Daily Archives: 19, May 2023

BMT and QECC Drive Innovation in Navigation Training with Advanced Simulators

(IN BRIEF) BMT has partnered with QECC (Queen Elizabeth Class Carriers) to revolutionize navigation training through a multi-year pilot training program. The collaboration involves the optimization of BMT’s ship and tug bridge simulator suite to enhance the practice of challenging … Read the full press release

Iceland’s Keflavík Airport to Expand with EUR 50 Million Loan from NIB

(IN BRIEF) Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) and Isavia ohf. have signed a 10-year loan agreement worth EUR 50 million to finance the expansion of Keflavík International Airport in Iceland. The project includes the construction of a new East Wing Terminal, … Read the full press release

Cutting-Edge Gas-Fired Power Plant by ORLEN Group to Bolster Energy Security in Poland

(IN BRIEF) ORLEN Group is constructing a cutting-edge 560 MW gas-fired power plant in Grudziądz, Poland. This advanced facility aims to provide electricity to around one million households while effectively integrating renewable energy sources. With a highly flexible Combined Cycle … Read the full press release

KfW Development Bank’s Biodiversity Initiative, Legacy Landscapes Fund, Achieves Promising Results after Two Years

(IN BRIEF) KfW Development Bank celebrates the two-year anniversary of the Legacy Landscapes Fund (LLF), an initiative for biodiversity conservation. The LLF provides long-term financing for protected areas in developing countries, ensuring effective conservation efforts. It has achieved significant progress, … Read the full press release

TEGO® Cycle: Evonik’s Breakthrough Additives for Energy-Efficient Plastic Recycling

(IN BRIEF) Evonik, a specialty chemicals company, has launched TEGO® Cycle, a range of additives aimed at improving the process and quality of recycled plastics. The additives save energy during mechanical recycling and enhance polymer properties, facilitating the transition to … Read the full press release

Europe’s Digital Targets at Risk Without Regulatory Action, Warns Vodafone

Vodafone Urges Regulatory Reboot to Safeguard Europe's Digital Future

(IN BRIEF) Vodafone has warned that Europe’s digital future is at risk without a reboot of regulations. The company is calling for decisive action from the European Commission to address challenges in the telecommunications sector and ensure that Europe’s digital … Read the full press release

QSA Partners and University of Exeter Drive Circular Economy Transformation in UK Fashion Sector

(IN BRIEF) UK fashion and textiles industry is launching a pioneering project called the “data sandbox” to promote circular economy principles. Led by QSA Partners and in collaboration with the University of Exeter, the initiative aims to establish an extended … Read the full press release