MVM Partner Ltd demonstrates its new energy manager service at the Marriott Hotel

BUDAPEST, 28-5-2015 — /EuropaWire/ — MVM Partner Ltd. is introducing its new energy manager service in the summer of 2015. Before entering the market, the company launched a pilot project together with the Marriott Hotel (Duna Hotel Ltd.) the goal of which is to demonstrate the savings which can be achieved using the energy manager system.

In addition to environmental awareness and sustainable growth, it is MVM Partner’s aim to help its clients, with its soon to be launched service, to achieve efficiency in their energy management and minimise their energy losses. Energy management systems fundamentally change the scope of information available through metering, as such systems display users’ energy consumption almost in real time. The user receives more information about their own energy needs through a smart measurement unit installed in the settlement metering station and they can measure their energy consumption at several points. The additional measurement data provide consumers with plenty of information, which help identify possible savings and, based on these data, it is easier to plan the savings potentially attained by energy efficiency investments.

“By using the energy manager service, MVM Partner’s clients can access all metering and invoicing data, which would otherwise only be accessible on paper and in an unstructured format, via a single online interface, in line with modern day expectations and challenges. Furthermore, the energy manager provides additional data on internal consumers, the consumption of installations and their status, which enables their power consumption to be optimised and helps with designing and scheduling of investments relating to energy use and calculating the return on these investments, as well as energy planning and participating in energy-efficiency tenders” said György Major, Sales Director of MVM Partner.

MVM Partner Ltd. installed smart metering units under the auspices of the project at the Marriott Hotel. The aim of the pilot project is to demonstrate the possibilities for energy savings by using the energy management system. We intend to complete our uniquely designed energy management system by adapting the experiences gathered throughout the pilot project. In the hotel, metering has been installed in three main distribution points; in the main kitchen and the open kitchen, as well as in the patisserie and the mezzanine kitchen. This enables the energy processes to be monitored and analysed and, at the same time, this allows safe, efficient and sustainable energy use, which itself contributes to optimizing energy consumption in both the financial and ecological sense. The meters communicate with a data concentrator, which gathers information and forwards the data on a GSM basis to the superior software, which displays and analyses the information received. Various other reports and studies may be prepared from this data. Voltage, performance and reactive power are metered during the course of measurements. The review shows the quality specifics of the electric power supply, user habits and the characteristics of energy consumption.

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MVM Partner Ltd demonstrates its new energy manager service at the Marriott Hotel

MVM Partner Ltd demonstrates its new energy manager service at the Marriott Hotel


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