DB Schenker Logistics in Turkey established its own domestic network for procurement and distribution

Regular departures with reliable lead and transit times

Berlin/Frankfurt, Germany, 08-10-2013 — /EuropaWire/ — The national DB Schenker organization in Turkey is currently establishing its own domestic network for procurement and distribution. “Having our own land transport network in Turkey will enable us to cover yet another important market for our customers and further tighten our network,” said Karl Nutzinger, the Member of the Management Board of Schenker AG, responsible for Land Transport at DB Schenker.

Network expansion in the growth market of Turkey is taking place in three steps. The first phase extends from the starting point in Edirne over Istanbul to the distribution nodes Bursa and Izmir. The second phase encompasses transports between Eskisehir, Afyon and Antalya. These phases of the expansion project have already been completed. Phase three, beginning in Istanbul, extends from Ankara to Aksaray and Mersin all the way to Ganziantep, with further route dispersal in up to eight directions into the interior from the respective node. “This phase will go into operation in early 2014. We can thus offer our customers throughout Turkey regular departures, reliable lead and transport times, attractive prices and end-to-end consignment tracking in national land transports in line with consistently high DB Schenker standards,” explained Erik Leiss, CEO of DB Schenker Arkas.

The Turkish national organization offers the entire range of DB Schenker services. Principal importers include Germany, the USA, China including Hong Kong and France. DB Schenker is active primarily for customers from the automotive, electronics, machine, crystal glass and pharmaceutical sectors. Germany is the most important export destination for Turkey, followed by the United Arab Emirates, India and the USA. The automotive industry is the country’s largest export sector, followed by machines, iron, steel and textiles. With more than 40 regular lines, DB Schenker Arkas offers one of the highest transport frequencies for groupage from and to Europe. Thanks to a direct connection toDB Schenker’s Euro-hub in Salzburg, companies in Western and Central Europe can take advantage of daily departures to Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Bursa. With some 85,000 shipments weighing a total of approximately 185,300 metric tons, land transport by road and rail underwent very positive development in 2012. DB Schenker Arkas is also among the top three air freight service providers in Turkey.

In September 2013, DB Schenker Rail began offering a service known as the DB SCHENKER bosporus-shuttle with three pairs of trains each week between Germany and Turkey. The trains cover the 2,300-kilometer stretch between Nuremberg and Istanbul in five days.

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