MVM Group 2014 sales: the highest in the company’s history

BUDAPEST, 28-5-2015 — /EuropaWire/ — At the Shareholders’ Meeting of the MVM Group, the Shareholders approved the 2014 Report of the Group and the business policy objectives for 2015. The MVM Group realised an EBITDA of HUF 103 billion against sales of HUF 1,195 billion, which is HUF 273 billion higher than in the previous year, and closed with a profit before tax of HUF 6.5 billion in 2014. Last year, the MVM Group paid HUF 102.4 billion in total to the state budget in various tax types and fees. By guaranteeing low energy prices, the Group greatly contributes to the reduction of utility rates payable by the population of the country.

​In 2014 the MVM Group realised the highest sales revenue, HUF 1,195 billion, in its history. Its balance sheet total was HUF 1,494 billion, which is HUF 69 billion higher than in 2013. The Group achieved an EBITDA of HUF 103 billion, which is nearly equal to that of last year. The MVM Group paid HUF 102.4 billion in total to the state budget last year. This amount comprises mostly taxes and regulatory licensing fees paid and payments to the Central Nuclear Fund. On the basis of the decision of the Shareholders’ Meeting, MVM does not pay any dividends for 2014.

The MVM Group is a successful energy company group, which is also a key player in the region. Through its stable operation, it has been using its best efforts for years to continuously produce and sell electricity and natural gas at the most favourable prices possible, thereby guaranteeing energy security to Hungary and the region and affordable energy prices.

In 2014 the Group strengthened its participation in electricity and gas trade, continues to be a key player in domestic energy production and transmission, and continuously strengthens the security of supply to Hungary and the region in accordance with the National Energy Strategy.

The MVM Group performs its activities always with efficiency and transparency in mind, which is also authenticated by an international auditor. It manages the nationally-owned assets placed in its care with special care, and takes a role in the achievement of the goals of society as a whole to an extent commensurate with its economic weight.

The MVM Group regards it as its mission also in 2015 to implement the energy policy objectives in line with the long-term energy strategy, to achieve value-creating and sustainable growth, and to increase its operational efficiency.

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