MAN Readies for Series Production of Electric Trucks, Experiences High Demand

Around 30 prototypes of the new eTruck have already been created at the eMobillity Centre, with 26 more to follow this year.

(IN BRIEF) MAN Truck & Bus is preparing to begin series production of its electric trucks in 2024. Over 500 order enquiries have already been received, and 2,600 employees have been trained in high-voltage technology. The company has created an eMobility Centre to ensure a smooth production start, where processes are developed, employees are trained, and prototypes are tested. The production line will accommodate both electric and conventional trucks using modular components. MAN aims to deliver the first electric trucks to customers by the first half of 2024.

(PRESS RELEASE) MÜNICH, 3-Jul-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — MAN Truck & Bus, one of Europe’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, is gearing up to commence series production of its new electric truck at the Munich plant in 2024. In preparation, the company has already trained 2,600 employees in high-voltage technology and new electric components, investing over 17,000 training hours at the dedicated eMobility Centre. The first series-produced electric trucks are expected to be delivered to customers by the first half of 2024. Remarkably, there are already more than 500 order requests for the long-distance transport-capable electric lion, even before the official sales launch.

To ensure a seamless production start-up, MAN has devised an innovative concept, establishing the eMobility Centre for production preparation. This forward-thinking approach encompasses both electric and conventionally driven vehicles, as both will be manufactured on the same production line in the future.

“In order for the transformation from combustion engine to electric truck to succeed sustainably in large industrial quantities, we must also rethink production. In particular, the phase in which our customers are already demanding electric trucks in larger quantities but still need diesel trucks for certain routes requires innovative and efficient networking of product development and production planning. The integrative concept of the eMobility Center helps us enormously in this,” says Michael Kobriger, Executive Board Member for Production at MAN Truck & Bus.

The eMobility Centre serves as an innovative laboratory workshop where processes for future series production are developed concurrently with the production of the initial prototype vehicles. Employees are simultaneously trained and qualified in utilizing new technologies. Their practical manufacturing experience contributes valuable insights to the efficient and ergonomic design of production.

Furthermore, the vehicle development process incorporates requirements for series production from the outset. Approximately 30 prototypes of the new eTruck have already been created at the eMobility Centre, with an additional 26 planned for this year. These prototypes undergo rigorous testing in extreme conditions to progress the MAN eTruck towards series production.

The joint production of conventional and electric trucks poses complexities due to the distinct components involved, such as batteries, motors, high-voltage systems, and wiring. To address this, MAN employs modular components that can be uniformly applied, particularly in the chassis and wiring, enabling flexible installation of batteries and electric motors or internal combustion engine powertrains. This mixed production approach allows for adaptable allocation between electric and diesel trucks based on market demand.

MAN laid the groundwork for the development of the forthcoming large-scale electric truck and the demand-responsive mixed production of electric and conventional trucks on a single assembly line with the establishment of the eMobility Centre two years ago.

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