PARC, Foster + Partners, Kvadrat Acoustics, and Lindner Group Forge Strategic Alliance to Redefine Architectural Ceilings Market

PARC, Foster + Partners, Kvadrat Acoustics, and Lindner Group Forge Strategic Alliance to Redefine Architectural Ceilings Market

(IN BRIEF) PARC, in collaboration with Foster + Partners, Kvadrat Acoustics, and Lindner Group, is embarking on a transformative initiative aimed at reshaping the architectural ceilings market with innovative design standards and sustainable practices. The strategic alliance leverages the Lindner Group’s expanded European-wide network and manufacturing facilities to enhance PARC’s capacity to efficiently serve the European market, complementing its existing capabilities in North America. This move not only streamlines the supply chain but also reduces CO2 emissions and delivery costs, aligning with both companies’ commitment to environmental sustainability. Kvadrat Acoustics will lead the marketing efforts, showcasing integrated acoustic solutions, while embodying the visionary principles of Gerry Price, inspiring all parties involved in this groundbreaking collaboration.

(PRESS RELEASE) ARNSTORF, 10-Feb-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — PARC – a division of Price Industries – and its partners Foster + Partners and Kvadrat Acoustics are joining forces with the Lindner Group in an initiative to redefine collaboration and innovation. The aim of this strategic alliance is to revolutionise the architectural ceilings market through innovative design standards and sustainable approaches.

The partnership with the Lindner Group takes PARC to a new level, supported by new manufacturing facilities and a strengthened European-wide network, which is being expanded by the Lindner Group. The decision creates synergies between PARC’s innovative product portfolio and the Lindner Group’s global network – in both environmental and economic terms. By adding new manufacturing facilities in Europe, the Lindner Group is enhancing PARC’s capacity to serve the European market more efficiently. This expansion not only complements PARC’s existing production capabilities in North America, but also contributes to shortening the supply chain for European customers. As a result, a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and delivery costs is anticipated, reinforcing PARC and Lindner’s commitments to both environmental sustainability and economic efficiency.

PARC, primarily active in the supply business until now, sought a strong partner to establish itself in the supply and install business: PARC chose the Lindner Group due to their global presence and the potential for large international projects. The partnership and the merging of expertise from the new North American and European employees will enable the Lindner Group to significantly expand its range of offerings and knowledge – as PARC’s products are an excellent addition to the versatile Lindner portfolio. This will also result in strong synergies for the North American market, known for its customised solutions.

As one of the leading textile manufacturers, Kvadrat and Kvadrat Acoustics will lead the marketing of the partnership and showcase the integrated acoustic solutions. Known for its unique approaches to the market, the company is characterised especially by its high design standards and high-performance acoustic solutions. Following a visit to the Lindner site in Arnstorf, Arne Molberg, Director Global Projects at Kvadrat Acoustics, was impressed by the opportunities offered by a partnership with Lindner: “I was blown away by the very clear strategy and strong performance.”

The partnership is emblematic of the principles of Gerry Price, the visionary mind behind the Price Group, whose philosophy and entrepreneurial spirit serve as inspiration for all parties involved.

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