German FIFA esports players and content creators collaborate with Deutsche Telekom to develop fair play guide

German FIFA esports players and content creators collaborate with Deutsche Telekom to develop fair play guide

(IN BRIEF) Deutsche Telekom and the esports player foundation are developing the FIFA Fairplay Guide, a code of conduct aimed at promoting fair play and sportsmanship in the FIFA video game community. The guide is part of the “Against Hate on the Net” initiative and is being developed with the input of Germany’s best-known FIFA esports players and content creators. The community is also invited to participate in the development and compliance of the guide through live polls and voting on the FIFA Fairplay Guide website. The final version of the guide will be signed digitally by supporters. The initiative aims to raise awareness of respectful interaction in gaming and esports and promote a positive gaming experience, free from toxic and unfair behavior.

(PRESS RELEASE) BONN, 31-MAR-2023 — /EuropaWire/ — The community of the video game FIFA is perceived as toxic by many gamers and outsiders. Together with Germany’s best-known FIFA esport players, content creators and the community, Deutsche Telekom and the esport player foundation are currently developing the FIFA Fairplay Guide. The code of conduct is intended to set standards for fairness and sportsmanship in Germany’s most played PC and console game. The aim is to raise awareness for respectful interaction in gaming and esports. At the same time the initiators want to contribute to a positive FIFA gaming experience for all players – free of toxic and unfair behavior. The FIFA Fairplay Guide is part of the “Against Hate on the Net” initiative and is the first game-related code of conduct that is not published by a publisher.

In a total of three public streams, Germany’s best-known FIFA athletes and content creators will discuss the goals and rules for the guide with the community. The community will be actively involved. They have the opportunity to participate in live polls in the stream as well as to vote on the FIFA Fairplay Guide website. Initial suggestions for the guide have already been developed in the first two streams. Besides the reigning FIFA World Champion Umut Gültekin, Tim Latka, Ebru, NikLugi as well as Faro, Timox, Minusmacher31 and Furkyplayz took part. Together with the initiators they send a clear appeal to all FIFA players to participate in the development and the compliance of the FIFA Fairplay Guide.

Which points are especially important for the community? What ingame specific tips and recommendations do esport professionals have? In the third and final #FIFAFairplay stream on April 19 from the Rhein-Energie-Stadion in Cologne, the initiators will draw a conclusion. Moderated by Melek “m3lly” Balgün, Tim Latka and Tim “TheStrxngeR” Katnawatos from 1. FC Köln and other FIFA Esport players and content creators will discuss the results of the vote. They will show further options for action. The stream is running for all interested people on Twitch:

Afterwards everybody can digitally sign the final FIFA Fairplay Guide and express their support and commitment to the guide.

Equal opportunities for fair play

Deutsche Telekom is committed to more fairness and sportsmanship as part of its “Against Hate on the Net” initiative. Marike Mehlmann-Tripp, Cluster Lead Social Engagement, Group Corporate Responsibility, at Telekom says: “We live responsibility, especially where we are active as Deutsche Telekom. We provide digital infrastructure – and that is precisely why we are committed to digital participation. We are vociferously against hate and toxic behavior on the net – including in the gaming world. We want to help ensure that the gaming world offers a safe and positive environment in which values such as respect and fair play are firmly anchored. That’s why we’re working with the esports player foundation to raise awareness of the need to act responsibly online and show consideration for others – also, but not only, in gaming.”

The two partners are also committed to combating hate in gaming and promoting more diversity and equality in esports as part of #EqualEsports. Jörg Adami, CEO of the first global not-for-profit funding institution esports player foundation: “The gaming world must not be a platform for hostility, hate, harassment or threats of any kind. Cheaters and players who create a bad atmosphere destroy the fun of the game. With the #FIFAFairplayGuide we set a positive sign for the entire industry.”

FIFA pro Tim Latka also sees publisher EA in duty: “I hope the community will approach the matter a bit more relaxed again. At the end of the day, we all play the game to have fun. Even if everyone wants to win, there should be certain limits. I often feel like it’s intentionally provoked with little things like cheers or breaks. There has already been a lot of discussion about the “0:0 Quit” issue, I take EA to task there as well. In some points you must do your part to work against it. Insults should be sanctioned more strongly for streamers as well as for messages. Who cannot behave, is just banned for a week and not in front of the console.”

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