MUTE+ Sound Absorbers Reach New Heights: Lindner Group Introduces Baffle Ceiling Options

MUTE+ Sound Absorbers Reach New Heights: Lindner Group Introduces Baffle Ceiling Options

(IN BRIEF) Lindner Group, a renowned interior solutions provider, has expanded its MUTE+ sound absorber range to include innovative baffle ceilings. This expansion offers new design possibilities for interior acoustics optimization, improving the quality of life and work in various settings such as offices, classrooms, and event venues. MUTE+ sound absorbers effectively absorb noise and eliminate acoustic disturbances while offering a wide variety of design options. The baffles can be suspended vertically from ceilings, providing flexibility in configuration. Lindner’s commitment to sustainability and health remains strong, with products free of mineral fibers and tested for harmful substances. This expansion underscores Lindner Group’s dedication to creating harmonious interior spaces that combine sound control and aesthetics seamlessly.

(PRESS RELEASE) ARNSTORF, 12-Sep-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Lindner Group, Europe’s leading supplier, manufacturer and service provider for the interior fit-out, building envelopes and insulation, is pleased to announce the expansion of its popular MUTE+ sound absorber range to include innovative baffle ceilings. This enhancement opens up new design possibilities for interior acoustics optimization, further improving quality of life and work in various settings.

In today’s bustling environments, whether it’s an open-plan office, a classroom, a lecture hall, or a venue hosting large events, the importance of pleasant acoustics cannot be overstated. Persistent noise levels can lead to inner stress, psychological strain, and even health issues. Even brief interruptions and disruptive sounds can hinder concentration. Fortunately, addressing these acoustic challenges can significantly enhance the overall experience.

Lindner’s MUTE+ sound absorbers serve as a crucial solution in this context. They excel in sound protection by efficiently absorbing noise and eliminating acoustic disturbances, a fact validated by an accredited laboratory. However, creating an optimal learning and working environment involves more than just effective acoustics; aesthetics also play a pivotal role. MUTE+ sound absorbers are available in a variety of options – for ceilings and walls, two-colored or single-colored, round or square, with or without frames, and in a wide spectrum of colors. This diverse range ensures that acoustic solutions seamlessly blend with any room environment, adding unique accents to suit every preference. Furthermore, all models are retrofittable. Lindner’s commitment to product sustainability and health is unwavering, with the absorbers being free of mineral fibers, allergy-friendly, recyclable, and tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. Additionally, easy installation and tool-free dismantling make MUTE+ models incredibly flexible for various applications.

Building on the robust demand for soundproofing solutions, Lindner Group has responded by expanding its portfolio. Previously, MUTE+ BOARD and MUTE+ FRAME ceiling absorbers were available only in square and round configurations. Now, the addition of baffles offers an exciting alternative. These baffles, whether in the form of sound absorbers made of polyester (board version) or with a fabric cover and frame (frame version), are suspended vertically from the ceiling. Depending on requirements, customers can opt for a single baffle, spanning up to 3,000 mm in length, or a connected version for a continuous baffle line. Importantly, the acoustic properties, design flexibility, and product composition remain consistent. Notably, the MUTE+ FRAME B40 model offers exceptional design freedom with an extensive color palette, enabling highly individualized ceiling absorber configurations.

Lindner Group continues to lead the way in creating harmonious interior spaces where sound control and aesthetics converge seamlessly, offering a brighter, quieter, and more inspiring environment for all.

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