A Jewish-Bedouin Partnership is bringing the Negev cuisine to Europe

A Jewish-Bedouin Partnership is bringing the Negev cuisine to Europe

A Jewish-Bedouin Partnership is bringing the Negev cuisine to Europe

  • Yummy yet Sassy jam meets Bedouin tradition in European cuisine
  • NegevMarket.eu is a Jewish-Bedouin partnership bringing Europe, homemade flavors from Israel as well as original Bedouin products
  • NegevMarket is also offering a new culinary concept of boutique jams (based on wine and liqueur) with several combinations of fruit and spicy flavors
  • NegevMarket is a partnership between three entrepreneurs: NegevMarket LTD, the Negev19 Group and the New Dawn in the Negev association (NGO)
  • The partnership operates a special website that allows to make direct orders from all over Europe and Israel, of ‘Foodie Packs’ containing all the boutique jams as well as complementary products

(PRESS RELEASE) LONDON, 17-Aug-2020 — /EuropaWire/ — The Foodie Packs include special and sassy jams such as: cherry tomatoes in white port and cinnamon (Sweet Sherity), garlic, rum and basil (Ramon19 Spice), chili, port ruby and figs (Hot Osnat), apricots in brandy with ginger and chili (Degani Special Hot) and more.

NegevMarket.eu also markets a line of alcohol free (according to Bedouin tradition) products In separate packages, containing Bedouin-inspired spice blends, tahini spreads, spiced olive oil, complementary products and also original Bedouin hand embroidery.

The NegevMarket.eu online store markets its unique products such as chef upgrades in a jar, allowing the customer to “just add to the dish of your choice or sandwich”. Says Anat Avissar Koren, director of Negev Market LTD. According to Avissar Koren, NegevMarket “offers jams, syrups, fruit delicacies as well as seasoning mixes and traditional rice dishes adapted to European cuisine. The products are marketed directly to customers all over Europe and are also shipped to Israel.” It is a chef’s delight, ready in your home.”

The price range on the webstore starting from 18 EUR for foodie pack for 2 diners, 36 EUR for foodie pack for 4 diners and 70 EUR for foodie pack for 8 diners. All foodie packs are meant to upgrade any dish. Are easy to use as just adding to a dish of fish, chicken, beef, antipasti, or to put in a sandwich, and also be served to guests with the original hosting pack.

All products are vegan, without additional flavorings or artificial sweeteners. The products are sold over the website using the made per order model, shipped directly to the customer’s home without the need for warehouses or refrigeration since the packages are closed and include dry products that are marketed directly to the consumer. This marketing method is in line with European regulation and the entire site is compliant with the strict EU rules.

Project Developers

Anat Avissar Koren, Creative Jam Maker and director of Negev Market LTD. Former Israeli LGBTQ rights leader, who upon being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, decided to make a sweet business out of being home bound. Favorite Jam: Tal778 Mint (Blueberries, Rum, Mint), Galia Chutney (Carrots, Pineapple, Sumac).
Hannah Radu, a feminist entrepreneur in charge of Desert19, a group that runs Back Office and English-speaking Call Center for NegevMarket.eu. Her sweet services allow NegevMarket.eu to operate the logistical aspects. Favorite Jam: Ramon19 (Dried Fruit, Garlic, Rum)
Jamal Alkarinawi, CEO of the New Dawn in the Negev Non-Profit Organization, which is engaged in women’s employment for years. The organization manages the delivery of original Bedouin products for NegevMarket.eu. Favorite Jam: Tfadal Jam (Dates, Cumin, Cinnamon)
Mira Geller, a Sweet Sins chef – premium jams, boutique pickles, and alcohol-preserved fruit. Favorite Jam: Hot Osnat (Figs, Chili, Ruby Port)
Yul Bahat, Head of Bahateam, CTO and web developer. Favorite Jam: Esther (Riesling, Golden Raisins, Cinnamon)

The singer Mira Awad had written and composed the Jingle for NegevMarket.eu and is also responsible for the slogan: “Negev Market – A Taste of Home”. Other Israelis who have joined the marketing campaign to accompany the launch are artist Daniel Chertkoff, designer and comic artist Irit Degani. The project is accompanied by digital product manager-consultant Uri Lifshitz, attorney Jonathan Klinger in charge of the international legal-commercial aspect, and international public relations expert Tom Wegner.

“Our partnership brings together in brine mushrooms, radishes, cucumbers, beets and even cherry tomatoes for our boutique pickles. We have managed to make sweet jam out of onion and garlic. It is very natural to combine cultures. We were able to bring together an impossible and very Israeli blend, between handmade Bedouin embroidery and assorted spice blends from the Negev, to a purple jam with glitter from chili, and make it available to every home in Europe. We plan to make the Negev kitchen into an international brand of exotic fragrances and intriguing flavors that every European consumer will want to try at least once.” Anat Avissar Koren concludes.


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