Atomenergoproekt finished development of VVER-TOI project

28-12-2012 — / — Specialists of Atomenergoproekt (Moscow) has started the final stage of the VVER-TOI project, i.e. getting agreement on the project from the customer (Rosenergoatom) and preparing document sets to be submitted to ROSATOM and Rostechnadzor for review.

The VVER-TOI project can successfully compete in the world market owing to the following factors: the developers achieved the construction cost reduction by 17% and reduction of operational costs by nearly 10%; the construction period of the leading power units nears 48 months; the project was developed in the up-to-date information environ with a possibility to manage information throughout the power unit’s life cycle.

Besides, the legalo regulatory documents have been updated to allow using innovative design and construction technologies.

According to Ilya Kopytov, Deputy Director General and Director for Advanced Engineering at Atomenergoproekt, a special attention is paid to the power unit safety. “The VVER-TOI design employs safety systems based on active and passive functional principles. Engineering solutions guarantee that the reactor installation is rendered safe under various combinations of initiating events, natural and man-induced, leading to a loss of all electricity supply sources,” he noted.

For the purpose of the international certification of the VVER-TOI it is planned to submit the document sets to the European Utility Requirements organization (EUR) and the IAEA.

For information:

The following leading nuclear industry organizations participated in the development of the VVER-TOI project (a project of NPP with the optimized and informatized large power unit based on VVER reactor technology): Atomenergoproekt (architect general), OKB Gidropress (chief designer), NRC Kurchatov Institute (scientific supervisor), VNIIAES (architect-engineer and designer general of APCS), NIAEP jointly with Alstom (turbine island designer).



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