Swiss energy company BKW to partner with intelligent energy management solutions provider Entelios

Intelligent energy management

BERN, 19-8-2014 — /EuropaWire/ — BKW enters into cooperation with Entelios, a leading provider of intelligent energy management solutions. This will enable BKW’s industrial and SME customers to participate in the power and energy balancing markets and earn revenue from flexible power consumption and generation.

The collaboration with Entelios, one of Europe’s leading providers of intelligent energy management solutions, will open up access to the power and balancing energy* markets to BKW customers that have flexible power consumption or generation. By participating in this market, companies with flexible, energy-intensive facilities can contribute to the stability of the European electricity system and generate extra revenues. BKW is offering the new service to industrial companies and SMEs as part of a comprehensive package to address the operational requirements of its customers.

With the energy system increasingly supplied by intermittent wind and photovoltaic sources from within and outside Switzerland, it is becoming ever more important for industrial, commercial and municipal undertakings to manage electrical loads and generation. Intelligent energy management is essential to ensuring a reliable, cost-effective power supply as part of the government’s Energy Strategy 2050 to support renewable energy and CO2 targets. Providing intelligent energy management to Swiss customers is the core objective of the exclusive cooperation arrangement between Entelios und BKW.

BKW is creating a win-win situation on three fronts by providing cash-flow support for energy-intensive companies in terms of power bills, creating a key building block in the utilisation of intermittent solar and wind power and making a major contribution to implementing the government’s Energy Strategy 2050.

BKW is delighted that Migros-Verteilbetrieb Neuendorf AG, which provides refrigerated warehousing, has come on board as an initial partner.

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*Explanation of “balancing energy”

The expansion of renewable energies has caused significant fluctuations in the electricity system, which can be compensated by “balancing energy”. An intelligent, inter-organisational energy management system can achieve this by selectively switching users and/or generating facilities on or off, where there is an agreement to this effect. This may involve large-scale industrial consumers (cold storage facilities, pumps, raw materials processing facilities, process industry), but smaller-scale resources, such as electrical storage heaters and heat pumps, can also be exploited using ripple control systems. These sources of balancing energy are likely to be used more extensively in future. 

BKW Energy Ltd
The BKW Group is a major Swiss energy company. It employs more than 3,000 staff, supplies around a million people with electricity together with its partners and covers all stages of the energy supply process, from energy production and trading to transmission and sales. Alongside supplying energy, BKW develops, implements and operates integrated energy solutions for private and corporate customers, energy supply companies and local authorities. It is also committed to research programmes aimed at developing innovative technologies for sustainable and secure energy supply. BKW currently switches 800 MW of load on a daily basis in its area of supply using ripple control systems.

Entelios AG – an EnerNOC company
The company, which was established in 2010, is Europe’s leading solutions provider for demand response and virtual power plants for the management of loads, storage and decentralised generation in industrial, commercial and municipal settings. Entelios customers include European energy companies which need innovative, value-added energy services for their B2B customers, or are looking to enhance grid and supply stability through demand response. Entelios was the first demand response company to successfully deliver an industrial load pool in Germany’s high-value secondary reserves market. Since the beginning of 2014, Entelios has been part of the EnerNOC Group (, a leading provider of energy intelligence software and related solutions. Headquartered in the US, EnerNOC currently has offices in10 countries. EnerNOC demand response solutions now enable 27,000 MW of peak capacity to be utilised globally.

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