SGS Advances Sustainable Battery Metal Extraction in North America

SGS Advances Sustainable Battery Metal Extraction in North America

(IN BRIEF) SGS has launched multiple sustainable initiatives across North America aimed at extracting critical battery metals more responsibly. These efforts include pioneering environmentally friendly methods for mining nickel and cobalt sulfates from the seafloor with The Metals Company, supporting Coniagas Battery Metals in delivering EV-grade metals sustainably, and optimizing lithium carbonate extraction from spodumene concentrate with FE Battery Metals. These projects underscore SGS’s commitment to advancing cleaner energy solutions and reshaping the US battery supply chain.

(PRESS RELEASE) GENEVA, 14-Jun-2024 — /EuropaWire/ — SGS, a global leader in inspection, testing, and certification, has launched several innovative projects aimed at extracting critical battery metals in a more sustainable manner across North America. These metals are pivotal for the production of advanced devices, renewable energy systems, and electric vehicles (EVs), aligning with efforts to transition towards cleaner energy sources.

The initiative responds to heightened public awareness and regulatory measures addressing climate change, driving a surge in demand for environmentally friendly extraction methods. SGS, renowned for its expertise in sustainable mining practices, has earned recognition from industry stakeholders and national governments alike.

Recently, SGS experts participated in a pivotal meeting convened by The White House and cohosted by the American Battery Materials Initiative, underscoring their pivotal role in shaping a sustainable US Battery Supply Chain.

Collaborating with The Metals Company (TMC), SGS achieved a milestone by producing the first nickel and cobalt sulfates exclusively sourced from the seafloor. This breakthrough highlights the potential for responsible resource utilization in marine environments, with ongoing efforts to extract other critical battery metals from seafloor rocks. These initiatives support TMC in reshoring battery-grade metal production to the US.

In another strategic alliance, SGS partnered with Coniagas Battery Metals to advance sustainable solutions for the burgeoning EV industry in North America. Through rigorous testing and evaluations in Quebec, SGS aims to enhance Coniagas’ capabilities in delivering high-quality battery metals with reduced carbon footprints and accelerated production timelines.

Additionally, SGS is collaborating with FE Battery Metals to optimize hydrometallurgical processes for extracting high-purity lithium carbonate from spodumene concentrate. Spodumene, a key lithium ore mineral, holds significant importance in the battery supply chain.

These initiatives underscore SGS’s commitment to driving sustainability and innovation in the extraction of critical battery metals, paving the way for a greener energy future in North America.

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