BESTSELLER and SOLshare Power Textile Factory in Bangladesh with Rooftop Solar System

BESTSELLER and SOLshare Power Textile Factory in Bangladesh with Rooftop Solar System

(IN BRIEF) BESTSELLER, a fashion company, and its partner SOLshare have successfully installed the first rooftop solar system on a textile supplier’s factory in Bangladesh. This initiative is part of a broader effort to reduce the environmental impact of BESTSELLER’s supply chain. The installed solar panels will convert up to 20% of the factory’s energy consumption to clean, renewable power. By the end of November 2023, nearly 2,000kWp of solar panels will be operational across five factories in Bangladesh, with plans for more installations. SOLshare, in collaboration with HEARTLAND, BESTSELLER’s parent company, is helping suppliers finance and install solar panels to make clean energy more accessible and affordable for factories in Bangladesh. This effort aligns with BESTSELLER’s commitment to reducing emissions from its supply chain by 30% from a 2018 base year by 2030, contributing to greenhouse gas emission reduction in textile factories.

(PRESS RELEASE) BRANDE, 20-Nov-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — The first roof top solar system installed by BESTSELLER’s partner SOLshare, has begun powering a factory of a textile supplier in Bangladesh. The installation- part of a larger and wider initiative- will convert up to 20 percent of the factory’s energy consumption to clean, renewable power, marking an important milestone for BESTSELLER’s efforts in reducing the environmental impact of its supply chain.

By the end of November 2023, a combined total of almost 2,000kWp of installed solar panels will be in operation across five factories in Bangladesh. Three more agreements are in place and negotiations are underway for a further 17 installations across the country.

The solar systems have been installed by SOLshare, a pioneering Bangladeshi climate-tech company, in collaboration with HEARTLAND, the parent company of BESTSELLER.

“The first solar power generated from this project with SOLshare marks a substantial milestone for our partnership. This first installation can cover up to 20 percent of the factory’s energy consumption, underlining the potential of this partnership in reducing the overall climate impact of our supply chain”. Michael W. Schultze Global Supply Chain Director, BESTSELLER

Making an impact where it matters most

More than 95 percent of BESTSELLER’s climate emissions are from outside the company’s own operations. This includes raw material production, manufacturing, transport, use of sold products. BESTSELLER has committed to reducing emissions from its supply chain, including up and downstream transportation by 30 percent from a 2018 base year by 2030.

Through the partnership with SOLshare, the company directly contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in textile factories producing clothes and shoes for the fashion industry, and indirectly contributes to reducing its own climate impact.

“To decouple growth from increasing climate impact, we need to increase our efforts across our whole value chain and engage with stakeholders across our industry on systemic solutions. Directly supporting suppliers to reduce their emissions is one of the many steps we are taking on this journey. Each agreement signed in Bangladesh is a credit to the ongoing efforts between our teams and our suppliers”. Michael W. Schultze Global Supply Chain Director, BESTSELLER

Upfront investment will reap long-term benefits

Rising electricity prices and the increased requirements from brands to reduce emissions means that suppliers are eager to adopt affordable, clean energy solutions to power their factories.

However, the road to renewable energy is challenging for suppliers in Bangladesh, as the substantial initial investment required for solar panels is a significant barrier to entry.

SOLshare, in partnership with HEARTLAND, supports the suppliers to finance and install the solar panels, allowing suppliers to purchase the green energy generated at rates lower than grid electricity.

About the partnership with SOLshare

  • SOLshare is a climate-tech company operating in Bangladesh for over seven years, providing digital services in clean energy, energy efficiency, and e-mobility in rural and urban areas.
  • SOLshare and HEARTLAND formed the Greener Garments Initiative (GGI) which is the vehicle responsible for the financing and delivery of the solar systems.
  • The first solar panels installed as part of the partnership began operation at NAFA Apparels Ltd. These will produce 234 kWp (kilowatt peak), which will deliver 287 megawatt hours of energy annually.
  • Over the 20-year operation of the solar system, it will enable the reduction of approximately 2,600 tonnes of carbon emissions, or 20 percent of the factory’s total energy consumption.
  • Several key suppliers, including Hydroxide Knitwear, Nafa Apparels, Cortz Apparels, Ayesha Clothing and Aswad Composite Mills, have signed power purchasing agreements. International Classic Composite, Bodyfashion, Dekko Garments and Taqwa Fabrics have recently signed memoranda of understanding.
  • The programme is open to any supplier. Currently, BESTSELLER is targeting 17 suppliers with an estimated combined capacity of 10,000 kWp.

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