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Ageas Releases Insightful Whitepaper on Responsible Investing Practices

(IN BRIEF) Ageas, in collaboration with the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB), has released a new whitepaper on sustainable investing. This initiative underscores Ageas’s commitment to responsible investment practices, with a focus on environmental sustainability. The company’s ‘Impact24’ strategy, … Read the full press release

Rheinmetall Ventures Beyond Earth, Showcases Space Initiatives in Berlin Exhibition

(IN BRIEF) Rheinmetall, a leading technology group, is venturing into the space domain, presenting conceptual approaches at ILA 2024 in Berlin. With a focus on leveraging space-based reconnaissance data for military applications, the company aims to provide tailored solutions for … Read the full press release

Evonik Unveils Enhanced TEGO® Therm Coatings for EV Battery Safety

(IN BRIEF) Evonik has expanded its TEGO® Therm product range to offer advanced coatings designed to enhance safety for electric vehicle (EV) batteries. These coatings provide superior heat protection and fire resistance, meeting stringent industry standards. Comprising various components, including … Read the full press release

European Investors Gain Access to Artwork Trading Through CACEIS-ARTEX Collaboration

(IN BRIEF) CACEIS, a leading cash equity clearing provider in Europe, has expanded its clearing options by connecting to ARTEX Global Markets, a multilateral trading facility (MTF) where shares in iconic artworks are traded. This integration allows broker-dealers, market makers, … Read the full press release

Pioneer in Precision Farming: CLAAS Celebrates Legacy with Special Edition Anniversary Machines

(IN BRIEF) CLAAS, a leading manufacturer of combine harvesters, celebrates the production milestone of half a million units since 1936. The company showcases its legacy and future readiness with special edition anniversary machines, including models like LEXION, TRION, EVION, and … Read the full press release

UNY and University of Exeter Lead Joint Initiative to Enhance Inclusivity in Higher Education

(IN BRIEF) A pioneering collaboration between educational experts in Indonesia and the UK aims to address disparities in support for students with disabilities in higher education. Funded by the British Academy, the project seeks to understand the impact of societal … Read the full press release

Leighton Asia Awarded Contract to Equip Data Center in Hyderabad, India

(IN BRIEF) Leighton Asia, in collaboration with Sterling and Wilson, has secured a contract to equip a data center in Hyderabad, India. This project expands Leighton Asia’s presence in the data center sector across Asia and highlights its capabilities in … Read the full press release

Jenoptik Group’s Prodomax Secures Significant Orders for Automotive Automation Solutions

(IN BRIEF) Prodomax, part of the Jenoptik Group, secures significant orders exceeding 17 million euros for automotive automation solutions in the second quarter of 2024. These orders, from Tier 1 OEM suppliers, primarily involve delivering automated welding systems for steel … Read the full press release

Forest Management: New tool utilizes Copernicus satellite data and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to map, mitigate, and prevent threats to EU forests

(IN BRIEF) The Horizon Europe-funded SWIFTT project introduces a tool using Copernicus satellite data and AI to combat forest threats like insect outbreaks, wildfires, and windthrow. This innovation aims to boost productivity and cost-effectiveness for forest managers and policymakers. Forests … Read the full press release

Bechtle Secures Framework Agreement with IT.Niedersachsen to Drive Digitalization in Lower Saxony

(IN BRIEF) Bechtle secures a new framework agreement with IT.Niedersachsen to drive digitalization in Lower Saxony, emphasizing project management and IT consultation services. The agreement spans two years with the potential for extensions, signaling Bechtle’s pivotal role in supporting the … Read the full press release

PUMA Extends Sponsorship for Christopher Street Day Nürnberg, Affirming Commitment to LGBTQ+ Rights

(IN BRIEF) PUMA extends its sponsorship of Christopher Street Day Nürnberg for three more years, highlighting its ongoing commitment to LGBTQ+ rights. The company will actively participate in Pride events, organize Pride Month activities for employees, and illuminate its headquarters … Read the full press release

Nordex Group Surpasses 5 GW Milestone in Nordic Region with Kalistanneva Wind Farm Installation

(IN BRIEF) The Nordex Group celebrates surpassing 5 GW of installed capacity in the Nordic region with the installation of a N163/5.X turbine at the Kalistanneva wind farm in Finland. With over 1,200 turbines across Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway, … Read the full press release

Dürr Introduces Industry-First EcoQPower Paint Shop, Reducing Carbon Footprint by 19.2%

(IN BRIEF) Dürr introduces the EcoQPower paint shop system, designed to significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in automotive manufacturing. Developed in compliance with EU Taxonomy standards, the system optimizes energy utilization throughout the paint shop process, resulting in … Read the full press release

French Industry Leaders Launch Biotech Open Platform to Drive Innovation in Precision Fermentation

(IN BRIEF) French industry giants Danone and Michelin, in collaboration with American start-up DMC Biotechnologies and Crédit Agricole Centre France, announce the establishment of the Biotech Open Platform. This pioneering initiative aims to accelerate the development of precision fermentation processes, … Read the full press release

Crédit Agricole’s CA Auto Bank Unveils Comprehensive Sustainability Plan, Targets Electric Mobility Surge by 2026

(IN BRIEF) CA Auto Bank, a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Personal Finance & Mobility, unveils its ambitious 2024-2026 Sustainability Plan, aiming to drive ethical profits while championing sustainability across its operations. Anchored by four strategic pillars – Sustainable Mobility, Innovation … Read the full press release

Metsä Group Collaborates with ANDRITZ to Pave the Way for Carbon Capture Integration in Bioproduct Mill

(IN BRIEF) Metsä Group and ANDRITZ are pioneering the integration of carbon capture technology within a bioproduct mill, marking a global first in sustainable forestry practices. This strategic collaboration aims to seamlessly incorporate carbon capture modules into the mill’s operations, … Read the full press release