Daily Archives: 4, November 2023

ZEISS Women Award Recognizes Outstanding Female Graduates in Digital and IT Fields

(IN BRIEF) The 13th ZEISS Women Award ceremony took place in Dresden, Germany, celebrating the accomplishments of promising young female graduates and students in Digital and IT fields. The award, presented by ZEISS, aims to encourage more women to pursue … Read the full press release

Portugal Achieves Impressive 67% Renewable Energy Supply in October, According to REN

(IN BRIEF) In October, Portugal experienced a significant milestone in its energy landscape as renewable energy production contributed to 67% of the country’s electricity consumption. Non-renewable sources accounted for only 17%, while the remaining 16% was imported energy. The month … Read the full press release

Deutsche Telekom Subsidiary PASM Signs 100 MW Offshore Wind Power Purchase Agreement with EnBW

(IN BRIEF) Power and Air Condition Solution Management GmbH (PASM), a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG, has expanded its renewable energy portfolio by signing a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with energy group EnBW. Under this PPA, PASM will procure … Read the full press release

Thales Canada Transportation Business and Notable Individuals Inducted into NARHF

(IN BRIEF) Thales Canada’s transportation business, along with eight individuals including Kevin Fitzgerald, Jean-Pierre Forestier, Walter Friesen, Mark Halinaty, Abe Kanner, John Mandelli, Jane Ng, and Thales Canada’s transportation business, will be honored at a ceremony in Toronto on November … Read the full press release

Spectral Secures Investment from ABN AMRO’s Sustainable Impact Fund to Advance Clean Energy Solutions

(IN BRIEF) Spectral, a company specializing in the integration of energy and information technologies, has secured a significant investment from ABN AMRO’s Sustainable Impact Fund (SIF). The fund, which focuses on supporting impact-driven companies seeking both social and financial returns, … Read the full press release

Taller Height During Lifetime Associated with Reduced Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke, University of Bristol-Led Study Finds

(IN BRIEF) A recent study led by the University of Bristol suggests that individuals who are taller during their lifetime may have a reduced risk of developing heart disease and stroke in later life. The research analyzed height and genetic … Read the full press release

voestalpine AG Appoints Gerald Mayer as CFO, Effective April 1, 2024

(IN BRIEF) The Supervisory Board of voestalpine AG has announced the appointment of Gerald Mayer to its Management Board as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), effective from April 1, 2024. Mayer, a finance expert with international industry experience, will serve … Read the full press release

Lenzing Group Reports Q3 2023 Results Amidst Challenging Market Conditions

(IN BRIEF) The Lenzing Group, a global supplier of specialty fibers for textiles and nonwovens, has reported its Q3 2023 results, reflecting ongoing challenges in the market. The company’s revenue for the first three quarters of the year decreased by … Read the full press release

Ricoh and Siemens Collaborate to Advance Industrial Aluminium Binder Jetting for Mass Production

(IN BRIEF) Ricoh Company, Ltd. and Siemens Digital Industries Software have entered into a collaboration to develop industrial aluminium Binder Jetting (BJT) for serial mass production. This innovative additive manufacturing technique utilizes Ricoh’s inkjet printing technology to create complex-shaped metal … Read the full press release

Lightsource bp Strengthens Presence in Italy with New Milan Office

(IN BRIEF) Lightsource bp, a prominent renewable energy company, has inaugurated its new office in Milan, Italy, signaling its commitment to the Italian market and the substantial potential for solar and energy storage projects in the country. With a pipeline … Read the full press release

CUPRA Expands to Paris with Inaugural City Garage, Showcasing Electric SUV

(IN BRIEF) CUPRA, the Spanish automaker, has made its mark in Paris by opening its first CUPRA City Garage on the prestigious Boulevard de la Madeleine. The new City Garage, celebrated with an event featuring French pastry chef Jeffrey Cagnes … Read the full press release

Siemens Invests $150 Million in High-Tech Manufacturing Plant to Support U.S. Data Centers and Infrastructure

(IN BRIEF) Siemens has revealed a $150 million investment in a new advanced manufacturing plant located in Dallas-Fort Worth. The facility will produce cutting-edge electrical equipment to support American data centers and critical infrastructure, catering to the growing demand for … Read the full press release

Siemens Deploys Software to Elvia for Future-Proof Distribution Grid Management

(IN BRIEF) Siemens has implemented its advanced software solutions, LV Insights® X and Spectrum PowerTM 7 ADMS, for Norwegian distribution system operator (DSO) Elvia to enhance its distribution grid management. The LV Insights® X software allows Elvia to create a … Read the full press release

Nicolas Denis Appointed as CEO of Crédit Agricole Assurances, Succeeding Philippe Dumont

(IN BRIEF) Nicolas Denis has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole Assurances, effective from January 1, 2024, following approval by the Crédit Agricole Assurances Board of Directors. In his new role, Denis will report directly to … Read the full press release

Edelvika: From Filter Bags to Fashion – Ukrainian Clothing Manufacturer’s Path to Success Amid Challenges

(IN BRIEF) Edelvika, a Ukrainian clothing and textile manufacturer, has undergone a remarkable transformation from primarily producing filter bags to focusing on fashion-related products, particularly traditional embroidered blouses called vyshyvanka. Despite the challenges posed by the war in Ukraine, the … Read the full press release