MAN Truck & Bus Introduces HENDRICKSON ULTIMAAX Suspension for Heavy-Duty Applications

MAN Truck & Bus Introduces HENDRICKSON ULTIMAAX Suspension for Heavy-Duty Applications

MAN Truck & Bus Introduces HENDRICKSON ULTIMAAX Suspension for Heavy-Duty Applications

(IN BRIEF) MAN Truck & Bus has expanded its product range by incorporating the HENDRICKSON ULTIMAAX elastomer suspension. The addition of this suspension system, known for its comfort and durability, offers an alternative to traditional leaf spring suspension. It provides improved stability and optimized handling for heavy-duty applications, making it ideal for construction and off-road use. With the ULTIMAAX suspension, MAN Individual can offer customers tailored solutions that meet their specific transport needs. The collaboration between MAN Truck & Bus and HENDRICKSON enables the delivery of high-quality modifications and individualizations directly from the factory. The ULTIMAAX suspension is lighter than comparable mechanical suspensions, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions. MAN Truck & Bus is dedicated to providing exceptional value to its customers by continuously expanding its product offerings.

(PRESS RELEASE) MUNICH, 18-May-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — MAN Truck & Bus is pleased to announce the inclusion of HENDRICKSON ULTIMAAX elastomer suspension to its range of modifications and individualizations offered by MAN Individual. This addition provides a lightweight and comfortable alternative to traditional leaf spring suspension, offering enhanced stability and optimal handling for construction and off-road use with heavy loads.

Johannes Thalmann, Head of MAN Individual, stated, “We believe in tailoring trucks to their specific transport tasks, especially in construction and off-road applications. Our collaboration with HENDRICKSON allows us to introduce an innovation in our rear axle unit, providing customers with the opportunity to configure their vehicles according to their individual needs.”

The ULTIMAAX suspension system, developed by HENDRICKSON, delivers exceptional durability while being up to 250kg lighter than comparable mechanical suspensions. This lightweight design reduces the CO2 footprint, resulting in approximately 1.0 tonne of CO2 savings per rear axle unit.

Helfried Jelinek, General Director of HENDRICKSON Europe, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “ULTIMAAX is an innovative suspension solution that offers superior performance for MAN’s products. We have a long-standing relationship with MAN and are delighted to provide this additional suspension option.”

MAN Individual specializes in modifications and customizations beyond standard vehicle offerings. With facilities in Munich, Wittlich, and Krakow, MAN Truck & Bus provides modifications to the driver’s cab, chassis, powertrain, and electronics. Customers benefit from a centralized contact, ex-works solutions, and adherence to documentation and warranty guidelines. The integration of ULTIMAAX into MAN’s broad portfolio enhances the company’s ability to deliver individual solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

ULTIMAAX suspension, designed for heavy-duty truck assignments, offers excellent durability and ease of maintenance. Its progressive spring rate and walking beam technology ensure stability under load and driving quality, even in challenging terrains. The suspension system’s design maintains full traction and reduces stress on the driver’s cab, chassis, and body.

ULTIMAAX is available with a load capacity of 26 tonnes and is suitable for construction and heavy-load applications. Additional information about ULTIMAAX and HENDRICKSON Commercial Vehicle Systems Europe can be found at or Test drives can be requested at MAN distribution and service stations.


HENDRICKSON, a Boler Group company, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of suspension systems, axle and brake systems, tyre pressure control systems, and other components for medium and heavy commercial vehicles. With over 105 years of industry experience, HENDRICKSON continues to meet the requirements of the global commercial vehicle industry. For more information, visit

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