Daily Archives: 11, May 2023

European Parliament Approves Draft Law to Empower Consumers and Promote Sustainable Products

(IN BRIEF) MEPs approve draft legislation to improve product labelling and durability, and combat misleading claims. The proposal aims to empower consumers in making environmentally friendly choices and encourage companies to offer more sustainable products. The legislation includes banning misleading … Read the full press release

European Parliament Endorses Groundbreaking Rules on AI, Prioritizing Human-Centric Approach

(IN BRIEF) MEPs endorse new rules on Artificial Intelligence, advancing human-centric approach in Europe. The proposed regulations aim to ensure transparency, risk-management, and ethical development of AI systems. MEPs expanded the list of prohibited AI practices, including bans on intrusive … Read the full press release

European Investment Bank Backs Wingcopter’s Pioneering Drone Delivery Technology with €40 Million Investment

(IN BRIEF) The European Investment Bank (EIB) is investing €40 million in Wingcopter, a European drone delivery technology company. Wingcopter’s electrically powered unmanned aircraft have already been successfully used in small-scale commercial and humanitarian projects, including delivering medical supplies in … Read the full press release

Extreme Cold Testing Success: Škoda’s Superb and Kodiaq Models Prove Durability in Arctic Conditions

(IN BRIEF) Škoda Auto has successfully completed cold testing for the next-generation Superb and Kodiaq models in the Arctic Circle. The vehicles were assessed for their performance, quality, and durability in temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius. The … Read the full press release

Henkel and UPM Specialty Papers Push Boundaries of Paper Packaging with Grease-Resistant Solutions

(IN BRIEF) Henkel and UPM Specialty Papers have partnered to develop innovative coating technologies for fiber-based packaging. The collaboration aims to enhance the performance and sustainability of paper packaging by creating recyclable solutions with superior grease resistance and heat-sealability, providing … Read the full press release

EuroPCR 2023: Philips Revolutionizes Cardiology with Comprehensive Solutions for Patient Journey

(IN BRIEF) Royal Philips is showcasing its end-to-end cardiology solutions at EuroPCR 2023 to deliver improved heart care with greater efficiency. The company’s comprehensive cardiology portfolio integrates imaging, devices, software, informatics, and services at every stage of the patient journey. … Read the full press release

RIFT’s Green Heating Solution Passes First Test, Secures Funding for Further Development

(IN BRIEF) RIFT, a spin-off from TU/e’s student team SOLID, has achieved a major milestone by successfully testing its Iron Fuel Technology. The test involved heating 500 homes in Helmond without any CO2 emissions. RIFT’s innovative technology burns iron powder … Read the full press release

RWE Advances Growing Green Ambitions: Expands Renewable Energy Holdings and Achieves Strong Q1 Performance

(IN BRIEF) RWE, the European energy company, is rapidly implementing its Growing Green strategy with substantial investments in the first quarter of 2023. The company added 4.9 GW to its green portfolio, spending €8.0 billion on acquisitions, including the Con … Read the full press release

Leading the Charge: Volvo Trucks Leads the Way in Heavy Electric Truck Market

(IN BRIEF) Volvo Trucks has established itself as the leader in the heavy electric truck market in both Europe and North America during the first quarter of 2023. With nearly 5,000 electric trucks sold across approximately 40 countries, Volvo Trucks … Read the full press release

Aurubis Continues Growth Trajectory, Raises Full-Year Expectations Based on Stellar Half-Year Results

(IN BRIEF) Aurubis AG, a multimetal company, is experiencing strong growth as it raises its full-year forecast based on impressive half-year results. The company generated operating earnings before taxes (EBT) of €291 million in the first half of the fiscal … Read the full press release