that reduce acousticimpact and enhance the overall performance of our trains, benefiting passengers and theenvironment.”

The collaboration between CAF MiiRA and Euskotren is not limited to this specific initiative but is established as a long-term alliance. Both entities share a vision to improve railway transportation, promoting sustainability, efficiency, and innovation. The implementation of this wheel soundproofing system in Euskotren’s train fleet is a significant milestone in the joint commitment of both companies to innovation, sustainability, and the well-being of the community.


CAF MiiRA is a global reference in the supply of comprehensive solutions for rolling gear in the railway sector. We provide state of the art engineering, manufacturing and maintenance solutions for complete wheelsets and portal axles including gearboxes for all kind of train types, as well as services like technological assessment, inspections, and life cycle optimization analysis.

CAF MiiRA is moving towards sustainability as it is one of our strategic axis, along with continuous optimization and competitiveness of its solutions, meeting our clients requirements and ensuring their satisfaction.


Throughout its 40 years of existence, Euskotren has consolidated its position as the transport operator of reference in the Basque Country. By offering a public service based on quality, sustainability, efficiency and safety, it meets the travel needs of millions of people every year. The current management in Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa of five inter-territorial railway lines and one underground line, the Larreineta funicular railway (Trapagaran, in Bizkaia), two tram services (Bilbao and Vitoria-Gasteiz) and several bus lines (Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa) endorse Euskotren’s trajectory. A firm commitment to public transport as the backbone of mobility in the Basque Country that is moving steadily towards the future, without forgetting all the small and big milestones that have made Euskotren what it is today. With the aim of preserving its history in order to set solid strategies for the future, Euskotren also manages the Basque Railway Museum located in Azpeitia (Gipuzkoa). More information:

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