Sandoz: 160,000 – 200,000 children estimated to be diagnosed with childhood cancer each year

Holzkirchen, Germany, 6-2-2015 — /EuropaWire/ — Between 160,000 and 200,000 children are estimated to be diagnosed with childhood cancer and around 100,000 die from it each year. With proper diagnosis, treatment and drugs, most childhood cancers can be cured. In the developed countries, 80% of children survive, which is a great achievement in oncology treatment. However, in middle and low income countries, survival is estimated to drop to as low as 5%. Cancer is a leading cause of childhood deaths in these countries. This disparity is primarily because of lack of proper diagnosis and basic treatment – even basic pain relief medication.

As a market leader in generic oncology injectables, Sandoz is committed to addressing the shocking disparity in patient survival rates between wealthy and poor countries. As a part of Sandoz’ Corporate Responsibility efforts, we aim to meet global healthcare needs, such as increasing access to appropriate cancer treatments globally, for all patients.

“Twinning” as a strategy to combat inequality of care

World Child Cancer (WCC), the only non-profit dedicated solely to helping children with cancer in low and middle income countries, was established in 2007 to help improve the state of care. WCC aims to create affordable, sustainable and scaleable solutions, instead of just providing funding.
WCC’s core strategy is around “twinning” through which they leverage expertise and support from specialist organizations in developed countries to improve the standard of care in the middle and low-income countries. These programs entail a mix of elements including developing locally appropriate treatment protocols, training medical personnel on proper diagnosis, implementing data registries, lobbying local governments, awareness campaigns and funding chemotherapy drugs. Through twinning programs, the WCC claims to have impacted the lives of over 5000 children in several countries. WCC currently has programs in 13 countries.

Our opportunity to contribute

Sandoz offers a range of medicines in its oncology portfolio that address child cancer treatment, within its comprehensive, high-quality portfolio and pipeline of oncology injectables, which go a step beyond standard generics. We have a broad portfolio of 25+ products and a robust pipeline that address the needs of traditional chemotherapy – the backbone of cancer treatment. By further growing our portfolio and strengthening our global presence, Sandoz will ensure that patients worldwide have greater access to a comprehensive range of these vital quality medicines at an affordable cost.

About World Cancer Day and the theme for 2015

World Cancer Day takes place every year on 4 February and is the single initiative under which the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), its members, partners and the entire world can unite together in the fight against the global cancer epidemic.

Under the tagline ‘Not beyond us’, World Cancer Day 2015 will take a positive and proactive approach to the fight against cancer, highlighting that solutions do exist across the continuum of cancer, and that they are within our reach.

The campaign explores how we can implement what we already know in the areas of prevention, early detection, treatment and care, and in turn, open up to the exciting prospect that we can impact the global cancer burden – for the better.

World Cancer Day 2015 will be articulated around four key areas of focus:

  • Choosing healthy lives
  • Delivering early detection
  • Achieving treatment for all
  • Maximizing quality of life

For more information on how to get involved, please visit:


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