DNV and Partners Collaborate to Develop Standardized Languages for Digitalization in the Energy Sector

DNV and Partners Collaborate to Develop Standardized Languages for Digitalization in the Energy Sector

(IN BRIEF) DNV, along with other organizations, is renewing its partnership to address the challenges of data and information standardization in the energy sector. The lack of a common digital language and standardization leads to inefficiencies, waste, and safety risks. Through the support of DNV and industry companies, the POSC Caesar Association (PCA) will work on developing a common digital vocabulary and grammar rules to enable interoperability across different disciplines and phases. The goal is to create a standardized framework that allows assets in various sectors to communicate effectively. The appointment of Lars Dag Berthinussen as the Managing Director of PCA further strengthens the commitment to open standards and collaboration in the industry.

(PRESS RELEASE) BÆRUM, 7-Jul-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — The energy sector is shackled by unsolved challenges of data and information in the supply chain and the lifetime of physical assets. A lack of standardization and a common digital language results in waste, inefficiencies, transparency issues and safety risk.

Instead of standards and technical information being written in the same style with the same vocabulary, there are multiple terminologies, making it difficult for assets to integrate and communicate with each other.

Fixing this problem was part of the scope and ambitions of the four-year Joint Industry Project (JIP) READI. Managed by DNV, READI aimed at standardizing and developing a digital language to automate business-critical processes through the entire lifecycle of industrial assets.

Now, with support from DNV and other industry companies, POSC Caesar Association (PCA), a member-based association with roots back several decades in the energy sector and a participant of the READI JIP, will build on the aims of reaching standardization and digitalization in the energy sector.

PCA will work to enable standardization through the creation of common digital vocabulary and an aligned set of grammar rules that will enable interoperability across disciplines, phases, and players. Vocabulary and grammar rules will be based on information shared with PCA by industry services.

“We need to make sure that all assets across all sectors, such as offshore, wind, grid and power producers, can speak together on all technical and operational issues,” said Magne Berg, Head of Assurance Solutions, DNV.

“Right now, it is like a guidebook for one asset is written in French, but its connecting asset operates in Spanish, and they find it hard to talk to each other. We need to get a common language.”

DNV is a member of PCA and a main partner in helping achieve its standardization objectives. Other main stakeholders are Equinor, Aker BP, Aibel, and Aker Solutions.

“The future of assurance depends on digitalization and standardized, machine-readable information. This is a vital project to ensure Digital Solutions and DNV can give our customers world-class, interoperable products that will help them work through the energy transition,” added Magne Berg.

New Managing Director to lead PCA

To lead and guide PCA through the project, a new Managing Director (MD) Lars Dag Berthinussen has been appointed.

Dag Berthinussen is no stranger to the industry, having held key leadership positions and successfully spearheaded digitalization initiatives in the energy sector. His strong background in driving business performance, change management, and program management will be instrumental in advancing PCA’s goals and an excellent fit for the position.

“We are pleased to welcome Lars Dag Berthinussen as our new Managing Director. With his wealth of knowledge and expertise, we are confident that Lars will lead PCA to new heights and further strengthen our commitment to open standards and industry collaboration.” Jon Theodorsen, Equinor Chairperson of the PCA Board.

“Lars Dag Berthinussen’s appointment as the Managing Director of PCA is an exciting development. With his proven leadership abilities and extensive industry experience, I have no doubt that Lars will contribute significantly to the advancement of open standards and the achievement of PCA’s goals,” said Magne Berg.

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