Intesa Sanpaolo’s ESG Commitments Earn Acclaim as Europe’s Most Innovative Bank

Intesa Sanpaolo’s ESG Commitments Earn Acclaim as Europe’s Most Innovative Bank

(IN BRIEF) Intesa Sanpaolo has been named the top innovative bank in Europe for ESG securitisation by Structured Credit Investor. The award recognizes Intesa Sanpaolo’s development of new ESG asset classes, innovative structuring, volume of transactions, and active credit risk management. The bank’s commitment to ESG is reflected in its active credit portfolio management, which includes loans aligned with environmental impact criteria. The recognition highlights Intesa Sanpaolo’s leadership in sustainability and its efforts to drive positive change in the financial industry.

(PRESS RELEASE) MILAN, 17-May-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — Intesa Sanpaolo Group (BIT: ISP), Italy’s largest banking group, has been recognized as the leading innovative bank in Europe in the ESG securitisation sector. This prestigious accolade was bestowed upon the bank by Structured Credit Investor, a prominent international finance publication, which awarded Intesa Sanpaolo the “Innovation of the Year” title at the ESG Securitisation Awards.

Structured Credit Finance conducted an extensive review of major banks across numerous countries worldwide. In collaboration with independent financial analysts and through a survey of opinions from qualified institutional investors, Intesa Sanpaolo was commended for its development of new ESG asset classes, innovative structuring capabilities, volume of transactions, and active credit risk management model.

This award is a significant recognition of Intesa Sanpaolo’s commitment and achievements in the ESG space. It reaffirms the bank’s excellence in active credit risk management, which is overseen by the Active Credit Portfolio Steering Central Department, a part of the Chief Financial Officer Area led by Stefano del Punta. The department continues to strengthen its activities as outlined in the 2022-2025 Business Plan.

Intesa Sanpaolo stands as one of the most active banks in Europe regarding dynamic credit risk management. The bank employs targeted lending strategies and credit risk transfer transactions that optimize the risk-return profile of its portfolio at the group level. Credit portfolio management has expanded to include new asset types aligned with the EU Taxonomy and green economy principles, such as loans linked to reduced or zero environmental impact criteria. This approach incentivizes new loans to customers with high ESG scores, in line with the internal model developed within the Financial Market Coverage Central Department, led by Andrea Tamagnini and Marco Del Frate. Moreover, it broadens the base of investors who are increasingly interested in financial sustainability issues, participating in the synthetic securitisation transactions executed by the group in the capital market.

Intesa Sanpaolo’s recognition as the best innovative bank in Europe for ESG securitisation underscores its commitment to sustainability and reinforces its position as a leader in driving positive change within the financial sector.

Since the Active Credit Risk Management Programme began, credit risk transfer transactions have been carried out for more than €50 billion, allowing Intesa Sanpaolo to free up capital to provide new loans to support the growth of Italian companies,” explained Biagio Giacalone, Head of the Active Credit Portfolio Steering Central Department. “The Esg Securitisation ‘Innovation of the year’ Award given to us by Structured Credit Investor, the publication with the most comprehensive global coverage of securitisation, confirms the soundness of the work we have done so far and motivates us to forge ahead to close the other innovative deals in the pipeline.”

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