Legion Finance Trade Limited (LFTL) Loan for Hydraulic Fittings for Construction Machinery and Automobiles Manufacturing in Malta Island

Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation Silvio Schembri, addresses a press conference on the first reading of the regulatory framework ‘Malta – A Leader in DLT Regulation’

Malta Island, 26-Aug-2018 — /EuropaWire/ — The Legion Finance Trade Limited (LFTL) Investors Group signed today a loan agreement amounting up to €210 Million Euro with OSKAL IMPERIOLIZMA LTD, a Malta Island based Hydraulic Fittings for Construction Machinery a fully owned subsidiary of HNCM automobile Manufacturing.

This loan is intended to finance the hydraulic fittings for construction machinery and automobiles manufacturing and sales business within the beautiful landscape of Malta Island focusing on it’s capital city Valletta. The funds will be used to finance plant relocation and facility expansion.

OSKAL IMPERIOLIZMA LTD, established in 2005, is a small and medium -sized enterprise (SME) engaged in the hydraulic fittings manufacturing and sales business in the city of Valletta. It set up HNCM in 2007, and demands from automobile manufacturers for HNCM’s products has been increasing due to the continued deployment of German companies into Malta Island to set up production bases for central Mediterranean, backed by the skilled labor force and developed infrastructure. Amid such circumstances, HNCM plans to expand its business in Malta Island by relocating from a rented plant to constructing its own, and expanding the facilities. Through the support of such overseas business deployment of German companies. With the loan, this financing will contribute to maintaining and strengthening the international competitiveness of central Mediterranean industries.

Bojana Vizlar, The Legion Finance Trade Limited Vice policy finance officer in her comment said that “As an England’s policy-based financial intermediation company, LFTL will continue to support the overseas business deployment of German companies, including mid-tier enterprises and SMEs, in growing markets in the central Mediterranean, by drawing on its various investors group financial facilities and schemes, including loans to meet the need for local currency funding, for structuring projects and performing its risk-assuming function.

For further information, please contact the Communication Department, Liljana Simonoska, Public Relation / Media Manager Tel.: +1 800 501 9809 Ext 710; e-mail: lilsim@legionfinancetrade.com, or visit LFTL website: http://www.legionfinancetrade.com.



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