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EIB and Poste Italiane Partner for €450 Million Investment to Enhance Digital and Sustainable Logistics

(IN BRIEF) The European Investment Bank (EIB) and Poste Italiane have signed a €450 million finance contract to modernize and digitalize Poste Italiane’s logistics and postal services. This funding will be used to establish new automated parcel sorting centers, including … Read the full press release

Accenture Acquires Excelmax Technologies to Enhance Silicon Design and Engineering Expertise

(IN BRIEF) Accenture has acquired Bangalore-based semiconductor design services provider Excelmax Technologies, enhancing its expertise in silicon design and engineering. Excelmax, founded in 2019, offers custom silicon solutions for consumer devices, data centers, AI, and edge computing, serving automotive, telecommunications, … Read the full press release

Accenture Acquires Arηs Group to Expand European Tech Services

(IN BRIEF) Accenture has completed its acquisition of Arηs Group, a Luxembourg-based technology services provider, enhancing its capabilities in both public and private sector transformations across Europe. Announced in March 2024, the acquisition adds over 2,330 specialists in software development, … Read the full press release

Accenture Research Reveals Profitability Boost from Mature Supply Chains and AI Integration

(IN BRIEF) A new Accenture report reveals that companies with the most mature supply chains are 23% more profitable than their peers, largely due to their extensive use of AI and generative AI. The study, which analyzed 1,148 companies across … Read the full press release

GTT Strategic Ventures Invests in Finnish Maritime Software Company

(IN BRIEF) GTT Strategic Ventures, alongside Counterview Capital, Lifeline Ventures, and Tesi, has invested in Finnish maritime software company Based in Helsinki, specializes in digitalizing scheduling and chartering for bulk shipping, utilizing AI and machine learning for real-time … Read the full press release

Vodafone Business and LSE Report Highlights Trust Gap Between Businesses and Customers

(IN BRIEF) A joint study by Vodafone Business and the London School of Economics has uncovered a significant “Trust Gap” between businesses and their customers, averaging 11 percentage points across global markets. This gap highlights businesses’ underestimation of the importance … Read the full press release

Sainsbury’s Pioneers AI Veterinary Technology to Enhance Dairy Cow Welfare

(IN BRIEF) Sainsbury’s has introduced advanced AI veterinary technology in partnership with Vet Vision AI to enhance dairy cow welfare on its farms. This innovative system uses cameras to monitor cow behavior continuously, providing real-time insights that help identify early … Read the full press release

Lightsource bp Harnesses AI to Revolutionize Renewable Energy Solutions

(IN BRIEF) AI is crucial in scaling up the renewable energy industry, with Lightsource bp leveraging AI to address challenges like grid stability and asset protection. AI supports accurate forecasting, risk mitigation from extreme weather, and optimized site design. Lightsource … Read the full press release

Holcim Expands Global AI Integration Across 100+ Plants to Enhance Operational Efficiency

(IN BRIEF) Holcim is accelerating its adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across its global manufacturing network, with plans to implement AI at over 100 plants worldwide by 2028. Already operational at 45 sites to predict and prevent failures, Holcim aims … Read the full press release

KUKA and Swisslog Showcase AI Advancements in Robotics and Logistics, Addressing Challenges in Automation

(IN BRIEF) KUKA and Swisslog recently highlighted advancements in AI integration for robotics and logistics during a virtual press conference. KUKA showcased an AI chatbot simplifying robot programming through voice commands, while Swisslog presented ItemPiQ, an AI-driven robot enhancing product … Read the full press release

Volkswagen Revolutionizes Driving Experience with AI Integration in Latest Vehicle Models

(IN BRIEF) Volkswagen has integrated ChatGPT, an advanced AI tool, into its latest vehicle models to enhance the functionality of its IDA online voice assistant. This integration allows drivers to interact with their vehicles using natural language, expanding beyond traditional … Read the full press release

EY Implements Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Globally, Aiming for 100,000 Users by 2025

(IN BRIEF) EY has launched a global deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Copilot for Sales across its organization, aiming to reach 100,000 professionals in 700 offices across 150 countries by January 2025. This initiative positions EY as one … Read the full press release

BASF’s Ultrasim® Celebrates 25 Years of Pioneering CAE Simulation for Plastics and Foams

(IN BRIEF) BASF’s Ultrasim® has marked 25 years as a leader in computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation for plastics and foams since its launch in 1999. The platform has continually evolved, offering advanced simulation methods, extensive material data, and convenient web … Read the full press release

QIAGEN Launches Enhanced QCI Interpret for High-Throughput NGS Labs

(IN BRIEF) QIAGEN has launched an upgraded version of its clinical decision support software, QIAGEN Clinical Insight Interpret (QCI Interpret), tailored for high-throughput next-generation sequencing (NGS) labs. The new release enhances performance metrics like turnaround time and diagnostic yield through … Read the full press release

Iberdrola Pioneers Digital Solutions for Sustainable Grid Development and Electrification Strategy

(IN BRIEF) Iberdrola is focusing on enhancing its electricity grids as a primary growth area from 2024 to 2026, investing heavily to integrate digital solutions through its Perseo startup program. These innovations, including machine learning and algorithms, aim to forecast … Read the full press release

Forest Management: New tool utilizes Copernicus satellite data and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to map, mitigate, and prevent threats to EU forests

(IN BRIEF) The Horizon Europe-funded SWIFTT project introduces a tool using Copernicus satellite data and AI to combat forest threats like insect outbreaks, wildfires, and windthrow. This innovation aims to boost productivity and cost-effectiveness for forest managers and policymakers. Forests … Read the full press release

French Industry Leaders Launch Biotech Open Platform to Drive Innovation in Precision Fermentation

(IN BRIEF) French industry giants Danone and Michelin, in collaboration with American start-up DMC Biotechnologies and Crédit Agricole Centre France, announce the establishment of the Biotech Open Platform. This pioneering initiative aims to accelerate the development of precision fermentation processes, … Read the full press release

Bonprix Achieves Milestone in Digital Transformation with SAP BW/4HANA Integration

(IN BRIEF) Bonprix, a leading international fashion company, has successfully implemented SAP BW/4HANA and SAP Datasphere solutions, marking a significant step in its digital transformation journey. With a dynamic multi-cloud data landscape now in place, Bonprix aims to streamline operations, … Read the full press release

SAS and Maxwell Centre at University of Cambridge Forge Groundbreaking Collaboration in Healthcare Innovation

(IN BRIEF) SAS and the Maxwell Centre at the University of Cambridge are teaming up to propel healthcare innovation with advanced analytics. This partnership aims to integrate SAS expertise and its SAS® Viya® data and AI platform into the University’s … Read the full press release

SAS Survey Reveals Barriers to GenAI Implementation in UK & Ireland

(IN BRIEF) The survey conducted by Coleman Parkes Research Ltd. for SAS in the UK & Ireland reveals a strong enthusiasm for generative AI (GenAI) among decision-makers, with 62% of organizations initiating its implementation. However, this enthusiasm is tempered by … Read the full press release

Atos Subsidiary Eviden Collaborates with Microsoft to Expedite SAP S/4HANA Migration

(IN BRIEF) Atos Group’s subsidiary, Eviden, announces a strategic collaboration with Microsoft to accelerate the adoption of “RISE with SAP” on Microsoft Azure. This partnership aims to establish a Dedicated Service Unit within Eviden, leveraging their combined expertise to facilitate … Read the full press release

Dr. Rebecca Koch to Spearhead Cultural Transformation at Nemetschek Group as Chief People Officer

(IN BRIEF) Dr. Rebecca Koch’s appointment as Chief People Officer (CPO) at Nemetschek Group marks a strategic move towards enhancing the organization’s global people organization strategy. With her extensive experience in international business and HR leadership roles, Dr. Koch is … Read the full press release

SWIFTT: A Copernicus-based forest management tool to map, mitigate, and prevent the main threats to EU forests

The solution will increase forest management productivity and cost-effectiveness, and enable forest managers, authorities, and policymakers to deal with forest threats proactively (IN BRIEF) Insect outbreaks, wildfires, and windthrow pose significant threats to European forests, exacerbated by climate change-induced extreme … Read the full press release

Infineon’s Latest Offering Revolutionizes Power Supply Management in Telecom Infrastructures

(IN BRIEF) Infineon Technologies AG introduces Power System Reliability Modeling, a pioneering solution aimed at addressing the rising challenges faced by data centers and telecom infrastructures due to power supply failures. By integrating Infineon’s power monitoring solution, organizations can enhance … Read the full press release

EY US and Docusign Collaborate to Transform Agreement Workflows and Boost Efficiency

(IN BRIEF) Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) has partnered with Docusign to revolutionize agreement processes, offering advanced technology solutions that convert agreement data into actionable insights. Through this alliance, businesses can streamline contract review cycles and enhance productivity organization-wide. … Read the full press release

Saarland University and DFKI Recognize Breakthroughs in Virtual Reality Haptics

(IN BRIEF) Computer scientist André Zenner, based in Saarbrücken, Germany, has made significant strides in enhancing virtual reality (VR) experiences through tactile sensations, earning the prestigious “Best Dissertation Award” at a leading VR conference. His groundbreaking research focuses on integrating … Read the full press release

Vodafone Germany Partners with FlyNex to Launch DroNet Hub, Revolutionizing Commercial Drone Operations

(IN BRIEF) Vodafone Germany and FlyNex have collaborated to introduce DroNet Hub, an innovative online platform simplifying commercial drone operations for businesses. This comprehensive platform streamlines flight planning, data collection, and analysis, offering real-time data transmission and AI-driven automated reporting. … Read the full press release

Swisscom Partners with NVIDIA to Launch Swiss AI Platform

(IN BRIEF) Swisscom, in collaboration with NVIDIA, introduces the Swiss AI Platform, a cutting-edge infrastructure designed for developing trustworthy AI applications. Offering modular services including access to NVIDIA supercomputers, generative AI tools, and a model library, the platform ensures flexibility … Read the full press release

University of Helsinki Welcomes Linda Mannila as Inaugural Swedish-Language Computer Science Professor

(IN BRIEF) Associate Professor Linda Mannila assumes the inaugural Swedish-language professorship in computer science at the University of Helsinki, funded by seven Swedish-language foundations. Her research focuses on the societal impacts of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly addressing ethical considerations and … Read the full press release

Bias Alert: LlamaChat AI Chatbot Favors Pro-European Views, Study Shows

(IN BRIEF) A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Copenhagen sheds light on the political bias embedded within LlamaChat, a popular AI chatbot developed by Meta, particularly in its responses to European Union (EU) political issues. According … Read the full press release

WWF Collaboration: Vodafone’s m-Twiga Initiative Marks Milestone in Conservation Efforts

(IN BRIEF) In the heart of Africa, where wildlife and communities coexist, Vodafone, in collaboration with Safaricom and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), is spearheading a technological solution to address human-wildlife conflict. The innovative AI-powered system, dubbed m-Twiga … Read the full press release

Breaking Boundaries: T-Systems and Aurora Labs Set New Standards in Automotive Software Evolution

(IN BRIEF) T-Systems, a leading European digital services provider under Deutsche Telekom, and Aurora Labs, an innovative AI-driven automotive software company, have jointly unveiled their collaborative venture to offer Aurora Labs’ cutting-edge differential software update capabilities alongside T-Systems’ comprehensive Over-the-Air … Read the full press release

Airbus Unveils Wingman Concept, Redefining Manned-Unmanned Teaming in Military Aviation

(IN BRIEF) Airbus introduces its pioneering Wingman concept at the International Aerospace Exhibition ILA in Berlin, showcasing a revolutionary unmanned fighter-type drone designed to operate alongside manned combat aircraft like the Eurofighter. The Wingman, guided by pilots from manned aircraft, … Read the full press release

Utility Revolution: EDF Transitions Five Million Meter Points with Accenture-Kraken Alliance

(IN BRIEF) Accenture and Kraken Technologies have joined forces to assist EDF’s UK retail business in transitioning over five million meter points onto Kraken’s platform, enhancing energy management capabilities. This collaboration, leveraging advanced analytics and AI, aims to streamline operations … Read the full press release

Atos Successfully Completes Final Technology Rehearsal for Paris 2024 Olympics

(IN BRIEF) Atos has concluded the final Technology Rehearsal ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, conducting tests from May 13 to 17 across various venues in Paris and other sites of the Games. The rehearsals aimed to … Read the full press release

JLR Achieves Milestone: Over 20,000 Employees Trained in Electrification and Digital Skills

(IN BRIEF) Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) celebrates a significant milestone as it announces that over 20,000 colleagues and partners have completed training in electrification and digital skills under its Future Skills Programme. This initiative aligns with JLR’s Reimagine Strategy, aiming … Read the full press release

DNV Launches Groundbreaking Advanced Healthcare Cybersecurity Certification for Hospitals Worldwide

(IN BRIEF) DNV, a leading energy expert and assurance provider, has introduced the Advanced Healthcare Cybersecurity Certification (AHCC), marking a significant milestone in cybersecurity for hospitals. This pioneering certification, available globally, aims to help healthcare organizations enhance their cybersecurity systems, … Read the full press release

sewts: Innovating Robotics in Laundry and Beyond

(IN BRIEF) Munich-based start-up sewts is revolutionizing industrial processes with AI-powered robots adept at handling materials with dynamic shapes, particularly textiles. Founded by graduates of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), sewts initially focused on automating tasks in industrial laundries, … Read the full press release

Infineon Expands SiC MOSFETs for AI Servers Amid Rising Power Demands

(IN BRIEF) Infineon Technologies AG unveils its new CoolSiC™ MOSFET 400 V family, an extension of SiC MOSFETs to voltages below 650 V, catering to the escalating power requirements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) processors in server power supplies (PSUs). With … Read the full press release

Eviden and Athumi Revolutionize Data Monetization with Groundbreaking Clearing House Solution

(IN BRIEF) Eviden, a digital, cloud, big data, and security leader within the Atos Group, partners with Athumi, a data utility company, to integrate Eviden’s innovative ‘clearing house as-a-service’ solution. This groundbreaking implementation facilitates trust management, authorization, contract management, and … Read the full press release