SENER’s NTE Healthcare: AUTOPLAK will be marketed in Italy through Biomedical Service

BARCELONA, 9-10-2015 — /EuropaWire/ — NTE Healthcare, part of the SENER engineering and technology group, hassigned an exclusive distribution contract by which AUTOPLAK (an inoculation and streaking device for liquid samples in Petri dishes, designed and manufactured by NTE Healthcare) will be marketed in Italy through Biomedical Service. The Italian company has extensive experience in the microbiology sector and has been distributing products for highly reputable brands in the Healthcare industry since 1982.

AUTOPLAK has already been installed at Treviso Hospital in Treviso, Italy. There it will be tested by Dr. Roberto Rigoli, Head of the Microbiology Department, with a view to incorporating it into the routine operations of the laboratory by the end of the year.

Italy is now the fourth country to install the AUTOPLAK device in its hospitals, following Spain (in the laboratories of Vall d’Hebron, Arnau de Vilanova and Joan XXIII hospitals and in the Doctor Robert Primary Healthcare Center in Badalona), Mexico (Central Military Hospital of the Mexican Defense Department) and Sweden, in the laboratory of Uppsala University Hospital.

AUTOPLAK is an innovative inoculation and streaking device for liquid samples in Petri dishes. It is capable of inoculating an average of 140 dishes per hour and can simultaneously load 120 liquid microbiological samples of any type. It is operated by user interaction with a touchscreen. It also includes pre-installed LIS (Laboratory Information System) connectivity. AUTOPLAK has three default configurations, set for optimal adaptation to three levels of laboratory capacity: Standard, Advance and Full Equip. Recently, AUTOPLAK has also added two new features: bi-plate streaking and automatic antibiotic disc dispensing for antibiogram testing.

About NTE Healthcare
NTE Healthcare is the brand of the SENER that develops and markets solutions in the field of healthcare technology, with the aim of providing cost-efficient products that improve people’s quality of life as well as creating savings for hospitals and the health system. Through NTE Healthcare SENER also supplies technology that helps detect diseases in their early stages, develops less invasive and harmful treatments for patients, and ensures quality and reliability in tests and clinical analyses.

NTE Healthcare is made up of professionals with over 25 years’ experience developing, integrating and supplying high performance scientific and biomedical systems, instruments and equipment for scientific research and advanced applications.

SENER is a private engineering and technology group founded in 1956. It seeks to offer its clients the most advanced technological solutions and enjoys international recognition, thanks to its independence and its commitment to innovation and quality. SENER has a workforce of over 5,500 professionals at its facilities in Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, India, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The group’s turnover exceeds €1.305 billion (2014 data).

For further information: Oihana Casas. Corporate Communication. SENER Tel. (+34) 91 807 73 18



SENER's NTE Healthcare: AUTOPLAK will be marketed in Italy through Biomedical Service

SENER’s NTE Healthcare: AUTOPLAK will be marketed in Italy through Biomedical Service


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