Third Allianz Junior Music Camp takes place in Vienna from November 18 to 24, 2015

  • 10 talented young pianists from 9 countries spend a week making music together in Vienna
  • Public masterclass in the Wiener Musikverein in front of a concert audience of 600

Munich/Vienna, 23-11-2015 — /EuropaWire/ — Following on from Munich and Barcelona, the third Allianz Junior Music Camp takes place from November 18 to 24, 2015, in Vienna. The highlight of the week long talent support program, developed by the Lang Lang International Music Foundation, was the public masterclass with star pianist Lang Lang on November 21, 2015, in the Brahms Room of the Wiener Musikverein, which its cooperation partner the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien made available.

Young talents from across the world are united by their passion for music. From more than 300 applicants, the Lang Lang International Music Foundation chose a total of ten budding pianists from nine countries between the ages of nine and 14. “For me it is an unbelievable joy, for the third time, to fulfill the great dream of young, highly talented pianists to sit on the same concert grand as a global star”, says Joseph Kumar Gross, Global Head of Marketing of Allianz SE.

Public masterclass as the highlight

On the program of the Allianz Junior Music Camp, prior to the masterclass, there were daily rehearsals for participants with professors from the Hochschule für Musik und Theater München, as well as shared leisure activities. The young talents also gave a concert for several school classes in the Haus der Musik.

In the two-hour masterclass, the ten young virtuosos each performed a solo piece of their choice on the piano in front of a concert audience of 600, for which they had received individual teaching from Lang Lang. As the grand finale, they gave a multi-hand performance, together with the exceptional artist, of Dvořák’s Slavonic Dance Op. 46 Nr. 8 in G-minor and Brahms’s Hungarian Dance Nr. 1 in G-minor. “The level of the ten pianists was impressive. Working with young people and sharing our common passion for music is one of my most delightful and important jobs” said Lang Lang after the masterclass.

Ambassadors for the joy of music

As well as promoting their musical talents as part of the week long Allianz Junior Music Camp, societal cooperation and supporting the young people with their social development are of central importance. “We aim to kindle a passion for music amongst young people so that they are forerunners in building cultural bridges in the future” explains Leszek Lukas Barwinski, CEO of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation. “The camp thus offers the children the opportunity to become ambassadors for the joy of music.”

Youth support

Supporting educational initiatives and commitment to young people are among the building blocks of the Allianz Group’s sponsoring activities throughout the world. “We see supporting youth, both in music and sport, as an important component of our social responsibility. Since we began the Allianz Junior Music Camp together with Lang Lang and his foundation we have been able to support many exceptionally talented pianists. The participants in Vienna wowed us once again” concluded Gross.

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Talented pianists: Lang Lang and Leszek Lukas Barwinski of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation with the participants of this year‘s Allianz Junior Music Camp.

Talented pianists: Lang Lang and Leszek Lukas Barwinski of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation with the participants of this year‘s Allianz Junior Music Camp.


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